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  • Season 4
    • Tunnel of Fear
      Tunnel of Fear
      Episode 101
    • Success Story
      Success Story
      Episode 41
      A driven businessman gains a new perspective on life during a hospital stay. He encounters a young woman in bandages, facing possible disfigurement for life, whose positive philosophy wins him over.
    • The Stand-In
      The Stand-In
      Episode 40
      An aspiring actress has spent 20 years in Hollywood, not gaining fame as she had hoped, but as a stand-in for a well-known actress. Her ambition turns to despair, and her affection to bitterness.
    • Yellowbelly
      Episode 39
      A bitter officer, re-called for service in Korea after having fought during World War II, is considered a coward by his young company.
    • Distinguished Service

      A well-known doctor disgraces his profession just to advance his career.  When his wife realizes he intentionally misdiagnoses a patient, she demands a divorce. The only way he can regain her trust is to publically confess his misdeed.

    • The Stacked Deck
      The Stacked Deck
      Episode 37

      Fresh out of prison, blackmailer Gus Anderson intends to use Willie's casino to launder his victims' money. To insure his cooperation, Gus' thugs are holding one of Willie's waiters hostage. Glamorous singer Betty Maxwell shows up at Dante's, as scheduled, to lose at blackjack and avoid having a risque photo of her mailed to the tabloids. Knowing that Lt. Waldo will but his casino yet again, Willie invites to cop over to see parolee Gus in action.

    • Woman Afraid
      Woman Afraid
      Episode 36
      A selfish wife develops a new appreciation for her marriage when her husband breaks his leg on their second honeymoon. With hubby out of commission, she finds herself in the frightening position of being alone in an old house with a murderer.
    • Second Chance
      Second Chance
      Episode 35
      A screenwriter finally lands the breakthrough job he's been waiting for. His good news is complicated by an ambitious young actress who he's in love with.
    • Watch the Sunset
      Watch the Sunset
      Episode 34
      With his wife suffering mental illness, a man falls in love with his secretary. The wife is unexpectedly cured after five years and returns to her husband, forcing him to choose between two women.
    • Beneath the Surface
      A woman wanting to put her past behind her has started a new life at an orange-packing plant. Her happiness is jeopardized by an ex-convict from her past who demands she help him excape from the police.
    • One Forty-Two
      One Forty-Two
      Episode 32
      A tyrannical dictator is so hated by the 300,000 citizens of his country that they plan his assassination. At 1:42PM, they plan to concentrate on a "death wish" and kill him by thought transmission. A brave priest is called in to stand with the dictator at the appointed time.
    • The Other Room
      The Other Room
      Episode 31
      A cash-poor professor strikes an unusual deal for a tidy sum of cash: he agrees to marry a woman he doesn't know and then disappear with her.
    • That Woman
      That Woman
      Episode 30
      After being widowed, a city woman moves in with her brother-in-law's family down on the farm. She scandalizes the locals with her wicked city wearing makeup and nail polish.
    • A Long Way From Texas
      Willie Dante is hired by an attractive blonde to teach her how to play cards so she can keep an eye on her Texas oilman husband. In the process, he teaches the husband how to handle dishonest gamblers.
    • Touch and Go
      Touch and Go
      Episode 28
      A man has just four hours to find the woman who can prove he didn't murder a friend. He's never met the woman, but she listened in on the phone argument he had with the man the night of his death.
    • Wall of Bamboo
      Wall of Bamboo
      Episode 27
      In this spy story, an American Intelligence officer falls into the hands of a brutal Westerner who's gained power in Communist China.
    • Autumn Carousel
      Autumn Carousel
      Episode 26

      A successful writer of trash TV shows meets a little girl while travelling on a train. Her honest talk about his work and their visit to an amusement park reawaken the adult's love for life and writing.

    • The Rites of Spring
      A husband jokingly sends her a dozen roses with a note saying it's from a secret admirer. When he asks about the flowers, she claims they were sent by a female pal. This makes him suspicious so he decides to check her loyalty.
    • The Case of Emily Cameron
      A bed-ridden woman sees herself in two ways: through her own eyes and through those of her caring, loving husband.
    • Desert Encounter
      Desert Encounter
      Episode 23

      A famous playwright driving from Mexico to L.A. gives a ride to an attractive hitchhiker who wants to be dropped off at her father's ranch. When they arrive, he's invited in to meet her family. The man is surprised to learn that he's expected to marry the girl--or else. He's being used as a substitute for the man she's been having an affair with.

