Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 3

Where There's a Wilt There's a Way / Everyone Knows It's Bendy

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Where There's a Wilt There's a Way: All Wilt wants to do is watch his favorite basketball game on TV, but the house's ridiculous requests and Wilt's ridiculous inability to refuse them threaten to keep him from the big game.

Everyone Knows It's Bendy: A new imaginary friend has come to Foster's, but he keeps misbehaving all around the house. All other imaginary friends are taking the blame. That is, until Bloo comes up with his master plan!moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Two of the worst Foster's episodes ever!!

    Wow, these episodes are just... BAD! Why can't Wilt for once just say no?! And this Bendy character, is just honestly one of the worst I have ever seen. Sources say that Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust (his wife) said that they regret making that Bendy episode, and apologized for that. But I'm still rating these episodes a 1.5 out of 10 for being awful.
  • When There's A Wilt, There's a Way was good. Bendy, however...

    Okay, I'm gonna keep the review for the first half short, because the second one is AWFUL .

    When There's A Wilt, There's A Way: In this episode, all Wilt wants to do is watch his basketball game, but the gang's ridiculous requests and Wilt's inability to say no keep him from watching the big game. In all honesty, this episode is really good. There were some pretty hilarious jokes in here, and the ending was a good payoff, with Wilt finally being able to say no. 8/10. As for the OTHER one...

    Everyone Knows It's Bendy: This episode. THIS. DARN. EPISODE. I've only watched up to Season 2 so far, and I can safely say; This is the WORST episode I've seen in this show! And you know who wrote it?! Lauren Faust. The writer who gave us some really good episodes, ended up making this MONSTER of an episode. And I'm aware, everyone makes mistakes every now and again. But, until recently, I didn't know Faust wrote THE mistake. Anyway, the episode starts with a kid named Gregory and his parents sending in an Imaginary Friend named Bendy, who is being sent in on account of causing trouble around the house. When Mr. Herriman and Frankie suggest that Gregory may have been blaming Bendy, his parents are offended and walk off, leaving Bendy there. In Literally the NEXT scene, Bendy, for no reason by the way, knocks a pot off of the TV where Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco were playing video games, and Bendy runs off. When Frankie and Herriman walk in, they ask what caused this, and Bloo says Bendy did it. Bendy then defends his guiltiness by crying of all things. And Frankie and Herriman believe it wasn't him, when it WAS that yellow, striped monster of an imaginary friend! And the rest of the episode consists of Wilt, Coco, Bloo, and Eduardo attempting to prove Bendy's guilt. However, each time, when Bendy does something, he runs off, Bloo picks up the evidence, and AS SOON as he does, Frankie and Herriman pop in and think he's caused the malicious act that Bendy did. It all ends with Bloo's Master Plan. When Bendy steals a cookie from the cookie jar, which is labeled Do Not Touch, Bloo's camera he put in the room catches Bendy in the act. When Bendy grabs the picture to try and destroy the evidence, it's glued to his hand, so he tries to get a pen to smudge out the picture. However, the ink blows up in his face, so he runs off to the bathroom, where Bendy accidentally tears off the sink handle, causing the Home for Imaginary Friends to get overflowed with water, before eventually bursting apart. Then the episode shows Bendy, wet, with the picture still attached. If they ended it HERE, all could've been forgiven. However, then Bloo comes in and says that his master plan to frame Bendy worked, making Frankie and Herriman furious at Bloo. Then, the episode ends with Mac on the steps of the house, saying Bloo, what did you do?, and the episode ends. After I watched this, I ALMOST Yelled at the top of my lungs. This episode made me RED with anger. It was literally the first time I had a negative reaction to this show, which was a bad sign. But luckily, things get better as time goes on, or so I've heard. Hopefully they don't torture Bloo anymore though. I mean, he's my favorite character! They should've let him win in the end.

