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  • I didn't like it... but... i did watch all the eps!

    Girls will enjoy because is four cute guys... their adventures, love and lifestyle!

    Guys might not like because... well, gorgeous women almost never show up ... so ... And if you're wondering about the plot.. nothing new and not exactly clever... kinda boring actually!

    My advice?? How about some simple jokes, we all love! And let's face it... a show withou a beautiful woman? Is not a real show right? Or a gay guy? Gays are always fun!

    But besides that... didn't u just love SETH GREEN's back? He's shorter than ever, but give him a break! I mean, he's OZ from Buffy!
  • How this show ever got on the air, let alone how it lasted SEVEN WHOLE EPISODES, is a mystery!

    Undoubtedly the worst show I have ever seen. I rated it a 1.0 rather than 0.0 because the system woulnt let me give it a 0.0, and because, somewhere in the world, there might be or have been a somewhat worse show--even 7th Heaven had some good moments, for cryin out loud! Seth Green can be an appealing actor, and the others might be, if given a chance with a teleplay that showed so much as one one-hundredth of a miligram of subtlety, maturity, or even farce. Four guys who went to high school together are rooming together as young adults, and hilarity comes nowhere close to ensuing. I gave up after the first 15 minutes of the first episode. Those are 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.
  • This show is about 4 guy friends that go through everyday life. They were childhood friends that come together after a grandmother that was close to the boys dies.

    I looooove this show. I know its been getting alot of trash for it being like \"Friends\" or whatever nonsense. But I personally thought it was funny. Me and my friends were close like they were and would definately be there for each other if someone close to all of us died. We might not do things that they did because we are girls but we would definately be there for one another. I think thats what its about. The beginning was hilarious. I don\'t care what other people say It is my favorite show until it got cancled. BOOOO HOOO
  • I thought that the show was incredibly funny and the cast was perfect. Even the adorable kids matched their counterpart!!!! I will keep watching!!!!

    Fantastic!!!! Great Cast!!!! Funny Show!!!!The show was completely original. The scenes were well put together and the show will be a great hit. Seth Green is always entertaining and the new cast members show great potential. NBC has a winner. The flashback scenes were warm and brought the show all together. So many people point out the negative parts in the show but I stand above everyone when I say AMAZING!!
  • An above average comedy about a group of brothers/friends.

    I hope this shows comes back next season. It is an above average comedy about a group of brothers/friends. the show satrs Shane McRae as Bobby, Josh Cooke as Ben, Seth Green as Barry and Todd Grinnell as Jason. I can't remember which are brothers and which are friends, or maybe they are all just friends, I just can't remember. There is something about an old lady calling them her "four kings" when they were all kids. Seth Green is really funny as usual and the writing is above average. I don't see it winning any emmy's but there are a lot of worse shows on the air.
  • Even though I absolutely love Seth Green (and the rest of the boys are also well cast) I’m not above admitting the pilot sucked. The 2nd episode got a few laughs (especially Green all dolled up by his girlfriend’s evil little twins...)

    Even though I absolutely love Seth Green (and the rest of the boys are also well cast) I'm not above admitting the pilot was not all that good. It seemed to pick up a little in the second episode (especially Green all dolled up by his girlfriend's evil little twins...please, let’s beg to see more of them!!). And in the next episode I have to admit that the "chest" game made me giggle a little even though it was a bit immature. I love Shane McRae as Bobby, his childlike intelligence is sometimes overshadowed by hilarious brilliance (point in case, trying to keep his buddy Jason from picking up a woman Jason says: "Sorry, there's no way you can screw this one up. She doesn't speak English." To which Bobby replies, "Oh but love is the same in every language." And plants a nice big wet one on Jason's cheek, scaring off his suitor). Todd Grinnell is pretty decent as Jason, the smart one of the group (or at least "job-oriented"). He's still got some room to grow and settle into what kind of person Jason really is. And Josh Cooke as Ben is as sweet as he could be. He's got those puppy dog eyes and is just too caring for his own good. With the right direction and decent writing' "Kings" has the potential to grow into a really good comedy.
  • Not a bad comedy, not sure if it's coming back or not.

    An above average comedy. I can take it or leave it. This is the type of show that everyone really needs to just watch for themselves to decide. Have you ever been watching a show and have somebody ask you a question that made you wonder if you were watching the same program? Well, this is one of those shows for me. It's like I'm thinking about it differently than other people. Then you have the people that say "It's not funny if you have to explain it." While that is true sometimes, it is also true that sometimes the viewer just "doesn't get it." I hate shows that have to "dumb things down" because of how some people perceive it. This one isn't dumbed down too much. Seth green is pretty funny.
  • I thought the Show had all the makings of a classic, but I guess that too many people thought it was too much like other shows.

