Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 5

"The Bloo Superdude and The Magic Potato of Power"

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Bloo tells Mac an outlandish story.

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  • Funny episode

    This episode kind of reminds me of Wander Over Yonder. Superdude is Wander and Lord Snooty is Lord Hater. I really love the episode, but I didn't like the ending because it killed the episode. But besides that, I still like the episode nonetheless.
  • It's everything you'd want in an episode of "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends"...and More!!!! 8)

    Bloo sure knows how to tell stories with a lot of imaginative qualities in them, and this episode proves it! Bloo is a parody of the Road Warrior, sworn by the Creator of All Existence to keep the Magic Crystal of Power safe from any hands of evil-doers who would use it to make sure Nobody else can have any fun! Herriman as Snooty is an evil, hypocritical general who wants to make sure this is the case! He wants to lock it away in his safe! But Edward as a little boy is the first to find it and uses it to dance the great dance danced in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Than Wilt comes along as a parody of Obi-Wan Kenobi and tries to use his Jedi mind-tricks to acquire the crystal! And Coco as the creator of the Magical Crystal has her speech translated into English by Bloo for the very first time! Of course, Bloo is going to do his best to save the day, but even He might need help from Frankie who's playing the role of a Fairy Princess! If the gang completes three deadly tasks, they'll get a key which unlocks the door to the Crystal of Power! The first task is Really tricky! They have to collect two eggs from giant chickens! :lol: You Can't make that stuff up! Then they have to clean a tank, and take out the trash? Don't look at me, it's Bloo's story! Then they get the key, but Snooty isn't about to let the Crystal go without a fight! Fortunately, Road Warrior Bloo has a Popeye ability and gets stronger when he consumes a Submarine Sandwich! He tells Madame Foster who's parodying a Queen about Snooty's evil ways, but even She falls prey to the Crystal's seductive power! It is then the Road Warrior Bloo knows that a sacrifice must be made, and destroys the Crystal so it could Never fall into evil hands! It is a great story to be true, but Mac will be mad if he finds out certain elements are True! :idea:moreless
  • TBSDATMPOP: Bloo tells Mac an outstanding story about him.

    TBSDATMPOP: This episode was very funny and was entertaining, I would never believe Mac would believe in a tale of the ''Bloo Super-Dude,'' it started when Eduardo as a little boy finds a magic potato that the gang fight over, until Mr. Snooty(Herriman)steals it and the gang gets trapped and finds the imprisoned fairy(Frankie)who helps them by doing her chores, and at the end, the queen(Madame Foster)gets the magic potato and Mr. Snooty wants it from her, but the queen acts selfish about the potato!

    Plot: It made good sense and had good sense OF humor.

    Characters: They did good in this episode.

    Action: By the ''Bloo-Superdude,'' to you!

    Final Grade: Bmoreless
  • this episode.....

    this episode was realy silly the story that bloo told was a long realy good story

    Bloo turning to a superhero in that story was weird and funny

    in the beggining of the story i thought it was going to be boring, usually when bloo or someone tells a story its like a second long and its boring and not funny, when i saw the title of this episode i thought the episode would be about bloo in real life trying to protect a weird patato that had powers and when i saw this episode for the first time my thought was alittle correct

    this episode would have been a great season starter though even when its not a season starter i still like this episode so i give this episode a 9.1/10moreless
  • This is one of the best of season five! XD

    I had been waiting for a new Foster's episode for practically weeks, which seemed almost like months, or years, till a new episode came on. But as you know...... I thought the episode rocked!!!! Although the ending was kind of ironic, with Bloo telling Mac an awesome story that he supposedly made up, all when all of the events in Bloo's story to Mac had actually happened. By the way, I may be a little late on reviewing something that aired weeks ago, but it still rocked! Still, I give this episode a solid ten out of ten! Good work, Craig McCracken! ;)moreless

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    • The three Tasks that Frankie told the gang to do were:

      1. Get an egg from a giant chicken.
      2. Clean the Foster's Tank (bus in reality).
      3. Take out the trash.

    • In Bloo's story, most of the Foster's characters were the characters in the story:

      Eduardo was the happy boy who found the potato.

      Coco was the person who left the potato on the street (so she claims.)

      Wilt was the sorcerer who was to give the potato to the creator.

      Bloo was the Bloo Superdude, who was a big showoff (Bloo made him to be one).

      Frankie was the Fairy who was "imprisoned" in Mr. Snooty's jail, however she only claimed to be imprisoned so that people would do her chores.

      Madame Foster was the queen and ruler of the land. She seemed to have a teenage personality.

      Mr. Herriman was Mr. Snooty, who stopped everyone from having fun.

      Mac was the Creator of Everything who was only mentioned.

    • Credits: The Bloo Superdude rides viking ship right into a bunch of shark-operated battleships. Mac asks Bloo where his comic books are as Bloo is seen in the bathtub with the comic book pages as paper boats.

    • Bloo- The Bloo Superdude
      Coco- Creator of the Magic Potato
      Ed- A happy little boy
      Wilt- The mage
      Madame Foster- The Queen
      Herriman- Snooty
      Game Guy- Magic potato

    • This episode features a rarity: A title card without a frame. The title was done akin to a comic book title.

    • The Foster's bus becomes a tank in this story.

    • Duchess, Hootin' Andy and Bloppy Pants all make cameos in this episode.

    • Title Card SFX: Heroic music.