Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 11

Who Let The Dogs In?

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • eh...pretty good if u ask me.

    i love this epi, it's not my favorite, but it's up there. i just noticed something, the title is exactly what Danny in Danny Phantom says in the episode " Shades of Grey " . I don't think Foster's got it from Danny, i think that the Danny Phantom creator got the line for that episode from this episode. hmm, seems that Butch Hartman was giving a little shout out to Craig McCracken. this really is proving that i'm actually a really HUUUUGE dork for Danny Phantom...

    ... Anyway, this episode is cute, how could Mr. Herriman resist the puppy dog face while anyone else in the whole world can't? ... Oh DUH! cuz, first of all, he's high strung, and secondly, he's a rabbit. Oh yeah, AND he's an imaginary friend.
  • THe PUPPIEs ARe So CUTe!

    The puppies in thins episode are so so so so so so so so so s so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Cute! when they talk it's so cute. and there puppies.i am just like eduardo, if i saw them i would keep them! But i probaly wouldn't go lickig peoples feet and saying that i pooped on the floor. Well i really like this episode because of the cute puppies!
  • When Eduardo finds a puppy alone outside one night after dinner, he takes over-the-top measures to make sure that Mr. Herriman doesn’t find out about it.

    This episode was a great one. It was funny to see Eduardo take responsibility for everything the puppy did. From ripping some of his fur out, to admitting to lick the other imaginary friend’s feet and even admitting to the whole ‘hallway incident’. Great fun all around.

    And although the episode didn’t star around Bloo, his character still stayed true when he got jealous of Mac playing with the puppies and letting them loose to a complete 180 at the end when he ended up liking the puppy he named ‘Stupid’.

    It was also great to see Mr. Herriman’s character different from its usual stiff self and actually afraid of something and over-reacting.

    Great episode and my favorite one starring Eduardo: Two thumbs up!
  • an [b]Okay[/b] episode....

    this episode of fosters was um...whats the word...okay i guess it was an average episode but just because its average doesnt mean it was a bad episode just it wasnt one of my favorites. though the puppies who Mr.Herriman didnt want and the gang (Mac,Bloo,Whilt,Coco and Eduardo) trying to hide the puppies from him. and at the end we all found out that the puppies were dunn-dunn-dunn imaginary. Overall this was an average episode of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.=P
  • The puppies were soooo cute!!!

    I thought this episode was my favorite and one of the best!!! Althrough, It wasn't that funny I still find it to be the best! The puppies we're so cute. I just couldn't see why Bloo hated the puppies. Mr. Herriman shouldn't be afraid of the puppies because he's bigger than them! All well, what a baby. Like the Scribbles, the puppies were imaginary and had special powers!!! This episode was cute and I loved when Bloo became BF with one of the puppies!
  • Now this is a secret worth keeping. Since Mr. Herriman is deathly afraid of dogs, Eduardo has to make sure the rabbit doesn't find out he's taken in a cute puppy.

    If you've seen the episode entitled Eddie Monster, you may also wonder, as I do, why Eduardo is afraid of a tiny cat in that story and not a huge dog in this one (yeah, I'm not talking about the puppy).

    It's so funny how Eduardo is taking the blame for everything that the puppy does while on the loose in the house to cover up the fact that there is such things as dogs or that a dog can get into the house or that there is a dog in the house presently, from licking a sneaker to ripping out his fur to even saying that it was he that went to the "bathroom bathroom" in the middle of the hall (yes "bathroom bathroom" is the new "number 2").

    I know that near the end when Mr. Herriman is displaying his slide show and the gang is trying to hide all the puppies from him, it is very similar to the part of the episode World Wide Wabbit when they're trying to prevent him from know about the funny bunny business. But who cares? It's still really funny and they did it differently.

    I just wish that the most recent episodes were as good as this one.
  • A great and very funny episode. The puppies were very cute!

    This episode is great and very funny. I like the part when Mr. Herriman was saying "the dog is not in the house presently". He was saying it again and again. The dogs were very cute. Mr. Herriman very afraid of dogs. I also like the part when the puppies have powers so they are not real pupies. They were imaginary puppies. In the start Bloo doesn't like the puppies he also said "I can't use puppies", but at the end when the puppy that he was talking to talk too! The puppy said "by Bloo I'll miss you", Bloo was shocked. That's very unusual dog. Very funny and great episode of Foster's!
  • Very funny show

    For once the show focused off of principal characters Bloo & Mac
    And instead focus on the bull Edaurdo
    But despite his "scary" looks though
    He is a very sweet person and friend
    Right up there next to of course, my favorite, Wilt!!
    He wants to take care of the dogs
    Despite the strict policy of Mr Harriman's
    Not to bring anymore dogs in the house
    Eduardo is just too sweet and polite to not let the dogs bet laid out to dry
  • When Eduardo brings a puppy in Foster's , he must prevent Herriman from finding out.

    "Who Let The Dogs In?" is one of the first season's best episode, and its no surprise that it is considered very enjoyable.

