Four Star Playhouse - Season 2

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • The Doctor And The Countess
    A plastic surgeon encounters an Italian countess whom he thinks has feelings for him. As it turns out, she just wants his surgical skills so he can perform an unusual operation.
  • Village In The City
    Village In The City
    Episode 30
    A Greenwich Village artist turns detective to find out who murdered his favorite model in his studio apartment. His efforts are complicated because several men loved the young woman and each had possible motives for killing her.
  • Masquerade
    Episode 29

    A costume ball during the New Orleans Mardi Gras turns frightening when a woman learns that her homicidal ex-husband has escaped from prison and is somewhere among the masked revelers.  She and her fiancé believe they've spotted him dressed as Death from The Masque of the Red Death.

  • A Study In Panic
    A Study In Panic
    Episode 28
    While making his daily rounds, a newspaper columnist gets a tip that a threat has been made against his life. As he goes about his beat gathering story ideas, his worry increases and he becomes suspicious of each person he encounters.
  • The Book
    The Book
    Episode 27
    An author whose curiosity about a piece of paper found in a library book leads him to a gang of spies. They mistake him for a killer and saboteur and expect him to carry out a murder they've planned.
  • Lady of the Orchids
    Lady of the Orchids
    Episode 26
    An architect's wife endangers his career when she is involved in a car accident. While on a ride to a roadhouse, she accidentally spills brandy on the driver, with whom she has been flirting. The driver is assumed to be responsible for the fatal crash, and only the wife's testimony can save him.moreless
  • Operation In Money
    Operation In Money
    Episode 25
    A bank teller is refused a raise by its board of directors, with the president stressing that honesty is not worth rewarding. Angry, he makes his point about honesty being of value by stealing $350,000 and using it as leverage for a salary increase.
  • Detective`s Holiday
    Detective`s Holiday
    Episode 24
    While on holiday in the mountains, a detective realizes that his hostess is wanted by the police for questioning. His decision to turn her in is complicated when she saves his life.
  • Meet McGraw: Long Count
    McGraw is hired by a woman to protect her, claiming her gangster husband plans to kill her.
  • The Bomb
    The Bomb
    Episode 22
    A man returns home to find that his neglected girlfriend is now engaged to another. Upset, he offers to drive the couple to their reception, intentionally getting "lost" along the way. When a nasty storm strikes, the group seek refuge in an old abondoned house where an unexploded World War II bomb has been re-ignited.moreless
  • The Gun
    The Gun
    Episode 21
    A police detective returns home to his family one morning only to have his meal interrupted by a constant stream of people: the milkman, his neighbor, the postman, the grocery boy, and a salesman. Afterwards, he finds that his gun is missing. In a panic that slowly turns to paranoia, he realizes that each of the visitors had said something that makes them a suspect.moreless
  • Second Dawn
    Second Dawn
    Episode 20
    A blind man is told that if he proceeds with surgery he will be able to see again. Blind since birth, he wonders if he'll be as happy with sight as he is already.
  • Indian Taker
    Indian Taker
    Episode 19
    The wife of an insurance salesman takes her first drink in seven years at a swanky society party. She gets the idea to play Robin Hood and she swipes the insured jewelry of some of her husband's wealthy clients who are attending.
  • A String of Beads
    A String of Beads
    Episode 18
    Joan Robinson works as a governess for a wealthy family. She attends a party thrown by her employer and, although she is an attractive young woman, she is completely ignored until one of the guests, Count Borselli, appraises the beads she is wearing as a valuable string of pearls. She proteststo no avail, knowing they are imitations. Her whole life changes. She is invited to parties, and wooed by a fortune hunter. When it's finally learned that the beads are worthless, she is fired and her suitor loses interest. The count admits that, provoked by the snobbish socialites, he deliberatly lied about the beads. In the end, he and the governess fall in love.moreless
  • The Bad Streak
    The Bad Streak
    Episode 17
    An honest professional casino owner runs into bad luck with impending insolvency or sale of his property. He also runs into his "long-lost" never forgotten misdirected son who is obsessed to better his hated father at gambling for having abandoned (rejected) him in infancy when it was all the doing of his guardian, one-time socialite, protective maternal grandmother who has fallen from her lofty position as well. Honor, love and pride play their roles.moreless
