Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 9

Ticket To Rod

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is like one of my favorites

    Well, nice episode. They're doing the old cheap guy thing in this episode. Not spelling their name right (Bloo and Boomer). I was watching this episode when my mom's boyfriend was saying that he did'nt like this show. This is one of the greatist shows ever (Besides Chowder). Rod Tango was great and, they used a line from Leathel weapon. I can't use the phrase because it has a curse word in it. So, I edit this review because, it's not an acual 10/10 just a normal 9/10 and, you get the picture. I love Fosters and, I love Bloo (Only he's a bit on the badside).
  • One of the "drier" eppies of the season, but not bad

    The episode was kind of dry from the beginning. Bloo running though the neighborhood, all excited about this radio contest. Knowing Bloo, I can understand his excitement, but no matter what the contest was for, I just can't see anyone that excited over it. The show tunes he had to listen to all night were fun, since I've seen many of those movies myself. And then it ends up being Frankie who makes the call that wins the tickets. And she hated Rod Tango. I must admit it was fun seeing the return of Mac's crush on her, and the two going together to do little more than make fun of Rod Tango. Mac's so adorible in a suit! And then Bloo pretends to hate Rod just so he can go too. I guess it just reminds me too much of some two-faced people I use to know, who made me mad because they kept changing their minds about things just to "fit in". Overall though, it was a funny episode. Just not one of the best.
  • Ticket to Rod: Frankie wins a radio contest to see action movie star named Rod Tango.

    Ticket to Rod: This episode was okay, nothing important or special. This is about Bloo who wants to win two tickets to see action movie star, Rod Tango, but Frankie wins the tickets instead since Bloo didn't hear the chime. Since Frankie was unable to go(with Mac), Herriman does a contest and Boomer(if that's his name)wins the two tickets, but he goes with Madame Foster. End of review.

    Plot: The episode didn't very much had a plot.

    Originality: How it turned out was overall okay.

    Character: The character was fine to the Foster's characters.

    Action: Rod Tango does the action, but only in a movie.

    Review: Pretty short. The episode was okay, but not my favorite one.

    Final Grade: C
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