Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers

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Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers

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Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers is a historical documentary directed by Melissa Jo Peltier based on Joseph Ellis' Pulitzer Prize winning novel Founding Brothers that explores the moments throughout American history that left a legendary impact on how the United States is today. This documentary developed by the History Channel focuses on the struggles and monumental decisions made by the seven influential men of America's first decade as a country. George Washington made decisions on how and what a president should be as Benjamin Franklin pushed for an end to slavery just as Alexander Hamilton faced off against Aaron Burr in their infamous duel. Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers looks that the meetings and dramas that went into developing the capital site, the finances, and the burgeoning ideas that became part of the constitution and laws. While it looks at the events themselves, it also reminds viewers of the men behind the stories, each with their own tempers, histories, and squabbles. Founding Fathers & Founding Brothers features the voices and work of Kelsey Grammer, Aidan Quinn, Jeff Daniels, Edward Herrmann, Hal Holbrook, Brian Dennehy, and Peter Coyote.moreless

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