Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 8

World Wide Wabbit

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mac and Bloo are using Frankie's digital camera to make video interviews for the new Foster's website, when they stumble upon Mr. Herriman indulging Madame Foster's whims and doing a little dance for her. Much to Mac's chagrin, not only do Bloo and Frankie show the embarrassing footage to almost everyone in the house, but Bloo uploads the film to the Internet. It won't be long before Mr. Herriman discovers he's become the latest Internet fad, and you can bet he won't be happy!moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Funny, yet sweet.

    Herriman is truly the best.
  • excellent

    This episode has great storyboard.
  • I think watching the episode was kinda fun, but it was at an average state.

    Frankie wanted to interview the friends for her website. Unfortunately, Mr. Herriman wanted her to do another task. So MAc and Bloo had to do it for her. Just as they were about to interview Madame Foster, they saw her with Mr. Herriman, with them taking no notice however. Bloo wanted to show the footage to Frankie, who recently went back to her computer for work. The footage was Mr. Herriman singing his ditty to Madame Foster. She wanted him to do it since she was little. Frankie thought it was hallarious, and so did the other friends. Mac vetoed it, however, and wanted Frankie to erase the footage. After interviewing Madame Foster, he overhears Fluffer Nutter and Jackie Khones talking about Mr. Herriman's footage. After Mac tells Frankie eventually that Mr. Herriman is gonna make her life miserable, Frankie destroys the written CDs that contain copies of the footage. Bloo, however, sent a copy online without either of them noticing, and the next day, things went haywire when Mac tells her about the footage around town. Mr. Herriman eventually finds out about it, and wanted vengeance on Mac and Bloo. Then, everything changed when a little girl, and everyone else adored Mr. Herriman for his footage. Well, mostly everything. Frankie was angry at Bloo for showing the footage online. At the end, Mr. Herriman wanted to show everyone an updated version of his footage, and mostly everyone was bored of watching it and walked away. Madame Foster, however, loves it.moreless
  • Silly in a positive way! :)

    You gotta love Mr. Herriman from here on out after watching this episode. It is on that I will cherish for a long time as it made me laugh and the song that he sung would be one that you can sing to your daughter if you want to be silly. I love it so much that I have the lyrics on Facebook! The great thing about it is that though he's strict, we see that he does have a good heart to many children that need a friend. Yes, everyone has some silly side to show, and for him being the Funny Bunny made Foster's one of the best shows Craig McCraken has ever made.moreless
  • This is the best fosters home for imaginary friends esipode ever and i got five good reasons this esipode is funny 1 mac and bloo are hilarious 2 edurado is so damn hilarious when he freaks out 3 madam foster rulez 4 frmoreless

    this esipode is so hilarious and it is da bomb herriman was rapping in his new version of the foster s website and he was hilarious man if memphis bleek was rappin it would be off the hook if dr dre was rappin as herriman or memphis bleek which i dont like not of his music it would be tight now if it was redman or method man as herriman it would be off the hook for real now it it was me as herriman i would be rappin better and keep it real then 50 cent anyday but it was funny that and i love rap music but im not a huge fan nor a fan of 50 cent hip hop rapping ungrateful wannabe bastard anyway this show the actors and the characters and the story are funny good work macrackenmoreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Friend #3

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Blonde Girlfriend/Friend #6

Recurring Role

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Friend #4/Desperate Friend

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mac: Coco! Let me in!
      Bloo: Uh, yeah. She won't let anyone in without a ticket.
      Mac: Oh, really? A ticket for what?
      Bloo: Nothing... Want one? (Waves ticket at Mac, who tries to grab it, only to have Bloo pull it away) Ten bucks!