    • To Die at Midnight
      To Die at Midnight
      Episode 22
      A subborn prison warden is convinced by new evidence that a man on execution row is actually innocent. He refuses to carry out the death orders and works rapidly to prove he's right.
    • Red Wine
      Red Wine
      Episode 21

      A British police detective travels to Borneo to capture a murderer. He knows the wife-killer is an American, and there are three of them operating a rubber plantation on the island. Since none of them fits the physical description, he sets a trap knowing that the man he's looking for is a wine expert.

    • Once to Every Woman
      At long last, a spinster school teacher falls in love. She's heartbroken to discover he's a married man.
    • Command
      Episode 19
      The first mate on a merchant ship has been waiting for years to take command of the ship. When the elderly captain makes a mistake at a time when the ship is in danger the first mate sees his chance.
    • No Limit
      No Limit
      Episode 18
      Since police have closed down his backroom gambling casino, suave restaurateur Willie Dante needs money to re-open. This leads to involvement with beautiful dames and racketeers.
    • Safe Keeping
      Safe Keeping
      Episode 17
      Newspaperman Frank Carstairs is given an important document to smuggle out of a foreign country. He becomes romantic with a beautiful spy who wants to get her hands on the document.
    • The Listener
      The Listener
      Episode 16

      Sheila Miller is plotting with her brother to murder her husband for his insurance. Her father-in-law overhears their plans but, as an invalid who cannot speak, he is unable to tell anyone.

    • High Stakes
      High Stakes
      Episode 15
      Resuming his role of gambler and restauranteur Willie Dante, Dick Powell does a favor for a beautiful socialite. His kindness gets him marked for murder.
    • Tunnel of Fear
      Tunnel of Fear
      Episode 14
      A man's life is in danger now that his former business partner is being released from prison after 20 years. The ex-con finds the man he's looking for--on a train.
    • Magic Night
      Magic Night
      Episode 13
      Henri is a bookkeeper who's upset when his 25 years of service goes unacknowledged by his employer. He decides to treat himself to a night on the town and visits a wild Paris cabaret. That evening changes his life.
    • Dark Meeting
      Dark Meeting
      Episode 12
      A bowling alley owner hires a young man to be her new pin boy. He turns out to be an escaped psychotic and, when he develops a crush on the woman, becomes frightening and dangerous.
    • One Way Out
      One Way Out
      Episode 11
      A wealthy woman separates from her husband who was only interested in her money. She rents a swanky New York penthouse in a brand new building; in fact she's its first resident. The angry estranged husband and his girlfriend plan revenge by driving her insane. When she awakens from a nap, she finds herself trapped in the apartment.moreless
    • A Place Full of Strangers
      A workaholic is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, with his marriage and career facing failure. He attempts to escape the obligations of the family business and flee via bus to a town where no one knows who he is. The trip becomes a nightmarish reevaluation of his life. In a smoke-shrouded bus terminal, he meets all the people in his life but they're all total strangers.moreless
    • Something Very Special
      After leaving his daughter behind with her grandmother, a man returns after five years in France. He has a hard time convincing the girl that he really does want her.
    • Looking Glass House
      A saleswoman goes to the home of her rich fiancé to meet the man's mother. That's when she discovers hes been married before, he still has a room full of her clothing, and that she's a dead ringer for the ex-wife.
    • Here Comes the Suit
      A very bland and conservative man who works at a novelty company wins and wears an new suit--a very hideous, obnoxiously loud suit. Parading about in the garish outfit changes his personality into that of a more outgoing individual. This makes him quite attractive to the ladies.
    • The Devil to Pay
      The Devil to Pay
      Episode 6
      A greedy businessman literally makes a deal with the devil. He soon finds Satan's modern administration procedures far too efficient.
    • A Spray of Bullets
      Realizing his eyesight is failing, a sheriff tries to keep it secret until he can get glasses. An outlaw learns of his handicap and challenges the lawman to a duel.
    • Full Circle
      Full Circle
      Episode 4
      After receiving a terrible review from an influential critic, an actress tries her best to convince him that she's an excellent actor. To make her point, she heads to the critic's home armed with a gun.
    • Let the Chips Fall

      A retired card sharp is hired to find the cheater among the group of rich gamblers at in an exclusive country club.  His job get tough when the lead suspect befriends him.

    • The Face of Danger

      On her 100th birthday, a woman is visited by a reporter writing an article.  Grandma's family keeps insisting she lived a moral and uneventful life in those days, but she recalls otherwise.  In particular, she had a passionate affair with a famous outlaw named Laramie Cole.

    • The Firing Squad
      The Firing Squad
      Episode 1
      In the season premiere, an Austrailian captain reluctantly must order the firing squad execution of a WWII deserter.
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