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 16
    A test pilot fears that his daughter may have caught polio from an ill playmate. Before the doctor can make a diagnosis, he must go to the airfield and test a jet as scheduled. His mind is on his daughter's health and not the important flight he's making.
  • House For Sale
    House For Sale
    Episode 15
    A woman shops for a house with her husband, a returning Korean War veteran. Events turn nasty when her real estate agent turns out to be a psychopathic imposter who has murdered the real agent.
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 14
    A businessman becomes moody and antagonistic each year at Christmas because it reminds him of his estranged son, who chose to become a geologist instead of following in his father's footsteps.
  • A Man Of The World
    A Man Of The World
    Episode 13
    A dull, bored businessman has often daydreamed about being a suave, romantic "man of the world". As he begins to feel taken for granted by his wife, he decides to put his playboy dream into action, flirting with a lovely young woman on the train.
  • The Room
    The Room
    Episode 12
    A doctor encounters a dark tradition when he rents a house in Cuba. The local villagers live in fear of a voodoo king who had died three centuries earlier. Any who refuse to continue bringing gifts to the deceased priest are killed. In trying to convince the locals to end the practice, the doctor almost loses his own life.moreless
  • The Girl On The Park Bench
    A beautiful, intelligent, and politically savvy young woman takes up residency in the city park to protest the Mayor's decision to end rent control on apartments. The comically ornery mayor seems to have met his match! Sparks fly as the Mayor dispatches the city's handsome attorney in an attempt to oust the young woman, who gives her a friendly warning that she will get evicted and lose in court. The tables get turned as the woman proves she is also good at law, but after some very interesting negotiations, all's well that ends well.moreless
  • For Art's Sake
    For Art's Sake
    Episode 10
    A debonair playboy falls in love with an art student and he's just a little jealous of her studies. He figures if he can steer her away from her painting, she'll devote more of her attention toward him. To that end, he has a friend stage a exhibit of her works with a negative reaction planned.moreless
  • The Hard Way
    The Hard Way
    Episode 9
    The cold-blooded "Sonora Kid" is hunted down by a U.S. marshall.
  • Moorings
    Episode 8
    The lonely president of a shipping company takes a doctor-ordered vacation and falls in love with a blind woman he meets at the resort.
  • Out of the Night
    Out of the Night
    Episode 7
    A newspaper reporter investigates a case of missing jewels and uncovers a blackmail scheme and a homicide.
  • A Matter Of Advice
    A Matter Of Advice
    Episode 6
    David Niven plays a pediatritian who has no trouble telling mothers how to raise their kids. As for raising his own, he's clueless. His home life becomes crazed when he teen daughter is cast as one of the stars of Romeo and Juliet in a school play.
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 5
    A suave attorney is hired to defend a man on trial for robbery and murder. The attorney finds the real culprit and solves the mystery in the courtroom.
  • Love At Sea
    Love At Sea
    Episode 4
    A journalist's wife who, while alone on a sea voyage, becomes the center of male attention.
  • A Place Of His Own
    A Place Of His Own
    Episode 3
    The Commander, a mildly brain injured war hero, lives with his greedy family. All he wants is his own house, while all they want is to preserve their failing wealth, at all costs. When Frank, his younger brother, kills a man over a gambling debt, the family convinces Claude that he is the one that did it. He takes the blame, but instead of being arrested, he is given a $10,000 reward because the dead man was a most wanted criminal.moreless
  • The Squeeze
    The Squeeze
    Episode 2
    Another of the great Willie Dante stories. Stan, the son of the DA, is a secret gambler. He loses big in Willie's joint and pays by check. Stan's pretty sister shows up to ask Willie's help. Deras, a gangster up before the Grand Jury, wants to get hold of Stan's check to blackmail the DA. He shows up at Dante's and Willie turns over the check at gunpoint. Never to be out-witted, Willie has Lt. Waldo waiting in the wings to get the checks back, have Deras arrested, and win Stan's sister.moreless
  • Finale
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, David Niven plays Roger, a sucessful star of Broadway, and Steve, his struggling actor cousin. Steve finds a play needing two actors who closely resemble each other, so he suggests to Roger that they work together. Soon, Roger is jealous of his cousin's youth and acting talent, so Roger buys the play to make as a film so that he can play both roles.moreless