    • (The scene of Foster's Home shaking)

    • Frankie: (To Bloo) And if I ever touch my computer again...
      Mr. Herriman: (Clears throat) Well, well. I do believe this is the smallest house meeting we've ever had, due to all of the recent adoptions, thanks to yours truly... (Everyone moans) I have called this meeting, if you will, to declare, present and announcilly... (Residents maon again) that because my performance went over so well, and resulted in so many adoptions, I have produced a new, more modern updated version for the Foster's spider web.
      Frankie: Website! Sheesh.
      Mr Herriman: Yes, of course (Turns on the television and on the updated video for the web site) My name is Mr. Herriman, and I'm here to say: A hip, hop, a hip hip hop
      I rip and I rap and I just can't stop
      I have big feet and ears that flop
      To help your mom, you can sweep and mop.
      (Later on, after everyone leaves)
      A hip, hop, a hip hip hop
      In the winter we see the temprature drop
      Horse's feet go clippity-clop
      Its quite rude to make bubblegum pop!

    • (Everyone's laughing at Mr. Herriman's announcement about "Miss Millie's East Philly Chili".)
      Madame Foster: (Laughing) Ha, ha, ha.. what are we laughing at?

    • (In the back of the home, Mr. Herriman is taking Frankie's computer into the trash as she hangs on dragging herself with him)
      Frankie: No, no, no, you ca-a-a-an't!
      Mr. Herriman: Now to get rid of these files once and for all. (Dumps it into the trash)
      Frankie: My baby. MY BABY! (Dives into trash)

    • Eduardo: (While being interviewed) Ah! What is that? Get it away! It will steal my soul!

    • (While being interviewed)
      Ugly Imaginary Friend: I just want to love!
      (Bloo bursts into laughter)

      Bloo: I was thinking it was funny!

    • Frankie: Bloo, are you coming?
      Bloo: Nah, I'll just stay here and hang around.
      Frankie: Listen, blob boy! If the rabbit finds out about this, he's going to make my life miserable! And if he makes MY life miserable, I'm going to make YOUR life miserable! Capiche?
      Bloo: Capee...capee...yeah.

    • (After Mac breaks a CD with the footage on it, Frankie and Bloo's hysterical laughter continues)
      Mac: (Angry) You have more, don't you?
      Frankie: Maybilly...
      Bloo: Maybilly nottilly!!!
      (Both burst into hysterics again)

    • Earl, The Delivery Guy: So, how you've been, Frankie?
      Frankie: I've been better.
      Earl The Delivery Guy: Aw, you all under the weather and down in the dumpitty?
      Frankie: Excuse me?
      Earl The Delivery Guy: Aw, nothin', nothin'.
      (Closes the door, moments later, the telephone rings)
      Frankie: Hello?
      Man On Phone: Yes, how do I go about... (Chuckles) How do I go about being a member of the Fun Bunny Council?
      Frankie: (Startled) Excuse me?! (Caller laughs and hangs up)

    • Mr. Herriman: Hippity, hippity, hoppity, hoppity / My tail is quite fluffy, my ears are quite floppity / I sing and I dance and you can't make me stoppity! / Said funny-bunny to sweet little giiiirl!
      Hoppity, hoppity, hippity, hippity / I'm cute and I'm cuddilly and smart as a whippitty / Watch and adore as I play and I skippity / Said funny bunny to sweet little girrrl!
      Sprungidly, spingidly, bouncilly, trouncilly / Allow me to declare, present and announcilly / That I am the head of the Fun Bunny Councilly / Said funny bunny to sweet little girrrrl!
      Bouncilly, trouncilly, sprungidly, springidly / There's no end to the fun I will bringilly / The razzmatazz and the ring-a-ding dingily / Said funny bunny to sweet little girrrrl!
      Hippitty hippity, hoppity hoppity / So shall I tell you right now, my sweet little poppity / That all of my friends I never, ever would droppity / On the list, my dear lass, you are at the toppity... Said funny bunny, to sweet little girl.
      (Later, when Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo join Mac, Bloo, and Frankie to see the footage)
      Mr. Herriman: Skippity scampity, jumpity, bumpity / Now, please to be cheery and not as all crumpitty / All under the weather and down in the dumpitty / (Singing) Said funny bunny to sweet little girrrl!
      (Everyone, except Mac, roars in hysterical laughter)

    • Eduardo: (Running in a panic mode)Take off your clothes!!! Take off your clothes!!! TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!!!
      Madame Foster: Yeah! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!! (Takes off T-shirt and cap)

  • NOTES (15)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Storyboard.