    Mr. Herriman has a rash fear of dogs, but Eduardo brings one, regardless of the "No Dog" policy. But it proves to handle a pet, as he does his best to put the blame that dog did to him. It gets even more complicated when more than one dog makes an appearance, and with a jealous Bloo, the outcome ends up somewhat unusual.

    Again, "Who Let The Dogs In?" is one episode not to be missed.
  • Eduardo saves Perrito but he gets in trouble. A not-so-great season finale but still decent.

    Who Let the Dogs in? was a fairly decent episode that I thought could have improved.

    The beginning of the episode seemed to be quite good and I was glad to see a first Eduardo episode. Most of the episode was good and the fear of puppies for Mr. Herriman was pure gold. I believe all the characters had their lines well put.

    Frankie also was quite nice to Herriman when she told him "There is no dog in the house presently". Frankie seemed to be sensible when Herriman was being silly. And Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Mac as distractions was great.

    ANyway, the story with the puppies could have been better but I just cant put in words why, except the ending but I guess that was for a season finale. Unfortunately, the episode aired out of production order.
  • Puppie Power!

    An episode that may seem cute... but it has a twist. Even though Eduardo is scared of leaves, frisbees, toy bumblebees hat pop out of arcade machines and even Bloo, Eduardo loves dogs. And he finds one outside and lets it in of course. mr. Herriman, bieng afraid of dogs is scared silly when he sees some dog-like exhibits to think there is a dog in the house, while Eduardo lies he did it. Soon Mac finds a whole box of puppies and Bloo lets them out because they tore apart his toy time machine. And soon puppies are on the run! The gang catch them though, but then they run away again and Mr. Herriman decides to send them to a shelter. But then they realise they are imaginary puppies-And have superpowers! That's what I loved about this! It was so cool. The one that could chnage colours rocked! And the dogs were cute. Especially Chewy. Awwwww.
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I really liked this episode! Especially because my favorite character, Eduardo, was the central character of the episode! I mean, the chances of Eduardo being the main character in an episode are totally rare! Okay, maybe not rare, but totally cool! I hope we get to see more than two Ed-oriented episodes!
  • By far, the cutest episode ever!

    I completely LOVED this episode!!! It was the most precious episode ever! And my adorable Scaredy Baby was the main character! ^_^ SQUEE!

    The beginning was just adorable! I just can't help but squeal every time I hear Eduardo say "Doggies are nice!" o^_^o

    I bet I said "Poor baby!!!" about a hundred times whenever Mr. Herriman was being all scared and scared-like because of the 'hounds'!! :)

    When Eduardo found that little puppy, my jaw dropped literally because of how frickin' adorable the puppy was! Man, those are the most adorable cartoon puppies I've ever seen in my entire life! I wish I could keep one! I'll always think Chewy, Stupid, and the one that could change color were the cutest ones!

    And then Eduardo taking the blame for everything that puppy did was precious! I say anyone that thought that was wrong and hated it has some major problems! Eduardo is so sweet.

    Mac bringing all those little puppies in was so cute! And I had to let out an "AWWWWW!!!" when Eduardo told Chewy they were his brothers and sisters!

    Another reason I flipped out watching this episode was the fact that I got to see Eduardo's black-clawed foot!! ^_^ It was so CUTE!!

    The ending of it was so precious! It made me smile a lot! And then when little Stupid told Bloo good-bye and told him he always loved him best, I was squealing so much! That was so adorable! I love to see Bloo's big puppy eyes! *squeal*

    This episode will always be one of my favorites! There was only one thing I didn't like about it, and that was the ending credits scene with that tongue foot guy. I hated that. It was so dumb. Oh, well. The episode makes up big-time for that! I loved it so much!
  • Puppies are loose and ready for fun.

    I really liked this episode for the lines said by the characters, especially Bloo. He spends the majority of the episode spewing out made up facts and parts needed to make a new time machine. He even digs up the "Frankie says relax." line from the 80's despite Bloo only being five years old.

    The story being Eduardo bringing a puppy with a pension for biting things into the house despite Mr. Herriman's strict no-dog policy. This is due to a natural fear over dogs eating rabbits. Herriman finds signs everywhere, but Eduardo always covers for the dog. Eventually Mac finds more dogs and Bloo gets jealous. Bloo tries to let them all loose at an emergency meeting over dogs in the house. In the end, the dogs are all found out, and are about to be taken away when......we all find out they have powers like talking, flying, and laser eyes. Since the puppies are imaginary they can stay and all ends well.
  • This is an aright episode for the Foster's series.

    In this episode Frankies goes to answer the door and at the door is a couple and a stray dog they found. They are willing to put the dog into the home but Frankie explains this isn't a home for real friends. By doing so she makes Ed fell bad because he always wanted a dog. Later thatnight when Ed is throwing away the gabbage he finds a puppy in the gabbage pail and decides to keep him and let the puppy remain as a secret. But keeping a puppy a secret is hard because even for all the bad the things the puppy does Ed takes the blam. Mister Herriman is suspisous and sacred. Ed gives his new puppy which he named Burrito a stuffed animal which just so happens to be a bunny, but his will not be good because Mister Herriman quotes Dogs eat Rabbits. After al the noise and racket the puppy is discovered and must go. Ed is very sad but understaning.