Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 2

The Big Lablooski

Aired Unknown Jan 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mac drafts the gang onto Madame Foster's bowling team to help her beat her arch-rival, Jerkhins. But when Mac gets booted off his own team, he must learn the ways of the ball from a bowling guru. Meanwhile, Bloo is the best player on Foster's team, but the other team steals him by offering him a paddleball if he wins for their team. When Mac is done with his bowling lessons by the bowling guru, he comes back to Foster's team. Will Mac be good enough to beat the other team which now has Bloo or will he mess up and lose?moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • It's OK I guess. But I expected more from Craig McCracken. To me this is the worst episode of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.

    Not really like the others. Focused on how the ball hits the pins mostly. All I found out it was how to bowl. Actually I didn't. Everything in this episode is how Mac learns to bowl from an imaginary friend who doesn't even know how to bowl. Bloo tries to get a paddle ball and couldn't get it so Flo Jerkhins gets it for him, and lures Bloo into the Jerkhins team as well as the rest of Madame Foster's team who were lured by Flo with doilies. This episode is boring and I expected much much more from Craig McCracken.moreless
  • Madame Foster, Mac, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and Bloo start a bowling team.

    This episode was just average set in comparisson to some of the fantastic episodes this show has to offer such as "World Wide Wabbit" and "Store Wars". Like I said this episode was average. I mean some parts of this episode were funny. Like when Madame Foster was muttering in the beginning and the segment when the guy tried to get Coco's shoes.

    But this episode did have a pretty thin concept and there were some continuity errors. This episode probably was supposed to air pretty early in season one. Those were probably the only things I found wrong with this episode.moreless
  • A new side of Madame Foster.

    I saw this episode after seeing many where Madame Foster was either featured in the background in her usual sweet, quirky way, or not featured at all. So, from my standpoint, it was interesting to see a new, competitive side of her.

    Bowling Paul was an interesting character, with his polished bowling gear, deep, spiritual voice and his attempts at teaching Mac how to bowl by making it a spiritual experience. His personality fit in extremely well with Mac’s over excitement over learning how to bowl.

    A prime example being:

    Bowling Paul: First, take your ball….

    Mac: But I don't have a ball.

    Bowling Paul: Then, my child, you have no soul.

    Mac: But I can GET a ball!

    Bowling Paul: Do you think souls are so easy to come by?

    Mac: Well, there's some balls in that rack over there...

    Bowling Paul: Oh yeah.

    Bloo’s appearances in this episode were also amusing, beginning with seeing him at the house, then witnessing his struggles while trying to get the paddleball and finally, the last scene when he finally gets the paddleball.

    All around, this is a pretty good episode, featuring some great moments and just plain fun!moreless
  • But it is pretty good, just nothing spectacular.

    If you read my review of Berry Scary, then you know that I referenced this episode. I said that this episode should\'ve come before Berry Scary, because Bloo get a paddleball in this episode and trys to use it correctly in Berry Scary. Some of you might disagree with me, so I\'ll add any reason. At the end of this episode Bloo is trying to use the paddleball, but can\'t use it properly. Mac says he knows how to and Bloo tells him to prove it, which Mac procedes to use it correctly.

    In Berry Scary, Bloo still doesn\'t know how to use it correctly but tries to while the others are watching a soap opera. Bloo claims that he and Mac are going to break the world record of paddleball, and that he\'s not the one who is going to use it, but Mac is; Bloo is the counter for how many times Mac hits the ball. If Bloo knows Mac can use the paddleball correctly in Berry Scary, why would Bloo be surprised that Mac can use it properly in The Big Lablooski? Therefore, The Big Lablooski should\'ve aired before (and must\'ve been made before) Berry Scary.

    Enough with that subject.

    This episode is alright I guess. There are some funny parts in it. The beginning is kind of funny when Madame Foster is muttering to herself. I like when the bowl-shoe guys asks Coco for her shoes, because she keeps saying \"Coco\" and he keeps saying \"Shoes, please\" and then Mac says that she doesn\'t have any shoes and the bowling-shoe guy keeps saying \"No shoes, no shoes\" and Mac keeps saying \"Yeah, but--\" until Coco lays an egg with shoes in it.

    When Mac bowls for the first time, it\'s pretty funny. I like when after Jerkins scares Eduardo as he bowls, and he bowls a strike, he says to her, \"Ha. Ha. You big meanie.\" I also like when Mac\'s bowling ball is ricocheting all around the alley and it hits the crane game and all the toys fall out and the little girl runs up to it and it hits the gumball machine and all the gum falls out and she runs to that, too.

    Sure some other parts are funny, too, but, eh, the story is kind of hum-drum compared to great episodes like World Wide Wabbit and Who Let the Dogs In?.moreless
  • Why I watch

    Again this is a great show and no wonder

    I watch the show over and over again

    All because of not just the writing and the great "acting" that you want to call it

    As the friends try to be Madame Foster's arch-nemises and rivals at bowling

    Mac must learn to bowl as he can't bowl at all

    But then the other team tries to steal Bloo away

    Will the team win with Mac and face Bloo

    Or will they get Bloo back in time?

    You just have to watch in order to find out!moreless
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Flo / Winnie / Myrtle

Recurring Role

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Bowling Paul

Recurring Role

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Paddle Paul

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Throughout the episode, The teams are shwon as if bowling on the same lane, which doesn't make sense by itself. But, later, Mac and Bloo are shown bowling on separate lanes.