    When I watched the first Episode, and was not impressed. Then I decided to give it another shot. And after watching the second episode I was in love with the show. I thought that the characters were classic, yes similar characters have existed in the past, and in many ways they are all shelf characters, but they were written amazingly. I continued to watch; always when it ended I wanted more. But when I found out it was cancelled, I was crushed, but I thought that although the last episode aired gave no closure, it was by far the best. I think that many people after watched the first episode they felt as I did, but never watched again, because all the people I know who watched thought that the show was glorious, but I think the show was just never given a shot. And shows are not judged by quality by the network exects, but by the number of viewers. And if nobody watches, they can't keep it on.
  • NBC did a horrible job of advertising the show's return after the hiatus during the Olympics.

    The first few episodes did really well as far as ratings go. Personally, I had a countdown for weeks before the premiere of the first episode. I caught every episode, and just barely caught the one after the haitus. I was flipping through the channels and I saw that it was coming on in five minutes, and spazzed out.

    I started watching the show for Seth Green. But his character was kind of a douchebag, as cute as he was, so I stayed around for Shane McRae, who played Bobby.

    I loved them all, really, and to be honest, I'm quite depressed that it's been cancelled. Why, NBC, why?

    I cannot believe that NBC cancelled Four Kings,,it is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time..I loved of the few shows that keeps you laughing the whole time..I would much rather see that than My Name Is Earl repeats.should definitely be brought back ...
  • rly rly rly rly funny

    rly rly rly rly funny
    rly rly rly rly funny
    rly rly rly rly funny
    i love love love love this show its hillarious the character development, plot setting and theme is too good ot be true but it retrospective its just rly great show all around i hope it stays on air forver
  • So funny!

    I just love this show! I am usually leery of watching new shows as all the ones I really like tend to get cancelled, but I'm sure glad I tuned into Four Kings. All the characters are hilarious, as are the storylines, and this show just keeps getting better every week. Bravo!
  • Better and better

    There has been talk about this show getting pulled and I really think it would be a shame. So many sitcoms get pulled before they get a chance to find their groove. The cast is way solid and the writings good. Every episode is better than the next, I think this series could have some legs, if the network doesn\'t decide to amputate them because of a stubbed toe.
  • Four Kings is great!

    Four Kings is a new show on ABC from the creators of Will and Grace. I've seen the show and I thought it was really good. Its a new comedy about 4 guys moving in together and the atributes of their daily life. I would definitely recommend watching it because it is really good.
  • With all the junky sitcoms out there, NBC still can live up its reputation of decent sitcoms.

    So far, with 5 episodes aired, the show is off to an okay start, not great, but it has the potentials. It’s not like one of those stupid humor type sitcom, most jokes are clever, even though it revolves around topics such as “getting laid” and “gay” (still funny, and pretty original). The show is also trying to emphasize the importance of the friendship between the four, however, it is not very successful. It seems like that the writers are trying too hard to push the friendship concept in the show, it makes it very unnatural. The actors are actually quite good, very good performance and all, for the show to step up another level; it mostly depends on the writers of this show now. Hopefully, NBC can still hold its leading position in sitcoms.
  • Well, at least it's not a reality show...

    It seems that in 'Four Kings', NBC is hoping to re-create the popular success of 'Friends'. Five episodes in to the series (as of this review), however, and it just doesn't seem to be taking off. With the notable exception of "Chest, Mate", the episodes just smack of a typical sitcom - predictable jokes and flat characters. (Though perhaps the latter criticism isn't very fair, since there are only five episodes out to date.) If NBC is trying to bank off of the popularity of 'Friends' (at least its earlier years), then they certainly fell short in actor chemistry and an overall ensemble performance.

    If I had to draw a comparison to another show, I would think that someone who enjoys the show "Two and a Half Men' would also enjoy 'Four Kings', whereas your typical 'Arrested Development' fan ought to look elsewhere for Thursday evening entertainment.
  • The Four Kings has what it takes. Smooth writing and good stars. Too bad about NBC\'s decision to compare it so heavily with Friends. All it needs is a chance.

