Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 11

Who Let The Dogs In?

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • There are thirteen puppies, as we can see when Bloo puts Stupid in the box, but they only name twelve.

    • When Mac is throwing the tennis ball, four dogs are running, but when the dogs are coming back, there are five.

  • Quotes

    • Stupid: (While hanging on box) Goodbye Bloo, I'll miss you!

    • Mac: (To dog) Who's a stinky baby??

    • Frankie: (Trying to help Mr. Herriman to overcome his fear of dogs) Just say to yourself: There's no such things as dogs. Well, you can't really say that. Oh, a dog can't get into the house, well technically that's not correct either. I know! A dog is not in the house, presently.

    • (The puppy licks Herriman's foot, Herriman jumps into Frankie's lap and screams)
      Mr. Herriman: There's a dog under the table! It just tasted me!
      Frankie: Oh, there is not!
      (Looks under the table and sees Eduardo)
      Eduardo: Uh... hola.
      Frankie: Eduardo, was that you under there licking people's feet?
      Eduardo: Uh... si! I love licking feet! (Begins licking Wilt's shoe) Feet... I love the footy goodness.

    • Mac: (Handing Bloo a puppy) Here Bloo, you can name the last one.
      Bloo: All right, this one is Stupid. Hello there little Stupid. Who's all dumb and useless?
      Mac: Bloo, why you gotta be like that?

    • Madame Foster: Oh, look! I found a puppy!
      Eduardo: Madame Foster! No!

    • (Coco swallows puppy)
      Mac, Wilt, & Eduardo: COCO, NO!
      (Coco sits down and lays an egg with the puppy in it)

    • Bloo: Who's a little man?
      Stupid: (Rolls) I'm a little man!
      Bloo: Who wants a cookie?
      Stupid: I want a cookie!
      Bloo: Who's my bestest friend?
      Stupid: I'm your bestest friend!
      Mac: (Wide eyed) I thought I was your bestest friend!

    • Eduardo: You are not perrito.
      Bloo: I most certainly am not a burrito!

  • Notes

    • Wilt names all his pet dogs after famous basketball players in this episode. He names them Michael after Michael Jordan, Magic after Ervin "Magic" Johnson and Kareem after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    • Fast Forward: The puppies would make a cameo appearance in Crime After Crime and Chewy would return (with imaginary fleas) in Land Of The Flea.

    • Look Hard: When Mr. Herriman is calling the meeting and we see a shot of everyone going to sit down, an imaginary friend walks past the screen who has a TV attached to them. The TV screen is playing The Loved And The Loveless, the soap opera featured two episodes ago in Berry Scary.

    • The fake parts that Bloo talks about in the episode are: a transitechnositter, a cassadonal therdometer, a orphernometer, a apdordassetter, a jargon frugometer, a tysmacopacitor, a lymcid vocationer, a blop shmoomometer, and a fram bluboppitter.

    • Animation Studio: Cartoon Network Studios.

    • Look Hard: When Eduardo is scraping one of his boots, you can see claws on his foot.

    • Imaginary Friend Debuts: The imaginary puppies. See below for their names; Don Lickles; Ringo Rango.

    • Title Card Sound: Dogs barking.

    • Look Hard: When Eduardo opens his toy box, you can see a toy of the Starman from the Super Mario games.

    • Credits: Imaginary friend with tongue for feet walking along the floor, saying how horrid it tastes. He then finds a bit of juice on the floor.

    • A note on "perrito." The Spanish word "perro" means dog, and it is common in the Spanish language to add the suffix "ito" or "ita" (depending on the gender) when referring to little things, or creatures in this case. Thus, "perrito" means "little dog" or "puppy."

    • We find out that Mr. Herriman is afraid of dogs.

    • Running Gag: Bloo proclaims Eduardo is mentioning something about a burrito, when Eduardo is saying "perrito."

    • Puppy Abilities: Turn invisible, shoot laser beams from eyes, change colors, lay prize eggs like Coco, fly with tail, grow larger teeth, speak English, breathe fire.

    • Puppy Names: Chewy, Juanita, Stella, Michael, Magic, Kareem, Buckaroo, Lucy, Stupid. There are three also named by Coco but they are a mystery.

    • Mr. Herriman actually calls Frankie the name she prefers for once, which, of course, is Frankie. Which is unusual, since most of them time he always calls her 'Ms. Frances.' Since he's more or less in panic throughout the entire episode, the explanation could be that he forgets to act formal when he's afraid.

  • Allusions

    • Buh bye!: When Bloo tells the puppies "Buh bye, buuh bye! In your face!", it seems to be a parody of Disney's Toy Story 2 when during the credits a Barbie doll, in the same manner, says "Buh bye, buuh bye! Buh bye!" and then asks if she can stop smiling now because her face hurts.

    • The scene where Mr. Herriman holds an emergency conference about an attempt being made on his life while he marches in front of a large projection screen with a pointer stick is an obscure parody of the famous speech scene from the movie Patton.

    • n/a: Bloo's Time Machine:
      Bloo's little "time machine" appears to be a spoof of the time machine in the Back to the Future movies. If you'll listen closely, you'll even notice that the names of the parts to the machine are slightly reminiscent of the flux capacitor. In the movie, Dr. Brown says that part is what makes time travel possible.

    • n/a: License 2 Grill
      Look hard when Frankie takes the apron from Mr. Herriman. It says License 2 Grill. This is a parody reference to the James Bond film, Licence to Kill.

    • Stupid: Good-bye, Bloo!
      The scene at the end where Bloo's puppy sticks his head out of the box to say good-bye is a reference to that adorable-beyond-belief scene in Gremlins, where Gizmo pops out of his box and says "Bye, Billy."

    • Eduardo: These es mi Beanie Buddies
      Little parody of the famous set of toys, Beanie Babies.

    • Bloo: Yeah, Mr. H., Frankie says relax!
      "Frankie says, relax" was a popular quote from the '80s which in itself is a reference to the '80s band, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and their hit song, "Relax."

    • Episode Title: Who Let The Dogs In?
      This is an obvious reference to the one-hit wonder by The Baha Men, titled "Who Let The Dogs Out?".

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