    • Fast Forward: 1) Remember Frankie's computer? Look for it in "Bye Bye Nerdy" as Bloo goes out to save Mac. 2) Two examples of "I (heart) FB" merchandise are found as Mac wears tighty whities emblazened with the phrase in "I Only Have Surprise For You" going all Rambo, and a cap worn by Bloo during spunky reporter Erin Peterson's investigation in "The Big Cheese." 3) Another eBay spoof called "schmeBay" is shown in "One False Movie." 4) The main subject would be later be found to have over 17 million hits in "Bloo Tube".

    • Kids' WB! airdate: Originally scheduled to air on August 20, 2005, but the network changed its schedule early that week to a second episode of Pokemon.

    • This is the first full-length episode to have three seven-to-eight minute segments instead of two eleven-minute segments.

    • Animation Studio: Cartoon Network Studios.

    • Imaginary Friend Debut: Bloppy Pants, Cy.

      Human Debut: Earl the Delivery Guy.

    • Credits: Mac and Bloo on a sepia screen to a silent movie-version of the show's theme to make it look old. During the credits, the following "cards" appear:
      + "Mr. Herriman presents..."
      + "The Two Goofballs..." (Mac and Bloo)
      + "In 'Silly Shanagans'".
      + Footage shot by Mr. Herriman, followed by "My, are we not the laughing stocks?" The footage is shown again, followed by "Indeed."
      + Final title card reads "The End."

    • Title Card Sound: Everyone snickering.

    • Running Gag: After everyone sees Funny Bunny, they start saying "illy" and "itty" after most sentences.

    • Since Mr. Herriman is Madame Foster's friend, this episode reveals how old they both are. For example when he hears that it's on the "file," he goes in the file cabinet.

    • Duchess makes a cameo in this episode as her body is shown walking by when Mac and Bloo are hiding after filming the footage.

    • When Mr. Herriman starts filming Mac and Bloo, he's using a silent film camera that has a set frame, even though in most silent films, only words would have a frame around it, not the scenes.

    • The sound made after the file is "deleted" and while Bloo is on the computer checking the eBunny website is the same sound made by a standard PC when a download is finished or an error message appears.

    • Look Hard: 1) Look carefully -- but quickly -- at the eBun website and you'll see that all items are available for "same day shipping." A cute bit of continuity in the episode, since the t-shirts, hats, etc. were being worn the next day when Mac stops by after school. Also, there are snow tires for sale on the site. 2) The computer Frankie uses is a "Dull" branded computer, a parody of Dell computers. 3) In Mr. Herriman's closet are two games, "Strangled" (a spoof of Scrabble) and "Bankrupt" (parodying Monopoly).

    • When Bloo updates the website, fans add backgrounds and sounds to make the clips funnier.


    • After Frankie gets the Funny Bunny CDs from the wardrobe, the baseball disappears.

    • n/a: Funny Flakes
      In the pile of 'Funny Bunny' merchandise on Frankie's bed, a box of cereal called Funny Flakes can be seen. This is a parody of the cereal Frosted Flakes.

    • This episode is a big parody of the famous Star Wars Kid, who was videotaped swinging a crutch around in front of a video camera. The video was put up online and millions of people edited it into funny things.

    • n/a: Bunny Gone Wild
      Looking at all the 'Funny Bunny' memorabilia Frankie dumps on the bed, you can quickly glance and see a Bunny Gone Wild tape on the left. It is most likely a parody of those Girls Gone Wild tapes. Thankfully, we don't see what the tape contains, but you can just make out two censor bars over Herriman's chest.

    • n/a: eBun
      The 'eBun' website is a parody of the 'eBay' auction site right down to the same colors in the logo.

    • n/a: Lord of the Bunnies / Space Bunny
      One of the different dances shown is Lord of the Bunnies, a hilarious parody of Lord of the Rings. Also, look hard. When Bloo moves the mouse across the screen, you can see Space Bunny, probably a parody of Star Wars.

    • Episode Title: World Wide Wabbit
      Wabbit it the way that Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes says "rabbit." The way the title states it may be referring to him. The title also refers to the World Wide Web.