    NBC built itself some seven-league boots to fill by touting the Four Kings as a replacement for Friends. Yes, I know. They didn’t exactly say that in words, but that is what they laid on us. A ten year old could have read that in their ads and teasers. So, they set themselves up for every armchair Simon Cowell with a TV set to take their untalented shots at the show. What’s wrong with that?
    Well, for starters, this is a good show. Masterwork shows like Friends, and Fraser, et al, have started off much worse. This show really had some fun built into it. The four guys are just a goofy enough combination to be fun. They have been buds throughout life, and anybody who has had a couple of close childhood buds to pal around with in early adulthood knows the madness that can create.
    These guys do not disappoint The only possible difficulty in suspending disbelief in order to buy into each episode is to see any of them but Seth Green as goofy or less than sexy, since they all are just that; very sexy men. Even Seth is, but he seems to revel in being the never-get-any nerd. And, let’s face it. Nobody does that role better. The other three work fine.
    Shane McRae almost pulls of the ‘pull my finger’ kind of dunce character. I say almost because they have not quite decided how stupid he really is. Remember how nasty Edith Bunker was at first? Remember Rosario’s accent on the first few episodes she appeared in during the long running Will and Grace? I can see Shane’s character dumbing down and funnying up soon.
    Todd Grimmel runs the risk of being the only intelligent, and non-goofy character in the batch, but that works for me. It would provide just about the right amount of ‘feet on the ground’ foil for the other three.
    Josh Cooke successfully parlays good looks with neurosis in a way that just has to make the less than handsome guys out there happy. He shows us having matinee idol facial planes guarantees us almost nothing like our vivid, envious imaginations promise us.
    I remember early on the, too often compared to this series, Friends that Joey was much more hunk than lummox when the series started. Phoebe was cattier, Monica was nearly a normal human being and Chandler seemed to be ready to come out of the closet before the first season finale. (Ross and Rachel always seemed to be Ross and Rachel.) So, the idea that this show will morph seems in the cards. If the critics and the public will just do the right thing and urge the network to let it grow, let it stay and let it continue to give us laughs every week.
    It is always a crapshoot, though. Witness the excellent “Boston Common” of 1996. Anthony Clark starred, and totally empowered this show with his sly, funny and ‘with it’ patter. He was way ahead of the curve David Spade occupied in “Just Shoot Me”. The show failed to wow the public. Later, Clark hit the mainstream on network TV with “Yes, Dear” in which his character is the proper, stupid and bumbling fool who can barely pronounce words without the help of his (much brighter) wife. In both cases, there is a good ensemble supporting cast.
    My point here is that good comedy does not a hit make. It must have the right combination of the right channel to appear on and the right amount of stupidity balanced with the right amount of T&A. All those balances are here or waiting in the wings with this comedy. It has ‘legs’, if you pardon the T&A pun.
    Good going, NBC. Keep up the good work. You dealt yourself a royal flush here. Don’t listen to the silly folks who do other things with the word flush. If you have ever pulled all the chips in, you know the thrill of what a good hand is and you have one here.
  • The show is great it really made me laugh. Though the first episode came a bit dull the second and the third really remided me of the best comedy series I've watched till now - FRIENDS.

    The show is great it really made me laugh. Though the first episode came a bit dull the second and the third really remided me of the best comedy series I've watched till now - FRIENDS. The actors do their job extremely well. The scenery the ideas everything reminds of FRIENDS and it is hilarilous. Watch it you won't regret it.
  • I love this show! The lastest episode was great and what's so funny is that my dad and big brother do the same thing (chesting).

    The show Four Kings is great! I haven't missed a episode and don't plan on to. For anyone that hasn't seen it it's about these four best friends that move into Ben's dead grandmorthers apartment. It shows what happens when four best guy friends all of a sudden say lets live togther!
  • You need to give this show chance!

    Second episode was much better then pilot and I think that next epi will be better too. Do you remember how bad was "Friends" pilot? Some shows needs time. I think that it will be better with every epi so I'm going to watch that! Good luck Four Kings ;)
  • Just when you thought you'd seen the worst, here comes Four Kings.

    I could have gone my whole life without having seen this horrible show. But like always, I watch every new show that comes out to give it a chance. In this case, I regret it. What a miserable half an hour of t.v.. I enjoy sit-coms, but this was the bottom of the barrel. My girlfriend and I watched, and agreed about how bad on every level it was. It was not funny in the least. The characters are not interesting, nor endearing at all. A lousy plot, and writing that made me want to vomit just to get the taste of this show out of my mouth.

    And who thought Seth Green was talented? No one who has ever watched him act, that's for sure. There is no way Green got this job on merit. He must be doing something(~) for somebody, or had a contract still out that owed him a show. Watching him makes me ill. He could ruin a good show, let alone this piece of junk.

    Save your brain cells, and never watch this show. I know I won't, and neither will anyone I've spoken to. I have yet to speak to anyone who even remotely enjoyed Four Kings.
  • Just OK for me

    Well, the show is just ok really. It's not the worst show in the world and certainly not the best. Only thing is it's not NEARLY as entertaining or as funny as other shows.

