Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 12

The Little Peas

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • So-So best for the end!

    I say this episode is so-so as it kind of reminded me of the imaginary friend Cheese. Still, living at Foster's. As this imaginary friend named Peas, has realized that the Foster's friends are locked outside the house. And what is to be ensured is chaos. While the friends want back in, it is easier said than done as the Peas is up to the challenge. In order to get them back in. We usually have Mac being the conscience of the friends and giving them a dose of reality. But this time, it was Frankie that gave them a dose with her speech. Really she gave it to them from the bottom of her heart!
  • Three words: Worst episode ever

    Every show has its bad day. This episode was that for Foster's. I mean, come on. If the producers wanted to replay "The Big Cheese", they could've just aired it twice, instead of giving us this bullcrap in the view of a pea-sized friend. Like Brian Griffin said in an episode of Family Guy, "If someone were to see all the events that occurred from start to finish, only to learn that it was simulation (or in this case, a previous episode in an alternate point of view) then you might as well just stick a giant middle finger on the screen for 22 1/2 minutes." That's my opinion.

    Overall, this episode sucked. No funny stuff, no real drama, just a pea. That's it. Just a pea.
  • Amusing in concept, and, yes, even in execution (for the most part)

    If you have ever watched a fanflick -- a film made by fans as an homage to a more or less famous professional film -- you will know what to expect from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends' episode The Little Peas. Think of the Star Wars fan films that tell the story from the Storm Troopers' or Rebel soldiers' point of view. This episode is basically some scenes from The Big Cheese , with other scenes redrawn from a point of view near the floor, and some new material entirely. The main character is an imaginary pea who wears a thimble as a hat. His voice is pure Pinocchio and his attitude is absolute Pollyanna with a touch of Andy Hardy. "Never say die" would be Pea's motto.

    It shows the epic struggle of one little vegetable's race to get from the top floor of Madame Foster's house to the foyer. Without giving too much away, it is Pea's tremendous heroism and ingenuity that save the Home from the perils of bad publicity. Along the way we are treated to a secret romantic rendezvous and the hidden terror of carpeting. Against every obstacle, Pea refuses to give up, and his faith and loyalty to his friends is an inspiration to audience members of all ages (if not to the other Friends at Foster's, who seem not to notice that Pea even exists.) Even as a sort of tacked on, experimental episode, it serves well in the continuing kooky adventures of Foster's.

    *********SPOILERS FOLLOW************

    Some details may be slightly out of skew to the true fan of the series, but they do not detract from the overall episode. Pea's voice and attitude are a bit annoying at first, but as he overcomes obstacle after obstacle, you begin to admire the little guy. His unabashed admiration of and devotion to Frankie seems to be his worst drawback at first, but it turns out to be his greatest strength. The artwork of this new character is noticeably different than the rest of the scene, with sharper lines and slightly different coloring that defies description. He just . . . looks different, and in some ways definitely looks "tacked on" to the original animation.

    Pea also changes size considerably, depending on the circumstance. At first he is truly pea sized. Reaching the foyer, he is big enough to sit in the seat of a toy car, at least Brussels sprout size. When he is hacking his way through the jungle of foyer carpeting, he has become submicroscopic, smaller even than horrendous dust mites. At the front door he is pea-sized again. This may be cartoonistic license but it plays havoc with proportion. His abilities vary, as well. At one point he must steel himself to leap a few inches over a tremendous chasm, but then has no trouble leaping upward well over a foot to the top of Fluffer Nutter's tail. He becomes mired in a wad of gum, but seconds later uses it as an elastic band and does not stick to it at all.

    All in all, The Little Peas is an unusual and rewarding episode in this very unusual series from the ingenious mind of Mr. McCracken. I hope this well established series sees many more seasons, with the freedom to experiment further along unusual story lines and animation styles.

    Finally, I am not sure if the title itself is a reference, and research has proven ambiguous, but I am reminded of one of those old Merrie Melodies black and white cartoons with the rubber limbed characters bouncing about, and one in particular with a pod full of little peas crying in fright when threatened by the evil, bass laughter of the ne'er do well villain. There appears to be only one Little Pea at Foster's, but I am sure he would have any villain's rubbery limbs tied in knots in less time than it takes Cheese to warble a home alarm code.

    I would adopt him.
  • Creative!

    This episode is told through a perspective of a little pea-size imaginary friend, who I'll call Pea. It's a retelling of "The Big Cheese."

    Pea is determined to help Frankie keep the house perfect for the big news people who are coming. He does everything in is power to help. He climbs down a stair, jumps over a big gap to reach the elevator, escapes bugs, and opens a door to help out. Although these things don't sound too heroic, Pea did a lot! He helped turn things from a negative to a positive!

    This episode was very unique! I liked it a lot! Although, Pea was annoying. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • So that's what happened on the other side of the story, AND how Frankie came up with the speech. :)

    I really liked this episode. Basically, it's The Big Cheese, except from the point-of-view of a little character named Peas. When he realizes that Cheese is still at Foster's, he decides to go and tell Frankie about it. However, he has trouble betting to the foyer. But when he does, he realizes that the friends are locked outside of the house. When realizing he has a long way to go to get the door open, he accepts the challenge, and does whatever he can to get it open. Once getting the door open, and seeing that things are going bad, he comes in, and saves the day by convincing Frankie to give a little speech to turn the situation from bad to good, and you all wondered where her speech came from. ;)

    Basically, it's like Lion King 1/1/2, Foster's-ized, though not a bad thing. Still, it gets a ten outta ten in my book! ^_^

    Not to mention we finally realize that the squirrel girl and Jackie Khones actually have a thing for each other. XD

    Anyways, all in all, this episode was really great!
  • worst episode i couldent even see the last 10 min of it

    worst episode of this show ever that little pea thing was so annoying and this episode was just like the episode "the big cheese" but instead they have alittle pea in this episode COME ON i was realy expecting more from this episode but this episode was a complete letdown the creators couldve done better then this episode the creators did an awsome job with this series but an then this episode was horrible hated it this was so bad i couldent even see the last 10 minutes of it i tried to watch the first 20 minutes of this episode but i couldent anymore im a huge fan of this show but im just saying this is the worst episode of the series i give it a 1.3/10 bad episode :(