Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 2

The Buck Swaps Here

Aired Unknown May 18, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Funny episode

    The only parts I find hilarious were: Bloo getting that statue of a mongoose attacked by cobras, Eduardo dressed as Shirley Temple, Eduardo carrying a big safe (filled with cash) and the two men that look like the Mario brothers. I love how everyone got Ed a dollhouse, even though he is too old for that.
  • The Buck Swaps Here: The Foster's gang and a pickpocket fight over an 100$ bill that Eduardo found.

    The Buck Swaps Here: So Bloo wants a statue that actualy costed him 300 bucks, Wilt wants lemonade, Herriman wants to investigate it, Eduardo wants a dollhouse, Mac wants the complete "Space Wars" collection, Madame Foster wants to spend it with her own stuff, Frankie wants...what is it again, Cheese wants...he actually dosen't appear, and Coco wants to eat it(what a waste!)for a 100$ bill, and a pickpocket wants it back. One of the best Eduardo episodes. It was also good that Eduardo and the others arrested the money theif and bought Eduardo what he wants instead of what Frankie, Wilt, Madame Foster, Bloo, Mac, Herriman, and Coco wants. Lastly, it was good that Mario and Luigi appear as a cameo. The events were very good.

    Plot: The plot turned out to be overall good since it's about fighting over a dollar.

    Character: It was a little out of character because of the 100$ bill fight.

    Originality: It was okay.

    Action: The chase scene has a little action....I don't know.

    Final Grade: B-
  • Seeing Mario and Luigi finally appearing in a Foster's episode as a cameo, Eduardo being a sissie and not acting his age, everyone was surprised to see Eduardo kept lots of riches inside his safe & a hilarious chase for the $100.

    I find this episode very interesting and hilarious. I love the part where the Foster's gang, perhaps some other people were chasing Eduardo and ran past two men who obviously look exactly like Mario and Luigi. It's about time they appeared as a cameo! ^_^ But it's pretty funny when they whacked the theif with their mirror. XD I can't remember which of the Mario Bros. said something. Anyhoo, I can't believe Eduardo was playing with Darbie dolls! Isn't he a bit old for that? He clearly acts like a sissie in the episode. O_o When I saw a cameo of Mario and Luigi, I was totally suprised and I shouted, "What the heck?! What are they doing here? Shouldn't they be at the Mushroom Kingdom instead of holding a mirror?" It was pretty unexpected for me, never expected Mario and Luigi appearing in an episode of Foster's. I think Craig McCracken might be a fan of the Mario series just like I am. Actually, I'm a massive fan of the franchise as well as the character himself. It's one of my biggest obsessions right now and so is American Dragon: Jake Long. I do enjoy watching the chase for the $100. Seems like everyone was out of their ever lovin' minds! =P But what's even more suprising is Eduardo keeps loads of cash, gold, jewels and whatnot inside his safe which leads to everyone standing there for lots of minutes or seconds and Mr Herriman fainted. I think this is one of the best episodes I've watched in my opinion.
  • I love this episode. It is awesome and I felt so sorry for Wilt. Dehydration. Its a very sad thing.

    I love this episode. It was funnt and awesome. I really felt sorry for Wilt. He's my fav character. Dehydration. What a sad sad thing. The weird thing is that Coco was in a tux and Herriman was in a wedding dress, considering that they were pretending to be husband and wife in "My so called wife". I would have to say Wilt deserved his lemonade. I wondered if he did get that lemonade.
  • This is my favorite episode since the show started!

    When Bloo, Wilt, Edguardo, Coco, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, and Madame Foster go to a swap meet, a greedy pickpocketer is going there too. The pickpocketer finds a onehundred dollar bill but it falls into Edguardo's hands after Edguardo scares him off(not on purpose). Everyone at fosters that are at the swap meet wants to do something with the bill. Bloo wants a mongoose and cobra sculpture, Wilt wants lemonade, Coco wants to eat it, Mac wants his rocket wars collection( he sold it in One False Movie), Edguardo wants a dollhouse with dolls, Frankie wants A Zambini( some sort of cleaning machine), Madame Foster wants him to spend it on her stuff, and Mr. Herriman wants him to invest in it. After they run through a a clothing shop, a spray-painting shop, and a wheel store Edguardo throws it over a brick wall. Then dozens of bills float down from the heavens. The gang at fosters uses them to buy the dollhouse for Edguardo.
  • What would YOU do with a $100 bill you found?

    I was so happy to see this was better done than the last "Invaded" episode. There's a theif at the Swap Meet who drops a stolen $100 bill at Ed's feet. Ed notices it before the theif realizes he dropped it, and everyone is trying to get him to spend it on what THEY want instead of letting Ed spend it how HE wants. Ed is very sweet and loyal to his best buddy Wilt, who is dehydrated from helping load and unload junk from the bus all day, and wants to spend it on some lemonaid. But everyone keeps pushing him to spend it on what they want. Without trying, they catch the theif and he's arrested. It ends up hillarious! I did feel sorry for Wilt, though, and thought Ed's obsession with "Darbie" dolls, doll house and sportscar were a little out of character, dispite him always having a feminine side. I think this has already made it into my list of favorite episodes.
  • This is, without a doubt, one of the best Eduardo episodes of Foster's that I have seen. Seeing is how Ed has been my favorite character, I'd say it was a well-written eppie.

    The episode begins when Madame Foster and the gang were going to a swap meet. Little did they know was that a pickpocket was there, not only taking precious valuables, but also money. After the pickpocket loses a "C-Note," Eduardo finds it under a toy car. Soon, each member of the gang need it for something important-- a toy collection for Mac, a cobra statue for Bloo, a vaccum for Frankie, etc., all leading up to a chase that gives them nothing. With the pickpocket in jail, the gang uses most of their money to buy Eduardo a doll house.
  • Better than the Cartoon Network Invaded one I can say.

    This episode had a whole bunch of references throughout - like Bloo kicking people in the shins, the dracula teeth (Which have appeared more than once), and that movie Bloo made for Mac. That chase for that 100 dollar bill was crazy. Everybody wanted to chase Eduardo for it, and just wanted to use him. Meanwhile, some thief stole everybody's money and he was a silent character. He was the reason why Eduardo had that money issue, but that guy also got beaten up throughout the episode. Pretty good flashbacks, and good episode plot. No lame ending like the Cartoon Network Invaded one too.
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