Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 2

The Big Picture

Aired Unknown May 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This is the second appearance of goo

    • If the picture is taken right after they fall from the trap staircase the stairs shouldn't be shown in the picture.

    • While Cameary tries to demonstrate, to Mr. Herriman, on how he can be in the picture, we see George Mucus standing on the steps in the Foyer; but afterward we see Duchess walking past the line of imaginary friends standing in the Waiting Room, waiting to get their spots on the stairs, and one of those friends she walks by is George Mucus.

    • Why would Mac and, Bloo ask the new guy about Wally if Bloo was at Fosters before him?

    • Goof: Mr. Herriman asks Wally to tell all the friends that the picture was re-scheduled and, Wally only knew about it so, wouldn't Mr. Herriman be in the picture too?

    • Duchess states that she is not standing next to Eduardo because she doesn't like the way he looks. Yet she's been standing next to him in the picture all those years ago.

    • It seems strange how Frankie's dress could fit her in all the shots, unless she kept buying a same dress, but with a different size nearly every year.

    • Wally doesn't appear in any of the pictures, until Bloo starts flipping through.

    • Nobody has ever adopted Wilt, Mr. Herriman or Camery.

    • Frankie appears in 30 of the 34 pictures, meaning that she must be over 30, however Frankie is 22 as she said in Frankie My Dear.

    • Wilt appears in all 34 pictures, Eduardo in 31 pictures, and Coco appears in 32. Therefore, Coco Wilt and Eduardo must all be over 30.

    • When Mr. Herriman flips through the photo album, the friends are in all the pictures.

    • Goof:
      When we see one of the pictures, Madame Foster is much taller and Frankie is very small, although in "Trouble with the Scribbles" When Frankie was small, Madame Foster was the same height as she is now.

    • Goof:
      Although Mac (at the end of the episode) found out that the clock on the strange picture said five but the others said six, All of the pictures' clocks keep changing five - six - twelve - twelve thirty (half past twelve).

    • Earlier when Mac and Bloo were looking in the photo album when they found the mysterious picture the clock said 6:00 but later when Mac thinks he figured out the mystery the clock says 5:00.

    • When Bloo imagines Eduardo taking all the friends into the past, another Eduardo is clearly shown. Bloo clearly stated that Eduardo invented a time machine, so he might have invented it in the future and brought it back to the past (which would be in this case, the present).

    • When Dutchess gives Eduardo a makeover for the picture, she shaves his unibrow. When it is time for the picture, Ed's unibrow as back.

  • Quotes

    • Duchess: Let's see what I have to work with. (Rips of Eduardo's face mask)
      Eduardo: Yeooouuuuch!
      Duchess: Ohhh, it's worse than I ever imagined. Your skin is pasty, your pores are enormous, and those eyebrows hehhhhh show me the back. Just as i feared... hairy. It will not be easy but I think I can help.
      Eduardo: You make me look extra special good for the picture. But why you help me? You hate everyone and only help yourself.
      Duchess: I am helping myself. Your name is E, mine is D, which means we are next to each other in the photo. I am not about to stand next to someone who looks like a vagabond. Why you're almost as bad as Coco. (Points to Coco) Look at that unruly hair, skinny stick legs, and that belly, atrocious.
      Coco: Co? (Runs away)
      Duchess: Sit down and I shall begin the transformation.

    • Bloo: They were all ready to take it, when a galatic overlord took them all...
      Mac: You all ready said that.
      Bloo: Hunh? No. This is different. Instead of Madame Foster, Frankie built the robots.

    • Bloo: Bleep Bloop Blop Bleep.
      Mr Herriman: I beg your pardon?
      Bloo: Don't play smart with me harry. Or should I say model Six Five One O' Four.

    • Mac: Frankie, do you think you could tell us what happened in this picture? (Slight pause)
      Frankie: Oh, I know what you're up to, and you're not fooling me again! (Runs out of the room)
      Mac: That was weird.

    • Coco: Coco co!
      Mac: When did I call her fat?

    • Duchess: Excuse me! Important person coming through!

    • Duchess: Beauty is pain, darling! Now let's see if we can remove all of that big old skin!

    • Mac: If it has to do with pirates, gladiators, or space invaders I don't wanna hear it... Bloo starts to say something Or ninjas.

    • Mac: His name's really Wally?
      Camery: Yeah, he looks like a Wally doesn't he?

    • Bloo: Were's Wally, where's Wally, where's Wally?

    • Herriman: Say "Cheese," everyone!
      Coco: Cheese.
      (Friends run)

    • (Mac imagines all the friends being adopted, then being returned. A boy appears with fuzzy friend)
      Boy: Too fuzzy!
      (Fat tall boy appears with Wilt)
      Fat Tall Boy: He's too short.
      (Mandy appears with happy, smiling friend)
      Mandy: Too happy.

