Four Star Playhouse - Season 3

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • Award
    Episode 38
    A movie diva's stage debut is a spectacular disaster. She turns to a respected director for his help in turning her into a solid theatrical actress. He initially turns down her request, and the money she offers, until he realizes her sincerity.
  • The Frightened Woman
    A woman enters a quaint bookstore and makes a purchase. Oddly, the book she bought seems to have disappeared into thin air. Returning to the shop, she experiences an unsettling phenomenon: suddenly it's 1930 again.
  • The Executioner
    The Executioner
    Episode 36

    A foreign dictator during the Cold War orders the military to murder an American physician suspected of spying. The mission is to be conducted without any hint of government involvement. The doctor is spared when he's summoned to the clinic, but another man in his home is killed instead. Maybe the doctor wasn't the actual target after all.

  • Broken Journey
    Broken Journey
    Episode 35
    A smooth-talking safecracker is arrested and thrown into a small town jail. He isn't held for long; while being transported to the prison, he makes an amazing escape.
  • Trudy
    Episode 34
    A young woman who lives in a dream world announces her marriage. The stunned townspeople go ahead and plan her wedding, even though no one believes the unseen groom actually exists.
  • Alias Mr. Hepp
    Alias Mr. Hepp
    Episode 33
    A suave con man who's made his career charming women out of their cash and jewels is warned by his parole officer to keep his distance from temptation. Naturally, he decides to make one more score before retiring wealthy. The sweet-talker's plan falls apart when he actually falls in love with his intended victim.moreless
  • Uncle Fred Flits By
    Uncle Fred Flits By
    Episode 32

    Uncle Fred, the eccentric Earl of Ickenham and a lover of mischief, makes one of his occasional trips into London to visit his nephew, Pongo. Barging into a suburban home to get out of the rain, he passes himself off as the master of the house, with Pongo as veterinarian to a sick parrot. When the real family's in-laws show up, he puts the stuffed shirts in their place with lies he's making up about their family's sordid past.

  • The House Always Wins

    Willie Dante is the tough yet suave owner of a nightclub and illegal back room casino. One evening, Willie sees an old flame come in with a man and another couple. The woman, still caring for Willie, tells him that the people she's with are planning to rob his casino. Willie outwits them and keeps his former love from being arrested.

  • With All My Heart
    With All My Heart
    Episode 30
    An overweight schoolteacher feels destined to live without love because of her appearance. She is heartbroken to watch the doctor she loves marries another.
  • Madeira! Madeira!
    Madeira! Madeira!
    Episode 29
    Jacques Coudet travels to the island of Maderia following the untimely death of his dear friend. Though they hadn't seen one another in years, they had stayed in touch via letters. Jacques visits the widow to pay his condolences and investigate his suspicions about her; he's convinced she is a murderer. The cheerful widow presents him with an offer he finds quite puzzling.moreless
  • The Collar
    The Collar
    Episode 28
    In 1870, a missionary priest, Father Wyeth, is captured by the Indians. After two years in captivity, he and his captors face death when they're surrounded by members of the U. S. Calvary.
  • The Girl On The Bridge
    Andrew Ward, an artist searches for the beautiful girl that he once sketched. He solves the issue by using telepathy.
  • Nightmare At Lark Cottage
    A young woman fears for her life when her husband escapes prison. Things become even more tense when a mysterious stranger named Paul appears at her isolated cottage.
  • Henry And The Psychopathic Horse

    Henry is a New York psychiatrist out of his element at a Western ranch. He and a real cowboy compete to see who can break a wild horse; the winner gets the hand of the rancher's daughter. Henry's only hope is to use his psychology training on this ususual patient.

  • Eddie's Place
    Eddie's Place
    Episode 24

    A parolee tries to stay out of trouble, getting an honest job as a waitress. She finds herself unexpectedly involved in a criminal case by being the only witness to a murder. She fears her testimony could jeopardize her parole.