    Score: 0/10

    Overall Score: 4.5/10moreless
  • This review is only for Bendy

    In a nutshell you can see why Everyone Know's It's Bendy is the most infamous episode of Fosters. But what really disappoints me is the fact that Lauren Faust wrote it. Now I know everyone has got to write an occasional dud, I just didn't expect her to write THE DUD! The main problem with this episode was that Bendy was just going around and being a jerk to other imaginary friends he just met. What's his problem? They did nothing to him at all, why get them in trouble? Worst of all, Frankie and Herriman don't believe Bloo and the gang, now what makes this so bad? It's out of character for those two, Bloo clearly has no vendetta against Bendy so why can't you believe him? He may be a jerk from time to time but he wouldn't pin the blame on some guy he barely knew for no real reason. Also, what's even worse is that WIlt testifies to support Bloo but then Frankie and Herriman don't believe him. Now this was the biggest problem for me, Wilt is a character that's known for being very helpful, has never told a lie, and is one of the most loyal friends you can have. Why is it that Frankie and Herriman don't trust him? Lauren, I know you regret writing this episode but come on, you're married to the creator, make the characters in character. However, considering that Lauren went on to do better things this episode has told me, don't be afraid of failure because we all screw up in our lives on something, and we all have a dud that is considered THE DUD. However, sometimes a dud that bad can actually help you improve as Lauren has done so when she helped write the specials, Good Wilt Hunting, Destination Imagination, and went on to create MLP G4 for TV.moreless
  • I liked the first one, but the second one......

    What I think of the first episode - I liked it. The episode was funny but also kinda mean spirited. I hated bloo in this episode. He was such a jerk. But seeing wilt go through all those wacky situations was funny. Overall score - 8.

    What I think of the second episode - I didn't like it. The episode was a million times more mean spirited than the first one. I really really hated bendy. He is almost as annoying as johnny test, dora the explorer, the annoying orange and ben tennyson..... almost. I'm glad he never appeared in any other episode. The only parts that I liked were the part where bloo was trying to mimic bendy's laugh and when the ink from a pen exploded on bendy's face. But overall, just a really pointless and mean spirited episode and my least favorite episode of this show. Also, I can't believe some one as talented as lauren faust wrote this episode. This is one episode that should be forgotten forever. Overall score - 3.

    Average score - 5.moreless
  • This review is JUST on the 2nd episode,which sucks so much

    As much as I love Fosters,these two episodes sucked. I mean,WTAWTAW was not that horrendous,but the other one is easily my least favorite episode. Now,I just want to focus on EKIB,so here's my review:

    So two parents get rid of their kid's imaginary friend for causing so much trouble named Bendy. Now,here's my first flaw. Bendy acts innocent,and Frankie and Mr. Herriman believe him. Are you serious? He just got chewed out by a freakin adults,and they believe him. Just WTH?! He goes into the room where Bloo and the others play video games,and smashes the vase,then they say that Bendy did it,but guess what? Bendy denies crying. I'm not kidding,that's how the entire episode goes. He keeps doing the same things,and they still believe him. Heck,He blames Wilt,an innocent friend,and yet they still believe him. How stupid are they? I mean,Frankie is one of my favorite characters,and yet,I hate her in this episode. And how come they never became suspicious after doing the same thing? At one point,Bloo tries to get proof by taking a picture of him,as he breaks the window,but Coco takes it at the wrong time,and takes a picture with Bloo with the bat,and yet Frankie finds them saying "Explain these", Just wow,I want to shoot her in this episode. And the worst part is when Bendy Impersonates Frankie and Mr Herriman on the microphone,and guess what? They think it's Bloo,even though it doesn't sound anything as him. And instead of crying,he does the most stupidest excuse that's worse than crying. He says that he was in the bathroom,wiping it with his toothbrush. That made me want to get a bat and break every single one of his bones. And they never got suspicious about THAT?! And what made it worse was that Mr Herriman made TV,Video Games,and Paddleball off limits for Bloo. Seriously,even though they own the house,they're not Bloo's parents for crying out loud. Bloo finally gets proof of flooding the house. And yet he still gets in trouble. Just wow,this is by far the worst episode of Fosters ever. Bendy is the worst imaginary friend ever created. Yes,even worse than Goofball. Frankie and Mr Herriman were complete idiots in this episode,never giving the others a chance to explain,and never got suspicious of Bendy. They acted like Drake and Josh's parents in this episode. I just hated this episode so much. Just stay away from this episodemoreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Plaid Friend/Mother

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Old Lady

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In "Everyone Knows It's Bendy", Bloo and Bendy try to get the "last laugh" by taking turns laughing after each other. This "last laugh" gag is also featured in an episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi called "Arbor Day". Ami and Eldwin Blair compete for the last laugh.

    • When Bloo looks up at the intercom and realizes that Bendy is talking into it, the sink in front of him disappears.

    • When Bendy blocks the water from coming out of the door, The photo that's glued to Bendy's hand is gone, then soon reappears.