    • Frankie: (Holds a cup of coffee while half asleep) I just don't know why we have to get ready so early.
      Madame Foster: Because it would only last for an instant this way it lasts all day. Now stand up straight, knees bent, head back, smile. (Frankie stands with her knees bent, head back, back up straight, and a frown on her face.) I said smile! (Waves cane angrily at Frankie.)

    • Eduardo: You make me look extra good for the picture. But why you help me? You hate everyone and only help about yourself.

    • Bloo: But Mac, I want to go back up stairs and make fun of people.
      Mac: Shhhh Bloo! I want to see this.

    • Frankie: (To Coco) You're not fat. Not everyone likes something about themselves. Take me for example, I don't like being so skinny, so I broke the scale in the bathroom so it reads ten pounds heavier!
      Coco: (Eyes go wide) Co! Co co coco. (Walks away)
      Frankie: I wish. (Starts eating cookies sadly)

    • Goo: Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo were walking, and walking, and walking, and then, there was chocolate milk on the ground.
      (Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo gasp, and Cheese floats in from screen right)
      Cheese: I like chocolate milk.

    • Bloo: (After looking though the Foster's photos) Keep going, I wanna see Frankie as an old lady!

    • Goo: But you told to not make imaginary friends ever ever again!
      Mr. Herriman: Yes, I realize I did say-
      Goo: And I mean never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever-
      Mr. Herriman: MISS GOO! Yes, I realize I did say that, but this is a very important situation!

  • Notes

    • The first seven residents of Foster's were:

      Madame Foster
      Mr. Herriman
      Uncle Pockets
      and two other friends.

    • It seems strange how in the next-to-last picture, Frankie seems to shrink a bit, and Madame Foster seems to grow, however in the last picture, Frankie grows again, and Madame Foster shrinks a bit.

    • We see Bloo's fingers for the first time.

    • This is the first time Coco says something other than "coco." During one of Bloo`s "explanations" of the weird picture, she says "cheese" in a very deep voice.

    • All the friends stands on the stairs while Frankie and Madame Foster are on the floor every year for the photograph.

    • When Mr. Herriman shows the house photos as a flip book, Madame Foster is as tall as Frankie present day, and Frankie is Madame Fosters present height in the past. So basically, Madame Foster shrinks as Frankie grows up.

    • When Mac and Bloo look at the old photo where there are no friends in it, Frankie doesn't look a day older. How can that be when the photo was taken years ago?

    • Coco suddenly becomes fat when Duchess describes her.

    • Animation Studio: Cartoon Network Studios

    • Frankie wears the same dress every year for the photograph.

    • This is the first time Coco speaks, but only in Bloo's mind.

    • When Mr. Herriman shows the Foster's photos to Mac and Bloo, watch how he shows them; it's almost like a flipbook, with Madame Foster and Frankie's appearances changing as it goes along (with Frankie getting taller and Madame Foster shrinking).

    • Uncle Pockets appears in some of the pictures.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Bloo looking for "Wally" in the album.
      2) Coco thinking someone has called her fat.
      3) Everyone being interrupted by something while they try to tell Mac and Bloo the secret behind the weird photo.

    • The mystery of one of the Fosters' pictures is that Wally played his annual yearly prank which caused everyone to fall through the stairs. Bloo does this prank for this year's picture.

    • In her early years, Madame Foster was a tall, fat lady until she shrunk to short size in later years, explaining her being short.

    • Credits: Bloo is walking down the street and sees Wally. He tells Wally that he found out about the disappearance about the cast in the picture. Wally then shocks Bloo with a joybuzzer.

    • Goo and Cheese make their second appearances in this episode. This is also the first time they are in the same episode, but aren't in the same scene until Infernal Slumber. This also the first time Duchess and Goo are in the same episode, but only appear in the same scene when the picture is about to be taken and before everyone falls down through the stairs.

    • Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy makes an appearance to return an imaginary friend, claiming that he was "too happy". Surprisingly, she was shown in Billy and Mandy animation, not Foster's.

    • The New Guy from "Beat With A Schtick" is featured in this episode twice.

    • Imaginary Friend Debuts: Miss Iris, Camery, Shorty, "Wally", Miss Mirrorbelle.

    • Title Card: Photgraph being taken.

    • Duchess makes her first appearance since Duchess of Wails.

  • Allusions

    • Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

      Mandy from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" makes a short cameo when Mac imagines her as a child who returned an imaginary friend because it was "too happy".

    • When Bloo mentioned that Wilt knew there was an eclipse in the past and claimed he was a magician who will block out the sun in medeval times in one of his stories is a reference to, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, by Mark Twain.

    • When Bloo says the time travel theory Eduardo's suit resembled That of Mork from the 70's tv show Mork And Mindy.

    • This episode is sort of based on the famous book series, "Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys".

    • n/a: Hootenandy the Owl
      Hootenandy the Owl returns in this episode when Mac and Bloo ask the friends what happened. Hootenandy resembles the owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials.

    • "Wally": Where's Waldo?
      Wally is based on the old "Where's Waldo?" books. He's also the second imaginary friend named "Wally", as a wall by that name was seen in Duchess of Wails.

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