  • The Returning
    The Returning
    Episode 23
    A tragic story of an English professor at a college in Japan who falls in love with an outcast Eurasian woman. His colleagues advise him to end the relationship lest he be outcast himself. He refuses, is forced to resign his position, and proceeds with his plans to marry the girl. He leaves for the USA to get a new job and find an apartment. On the day of his departure back to Japan, he is shocked to learn that his flight has been canceled because Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor. He finally does return to Japan...but as a bombardier on a mission to bomb Tokyo.moreless
  • Tusitala
    Episode 22
    The true story of Robert Louis Stevenson's stay on the island of Tahiti. The islanders have come to revere him as Tusitala-Teller of Tales. They believe he is magical and powerful. When the two opposing chiefs of the island plan war against one another out of petty jealousy, Tusitala uses his wits to convince both chiefs to make peace and save the tranquility of the island.moreless
  • The Wild Bunch
    The Wild Bunch
    Episode 21
    A charmer sweeps an attractive and wealthy widow off her feet and marries her in haste. He has no problem with the fact that she has money, but he doesn't find out until after the ceremony that she also has several children, a large dog and an unfriendly cat.
  • A Fair Trial
    A Fair Trial
    Episode 20
    A newsman travels to a small Iowa town to report on a lynching. He is emotionally scarred from having, as a child, witnessed the lynching of a man who turned out to be innocent of any crime. The reporter arrives with the intention of accusing everyone in town of being a criminal for being a part of the murder. A young woman he meets there convinces him of giving the residents a fair trial.moreless
  • A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln
    Stuffy bank president Henry Kennard invites a powerful railroad man and his wife to dinner. The purpose is two-fold: to get business for his bank and convince Mr. Murdoch to support Abraham Lincoln in the election. Murdoch is interested in discussing neither politics or business. He's only interested in the beautiful Mrs. Kennard.moreless
  • The Good Sister
    The Good Sister
    Episode 18
    A nun plays matchmaker for an American soldier and a Czech girl.
  • Breakfast in Bed
    Breakfast in Bed
    Episode 17
    A commercial artist decides to ditch his business, believing that a starving artist does better work. His wife is completely against the idea, especially when she learns he'll be painting a young model who's declares that marriage is the death of creativity.
  • Stuffed Shirt
    Stuffed Shirt
    Episode 16
    A botanist working in tropical Malaya whose greedy young wife is a dangerous schemer. Returning from a jungle trip, he finds himself accused of a murder with his spouse as the chief witness against him.
  • A Bag Of Oranges
    A Bag Of Oranges
    Episode 15
    This drama focuses on the final hours before a man is executed. His wife, who believes he is innocent, srikes up a conversation with one of the reporters covering the electrocution as time slowly ticks by.
  • Go Ahead And Jump
    Go Ahead And Jump
    Episode 14
    Eddie, a cab driver, picks up a sad looking fare and brings him to a hotel where he witnesses the man being humiliated by his ex-wife. When the man asks to be taken to the middle of the biggest bridge, Eddie uses some every day, hard-nosed psychology, and a little lie, to make the man see that life is worth living.moreless
  • The Answer
    The Answer
    Episode 13
    A cynical Hollywood writer returns to his hometown. At a bar he meets a drunken, disillusioned playwright. The writer challenges the playwright to relate his play, which he does, holding the audience rapt in his gripping recital.
  • A Championship Affair
    A professional bridge champion competes in a tournament against his former partner. The ex-partner is now married to the woman who was once the champion's sweetheart.
  • Bourbon Street
    Bourbon Street
    Episode 11
    A musician returns to New Orleans after breaking into the bigtime. Though his ex-wife deserted him, he is bent on revenge after receiving an anonymous letter telling him she committed suicide after being mistreated by her lover.
  • Meet A Lonely Man
    Meet A Lonely Man
    Episode 10
    A lonely hotel clerk is mistaken for a Texas oil millionaire. He is intrigued by the error and continues the charade when a beautiful girl arrives to meet him.
  • Marked Down
    Marked Down
    Episode 9

    A woman who works at an exclusive shop and tries to land a millionaire husband. She has her eye on the one whose office is down the street. She surprises herself when she turns out to be not at callous as she believed while helping a young buy a dress for his mother's birthday..

  • My Own Dear Dragon
    My Own Dear Dragon
    Episode 8

    When the new wife of a successful playwright decides to become one, too, trouble rears its head.  A sad event from earlier in his career keeps him from encouraging her career in script writing.

  • Vote Of Confidence
    Vote Of Confidence
    Episode 7
    A swindler sets up a fund for the underprivileged as a way of getting his hands on a philanthropist's millions. When the wealthy man's secretary catches the eye of the con man, his plan starts to unravel.
  • The Contest
    The Contest
    Episode 6
    A detective gets involved in a case of murder where his brother and his brother's wife are the chief suspects.
  • The Adolescent
    The Adolescent
    Episode 5

    A teacher on the disciplinary panel at a boarding school finds herself in awkward position of investigating her nephew's misconduct.  The boy's evasiveness and the pressure she's getting from his father makes her think there's more to the story than an underage drinking violation.

  • The Wallet
    The Wallet
    Episode 4
    Suspicion arises when headwaiter finds a customer's wallet stuffed with cash, just as he's facing huge medical bills from his wife's recent sickness.
  • Interlude
    Episode 3
    A young woman from a wealthy family is graduating from an exclusive school with neither her parents nor close friends attending. In her lonliness, she becomes infatuated with an older man, a divorced newspaper reporter.
  • Never Explain
    Never Explain
    Episode 2
    A widower is under inspection from an attractive social services worker because he refuses to send his two children to public school.
  • The Man in the Cellar

    In the season premiere, a psychiatrist learns that a man he's had committed to an asylum for his homicidal tendencies has escaped. On the home front, the doctor and his wife pay little attention to their daughter's talk of her imaginary friends, even when she tells them about the man who's living in their basement..