Four Kings

Season 1 Episode 5

The Elephant In The Room

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • An intersting plot line ... well, at least at first.

    This episode didn't seem to be much different from the series as a whole: A typical sitcom feel that never really sucks you in. Despite that, I have to admit that Josh being far more freaked about the true secret (rather that what everyone thought) was a clever bit of irony. What's such a big deal for everyone else has little impact on him, but what makes no difference to most people nearly ruins his friendship. But long after you've had your laugh at that, they let the topic play out a little too long; and by the end you're just really hoping the episode will end already.
  • Bobby's fear of spiders, Jason's (gasp!) a republican, Gay experiences ("bloop"), and Barry's tan, tan boss.

    This was a pretty cute episode. But then again, I'm partial to anything that makes fun of politics. I thought it was very clever how Ben made this big deal about Jason being a republican because I've seen arguments like that in real life. Come on people, are politics REALLY that important? I think Bobby's character is coming along nicely (this episode offers more proof that Bobby is a genius...especially at getting even with people.) I loved his line at the end (after Barry kept ruining his movies in the beginning by telling him the endings). Sheldon showing up after Barry's revelation about his "camp experience" with him was no coincidence! (Bobby to Barry at the end: "Have any more movies you want to ruin for me?"). I'm still having a hard time telling Jason and Ben apart. Barry (Seth Green) is always wonderful and this episode was no exception. But this episode is a decent improvement. The writers are doing well. Keep it up!