    First off the actors. You can tell the actors are not really into it and because of that the acting is sort of subpar. I mean I have always liked Seth Greene as an actor and also Josh Cooke in Committed but for some reason I can't get that "crazy" character he did outta my head.

    The script was not very funny either. I remember thinking how lame some of the dialogue was. Like for instance standing around in the laundromat just shooting the breeze. Just seemed like the whole show was stalling there for ages and not going anywhere at all.

    I just really can't see this show lasting that long with all the other great shows and especially comedies out there that are just so much better.

  • Dumb and dumber, at the least

    This show hits the bottom for stupid people. I can't call them men, as they all act like mid-teens. I thought this show might be good, considering the producers. WRONG. They must have all been out to lunch when this concept was approved. One of the worst shows ever. The twins and their mother was the best part of the show. And the laugh track seems ill placed. But I guess they wanted some laughs.
    The use of a laugh track is way outdated. If the show is funny, we don't need to hear canned laughter. But's it's the 'modern' trend ??
  • Enjoyed it and will watch again

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show. The evil twins were great! Nice change from the usual stuff on the 4 regular networks. he premise was fun and the characters interesting. I generally am a FOX watcher, but I know some of the people so I tuned in. Will be a regular. for sure. I'd like to see the characters developed a bit more. Hopefully as we go along.
  • Biggest Waste of time Ever. It\'s a Cheap wannabe Entourage with no substance, crappy jokes, and apparently either retarded people trying to fluff up the film with reviews or they got hired to do so. Either way the final score will show how crappy this sh

    I thought this show might be Decent since Seth Green was in it. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I want my time back dammit... I can honestly say that this is one of the worst shows ever. The Jokes are more awkward than the ones in stacked which already suck. I hope they cancel this POS before it ruins Seth Green\'s already stagnating career.
  • if i had my way, i'd demand NBC give me my 30 minutes back

    the only reason i even give this show a .2 rating is b/c i remember seth green from without a paddle and the series finale of the facts of life. the shows jokes are predictable, and you can just see them coming, and even when you see them coming, you don't laugh, and it's even worse when you hear them. one woman called it risque, and i'm assuming she meant the "you want me to hold it while you play the guitar still" like joke. i don't call that risque, i call that pushing it way too far especially for a show's pilot episode. i give this show 2 seasons, and if it makes that i will be really surprised.
  • O.M.G. This show is the sh*t! i love it . i felt like i was actullay there. it was so funny.. i love seth green he is sooooooo hot so is bobby! and the kids match them perfect! every one was a great actor, from the kids to the adults!

    O.M.G. This show is the sh*t! i love it . i felt like i was actullay there. it was so funny.. i love seth green he is sooooooo hot so is bobby! and the kids match them perfect! every one was a great actor, from the kids to the adults!
  • four best friends who grew up together are left with an apartment from Ben's grandmother that past away. Life is great til' Ben has to choose between his girlfriend or his best friends! Big shocker he chooses his bros. Lots of comedy and made me crack up

    This show was AMAZING! I loved the part when the little kid does farting noises with his arm! lol It was totally RADICAL! "Bros before Hos" is like my new motto!The twin girls were as tall as Seth Green. They could beat him up!LOL This show is my favorite show!
  • Seth and Shane take the cake in this original series about four friends that move in with each other. The script was hillarious and my little sister had a crush on the little bobby kid! He was cute. I personally had a crush on Seth Green!I thought it was

    Amazing cast and made me laugh histarically during every scene! The little kids in the begining matched perfectly. The end made me feel touched wishing I had that relationship with my best friends! I wish you guys the best of luck with this endevor!NBC picked a good one! Luv ya!
  • I can't believe Seth Green made such a bad career move...

    The summary of this particular show never did anything to me, really. Four friends living in New York? How original. Still, I gave it a shot because many shows are not original in premise, but are witty and funny and go on to become special. I'm afraid that 'Four Kings' is not one of these shows. I dragged myself through 22 painful minutes during which I laughed at literally not one time. Gee, Seth Green is short. Ha ha.

    Oh, and now that I mention Seth. The man may not always participate in 'Buffy'-sized masterpieces, but until recently he had done no wrong. And 'Robot Chicken'? Genius. But then came 'Without a Paddle' and no came this horrid sitcom which makes even 'Paddle' look like 'Arrested Development'. It's a pity watching such a talented guy waste his time on something totally unfunny. Plus, I only watched it because of him. So, hey, he owes me 22 minutes!

    On a side note, it's too bad 'Four Kings' will disrupt the otherwise excellent NBC's Thursday-night comedy line. I would definately prefer 'Scrubs' was in there instead of 'Kings'. Heck, I would even want 'Joey' back after this...
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