    • Wilt says that this is the first time he has ever said "no," but he has actually said it in numerous episodes.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Frankie: What happened?!
      Bloo: Not me! Bendy did it!!
      Bendy: Me?! But I... Oh, I just don't understand. All I ever wanted is to be a good citizen living in peace and harmony under the guidance of the sweet and lovely Miss Frankie and the intelligent and handsome Mr. Herriman, but I am cursed to forever take the blame I did not do! (Starts crying)

    • Eduardo: (To Wilt) What are you doing?
      Wilt: Cleaning Coco's teeth.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because she has intensive plaque build-up and tartar around the gum line.
      (Short silence)
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because she eats too much candy.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because I always buy her too much candy.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because I do anything she asks me to.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because I do anything anyone asks me to.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because I always say yes.
      Eduardo: Why?
      Wilt: Because I can't say...
      Eduardo: No?
      Wilt: Yes.
      Eduardo: (Telling Wilt what to say) No. No!
      Wilt: Yes. Yes! That's the word I was looking for. I bet if I could say that word, I can watch the basketball game. Thanks, Eduardo!
      Eduardo: It was a pleasure to be of assistance. (To Coco) Rinse, please.

    • Coco: (Depressed) Co-co co-co-co.
      Wilt: Yeah, Bloo. Just give it up.
      Eduardo: Si, he is too smart for us.
      Bloo: No, no, no! He's gotta slip up sometime, and when he does...
      Bendy: (Impersonating Mr. Herriman on the PA system) Good afternoon, everyone! I am a stuff-shirted and portly to boot. I hop around like a big, fat dummy, because I'm a stupid rabbit!
      Bloo: Aha! (Rushes out the door)
      Wilt: Bloo, no!!
      Bendy: (Still impersonating Mr. Herriman) Why, Miss Frances! Do you have something to add? (Then impersonating Frankie on the PA system) Why yes, Mr. Herriman! I'm a complete and total poseur!! I try really hard to pretend I'm punk rock, but I'm really just a big dork!
      Frankie: (Sadly, after hearing the PA) I'm punk rock...
      Bloo: (Rushes down the stairs towards Bendy) AAAAHHH! (Grabs the intercom device from Bendy) You blew it this time, boy-o boy! Heh! You were getting cocky! Thought you'd never caught, but you BLEW IT NOW, buddy!!!

    • Mr. Herriman: That's it, Master Blooregard! I've had it with your fibbing and false accusations. From now on, no more TV, no more video games, and no more... what else do you like?
      Bloo: I like paddleball.
      Mr. Herriman: And no more paddleball!
      Bloo: Nooooo!
      Mr. Herriman: Until further notice.

    • Bloo: (After the house has been flooded) SEE! He's been lying. He's been framing us all, and playing you two for saps! But I caught him. Yeah, I set up the camera, I put glue on the photo, I sabotaged the marker pen, I loosened the tap handles, I clogged the drains, and I backed up the water system so I can expose him for the fraud he is!
      Mr. Herriman: And?
      Frankie: BLOO!? You flooded the house!
      Bloo: Yeah, but Bendy took a cookie!
      (Mac comes up the steps.)
      Mac: Bloo, what did you do?
      Bloo: BENDY DID IT!

    • Wilt: NO!!!! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!
      Bloo: ... You done?
      Wilt: Hang on. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!! ... Okay... I'm done.

    • Bloo: Bleh, Wilt, these aren't salt and vinegar flavor!
      Wilt: Nnnnnn...
      Bloo: I only eat salt and vinegar flavor!
      Mac: Bloo, stop it!
      Bloo: Yeah, but it's Wilt's fault. And besides, he loves cleaning up messes. (Talking baby-like) Don't you Wilt?
      Wilt: NNNNNNNNNNNN...


  • NOTES (18)


    • The drawing of Bendy may be a reference to one of Dr. Seuss' characters.

    • NBO: NBA
      The NBO is obviously spoofing the NBA (National Basketball Association).

    • n/a: Bloo & Coco Playing
      Bloo and Coco are playing on the GameCube, a real life game system made by Nintendo. This is likely because Craig McCracken loves video games. There have also been Nintendo video game references in Craig's other show, The Powerpuff Girls.

    • Title: Where There's A Wilt There's A Way
      This episode title is a parody line of "Where There's A Will There's A Way."

    • Episode Title: Everyone Knows It's Bendy
      The name of the episode is extremely similar to a line in the South Park episode, "Butters' Very Own Episode." In the episode, instead of having the usual SP intro sequence, it gives an intro sequence about Butters, complete with new theme song. The song's first line is "Everyone Knows It's Butters!", very similar to "Everyone Knows It's Bendy." The title also refers to a line - "Everyone knows it's Windy" - from The Association's 1960's song "Windy."