Four Kings

Season 1 Episode 2

One Night Stand Off

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 12, 2006 on NBC

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  • The guys go to a club to get a one night stand each but Barry gets stuck in the apartment babysitting his ex's kids.

    This show is alright. In real life this would be a dream come true, to live in a huge apartment in New York with your best friends. Bobby is most definately my favourite, he's hilarious. The stories are pretty unorigonal but I think thats just to attract a steady audience, I figure they'll go all out later. I'll keep watching this show but probably only because it is on NBC on Thursday.
  • A lot funnier than the pilot.

    Fortunately, the second installment of "Four Kings" was much better than the premiere, although it could use a lot of work. Let's hope it continues to improve.

    Ben gets an offer from Maxim magazine to write about one night stands in Manhatten, and gets his friends on the VIP list at a popular club, and the gang prepares to go find some girls for the night. Barry is kept from going when his ex-girlfriend brings over her twins so she can get her uterus scraped.

    At the club, Jason and Bobby teach Ben how to pick up a one night stand kind of girl, but it doesn't exactly work so he uses the method he always has, and it works, but the next morning it looks like he's in for another long relationship, until the guys give him a hard time about it. The woman senses that he's never had a one night stand before and helps him fake it.

    This episode was quite funny - not nearly as good as "My Name is Earl" and "The Office", which follow it, but I laughed more than I did during the pilot. I loved when Ben told the woman that her hair matched the "fuzz on her lip".

    Seth Green has a lot of potential but the writers don't seem to be giving it to him - his lines are usually the least funny, which really sucks. I hope they fix that soon.
  • not much, but a lot better then last week

    i'm still not completely sold on FOUR KINGS, and there are still many changes that i think should be made. however, last night's episode was much more well written then the show's pilot. it was much funnier, and in some ways even original. the one-night stand thing, i don't know if that really even exists that much anymore, but still not that bad. however, bobby, played by shane mcrae really needs a wardrobe change, b/c the clothes they are giving him make him look gay. and on top of that, not only did he look gay w/ wardrobe last night, but then he went and kissed one of the other guys.
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