Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 2

The Big Picture

Aired Unknown May 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode is a fine example of what the picture day traditon is all about.

    This episode is very excellent and well written. I love the fact that Duchess has appeared in it and that almost all the friends appeared in it. I love that in the episode every person has their own problems to solve and that Goo come in at the last moment, a few hours before the picture is taken. This episode entales a very special example of picture day, which is taken annualy at schools or at certain companies or at certain homes or in families. It is very important that they have made the Friends like one big familY, which is why this episode is one of my favorites.
  • An episode where mac, bloo, and cheese are trying to find out why in oneof the pictured nobody is there and then the next year everyone is there.

    This episode was actualy pretty funny. This episode was the first one mydad saw. My favorite part, well one of my favorite parts, was when Mr.Herimun was flipping through the pictures really fast and it showed Frankie getting bigger and Madame Foster getting smaller. Ya ya ya yaya ya ya ya that was funny. A part that i thought was wierd was when Mac "found it out" and goo started doing the Moon walk and stuff. ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya! Funny stuff, funny stuff. and that was some of the reasons why i like this episode.
  • The Return of Goo and Cheese!

    The episode was so funny, I missed the first airing to watch the new SpongeBob. But the episode got me laughing.

    The first act was medicore at best, except when Bloo said, "Keep going, I wanna see Frankie as an old lady!" The second and thrid acts were beginning to be funny with Bloo's ficitonal thoughts: From the galatic overlord to the rise of the robots to Coco speaking to the Imaginary Vampires. Then, Goo makes an appearance and Cheese and Mandy made a small cameo.

    That was a funny episode!
  • This episode is pretty good, and well put together, but something was missing. The mystery of what happened to Wally is still at large ( to me).

    If I were to say so myself, this episode is a mystery with these questions answered:
    1.Why was everybody gone that one year
    2.Did Wally do anything with this
    3.Where is Wally the next year
    4.What does Frankie look like as an old lady
    This episode is pretty good, and well put together, but something was missing. The mystery of what happened to Wally is still at large ( to me). The mystery of Frankie, well just draw apicture of a mixture of Maddam Foster and Frankie, then just show it off at your friends or kids if they have been asking the same question.
  • 0nce again Foster's is the reason of my death.

    This ep was funny,creative,had mystery,i was happy to see Goo again and really was a good Ep of Foster's.

    (The Story)
    Every year Madam Foster has people take a picture,even thoughs who don't want to(Herrimen and Frankie).Everyone has issues about Pictures(like in real life)their too tall(Wilt),fat(Coco),worry about what they look like (Edward)or if they make it it(Kamery).
    Frankie has to wait infront the Stairs with her gandma(likes she's done since she was a baby) but she leaves her grandma with a cadboard-her.
    Meanwhile Bloo(who has no clue about pranking pictures) and Mac are trying to find out a Foster's mystery.One year Everyone at Foster's was gone(sept Frankie&M.Foster).Bloo thinks they were all taken by aliens,nijis,M.Foster really replaced them all with Robots...
    Mac thinks they were adopted but returned(one by Mandy from GA of B&M)

    Neither are sure-Bloo is,but Mac shoots him down.But Bloo notices a pranster in al the pics(Wally,,he looks like a Wally)who falls in love with his genuis.

    Mac-why wasn't he in he next year's picture?
    Bloo-he was probally adopted
    Mac-would u adopt him?

    Herrimen,being the strict Rabbit he is,is having problems with the Picture-which he'd like to be canceled.

    Anyway,no one will tell Mac&Bloo about the Picture,which makes them even more cruious.

    Mac-wha can u tell us about him?(ponitng to Wally)
    Camery-i haated Wally!
    Mac-how'd u know his name is Wally?
    Camery-he looks like a Wally,doesn't he?
    Bloo-will,u owe me a sorry
    Bloo-i was right about him being a Wally
    bloo-i wanna sorry,cause i was right and u were wrong
    (Mac hits himself with Photobook)

    Goo comes over cause Herrimen thinks they need more friends.And of course,is HAPPY,to see Mac.
    she tries to help them but agrees with Bloo on the Zoombies.

    During one part,Goo and Mac think the story was Wally set the clocks back and all the friends missed it cause they were late.They're happy,Bloo isn't,he thinks Wally did better-and he did.

    So when all the friends are finally ready,Mac's in,Edward get an ugly new make-out from Duchess(wipes off),Goo's in,Camery gets a mirrior so he can be in the Picture,and just when eveyone is about to Take a nice pic-Bloo pulls a Wally!
  • not my favorite episode, but still fun to watch!

    They are taking a photograph of all the household members at Foster's. I felt a little bad for Wilt because his head kept being cut off from the picture (which is kind of weird because when we see the actual photograph you'll notice that all the characters appear complete, even Wilt... weird..). And what about Camry, was it?, he wanted to appear in the photo, and when he actually had the chance, Bloo pulled the prank Wally did years before.

    I admit, Mac is a pretty smart boy for his age... but Bloo was the one who really solved the case!
  • Mac and Bloo tries to solve an unusual old photo.

    Once again, the fourth season of Foster's has surprised me again with a great episode, with a good plot, great humor and having the characters stay true to themselves.

    "The Big Picture" focus on Mac and Bloo's attempts to solve a mysterious and wierd photo taken years ago at Foster's, and for some reason, no one in the house is willing to tell them why, leading them to bizarre theories and frustrations. In a sub-plot, Duchess, in a surprising move, helps Eduardo to look good for this years photo, leading to an unusual result.

    With some unexpected cameos popping out and fine humors, this fast-paced episode is putting Foster's back to where it should be.
  • Why I watch the show!

    The Foster's Home group picture episode was a riot with
    The return of that Goo Goo Ga Ga gal who
    Was just a riot the first time around as the snotty
    Dutchess has to help poor Eduardo get a makeover in time
    For the picture as tall Wilt has to lean down in
    Order to make sure his head is in the picture
    Very funny and very well-written! Love to see it again IMO!