    • Jehrkins is shown wearing two gloves in several shots.

    • When Jehrkins is pointing at Madame Foster, saying they stink, she has two gloves instead of only one.

    • When Madame Foster shouts at Mac about stinking worse, Coco (In the backround) has no uniform on.

    • The shoe rental man asks for one shoe. Mac and Eduardo give him one shoe, but Wilt and Coco give him both of their shoes.

    • The closed captioning was about two seconds off the synchronization for this episode.

    • After Mac rolled a gutter ball and got kicked off of the team, and when Bloo then rolled on what was Mac's next frame and knocked down all of the pins, it was counted as a strike. If Mac's roll was on the same frame as Bloo's roll, then Bloo would have simply picked up a 10-pin spare, not a strike.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Bloo: Quarter! Quarter! Quarter!

    • Madame Foster: Oh, we weren't competing for first place, oh no, that's for the good teams. We were competing for fifth.
      Rest of the Gang: Fifth?

    • Bloo: Quarter, quarter.
      Mac: I gave you a quarter.
      Bloo: Another quarter! Quick! Gimme what ya got!
      Mac: Fine, take them.
      Bloo: Yes!
      Mac: You're welcome!

    • (After Mac strikes and knocks Bloo's ball off course)
      Mac: What?
      Madame Foster: What?
      Jerkhins: What?
      Bloo: Paddleball?

    • Bowling Paul: First, take your ball.
      Mac: But I don't have a ball.
      Bowling Paul: Then, my child, you have no soul.
      Mac: But I can GET a ball!
      Bowling Paul: Do you think souls are so easy to come by?
      Mac: Well, there's some balls in that rack over there...
      Bowling Paul: Oh yeah.

    • Mac: So, you and Jerkhins have been rivals ever since she stole your lunchbox, your boyfriend...
      Madame Foster: And my marbles!
      Mac: Clearly.

    • Jerkhins: Hey, Foster. Maybe you should change your team's name to the Foster's Flatulence, 'cause you stink!
      Doily Goils Team: (Laugh) Aha! You do stink, Foster!
      Madame Foster: (Grunts) GRRR!

    • Mac: (About paddle-ball) Now who's weak? (Leaves bowling alley)
      Bloo: (Sighs)
      Paddle Paul: (Walks onto screen) Hey, I'm Paddle Paul.
      Bloo: (Face lights up)

    • (Eduardo picks up a ball and turns around)
      Jerkhins: Boo!
      Eduardo: AHH! (Drops the ball turns to be a strike) Take that, you meanie!

    • Mac: That's beautiful!
      Bowling Paul: I know.

    • Shoe Guy: Shoe please.
      Coco: Coco.
      Shoe Guy: (Looks confused) Shoe please.
      Coco: Coco.
      Shoe Guy: Shoe please -
      Mac: Umm, see she doesn't wear shoes. (Shows him Coco's feet)
      Shoe Guy: (Looks at Coco's feet) No shoe, no shoes.
      Mac: But -
      Shoe Guy: No shoe, no shoes.
      Mac: But -
      Shoe Guy: No shoe, no shoes.

    • Bowling Paul: (To Mac) You see, life is like a narrow road. We can walk right, we can walk left, or we can walk down the middle.
      Mac: Isn't walking down the middle of the road dangerous?
      Bowling Paul: Well, duh in walking, yeah it's totally dangerous! You can get hit by a car or something, but in bowling the middle of the road leads us to victory.
      Mac: Sweet, sweet victory.

    • (After Mac only knocks down one pin)
      Madame Foster: That's very good, Mac... but only one problem: YOU STINK!!

    • Madame Foster: Eduardo, stop being such a whimp!
      Eduardo: No!! Too noisy! Too scary!
      Madame Foster: I'm sorry, Eddie. What I meant to say was... STOP BEING SUCH A WHIMP!!
      Wilt: Madame Foster!
      Madame Foster: WHAT?!
      Wilt: Volume...
      Madame Foster: Oh.

    • Winnie: (About Wilt) This guy looks good.
      (Wilt shoots the bowling ball into the alley like a basketball)
      Winnie: Or not.
      Madame Foster: Now, Wilt honey, I sure appreciate the spit and polish, but... THIS IS NOT BASKETBALL!!

  • NOTES (18)


    • Bloo: NOOOOOOOO!!! (Leaps and grabs paddleball)
      The way Bloo leapt to grab the falling paddle was a parody of The Matrix.

    • Bowling Paul: You are the ball. The ball is you. Without the other, you are nothing.
      All the mystical gibberish Bowling Paul talks about pardoies many films and TV series, most notably the TV series, Kung Fu, where the master called the kid "young grasshopper" and spoke in a similar way.

    • n/a: Foster's Team Entry
      The entry for Madame Foster and her team into the bowling alley is done in slow motion with dramatic music playing, very similar to the dramatic astronaut walking entry from The Right Stuff. The same type of scene was also used in Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc.

    • Episode Title: The Big Lablooski
      The title is a parody of the 1998 Coen Brothers' film, The Big Lebowski, which ironically is also about enlisting bowling buddies. More than the title, though, the episode features animated cameos by The Dude (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman), and Donny (Steve Buscemi), three of the films' main characters. They are visible checking in at the main register right after Mac is kicked off Madame Foster's team.