Four Star Revue - Season 2

NBC (ended 1953)




Episode Guide

  • August 30, 1952
    August 30, 1952
    Episode 52
    All-Star Summer Revue Comedian Bert Wheeler and magician Richard Himber headline this week's show. Joining them is Army soldier Vic Damone who introduces eleven recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor for their service in the Korean War.
  • August 23, 1952
    August 23, 1952
    Episode 51
    All-Star Summer Revue
    Comedian Lew Parker is this week's host. His guests include comedy dancer Grace Hartman, dance team Sinclair and Spaulding, Marty May, vocalists Bell Sisters, musician Slim Gailard, and equestrian circus performers the Hanneford Family.
  • August 16, 1952
    August 16, 1952
    Episode 50
    All-Star Summer Revue Guests on this week's show include comedian Bert Wheeler, dancer and comic performer Grace Hartman, singer Jimmie Dodd, baton twirling act Ted and Flo Vallett, and dance duo Fisher and Ross.
  • August 9, 1952
    August 9, 1952
    Episode 49
    All-Star Summer Revue Guests on this week's show include comedians Roger Price and Ben Blue, British teen singing trio the Beverly Sisters, musicians the Wild Bill Davis Trio, and Sid Slate. Price delivers a comic monologue and Blue is assisted by his former vaudeville parter Slate in several comedy sketches.
  • August 2, 1952
    August 2, 1952
    Episode 48
    All-Star Summer Revue Guests on this week's show include comedians Jan Murray and Jimmy Savo, vocalist Dorothy Claire, dancers Tommy Wonder and Margaret Banks, and acrobats the Dassies.
  • July 26, 1952
    July 26, 1952
    Episode 47
    All-Star Summer Revue This week's guests include host of NBC's Today Dave Garroway, singer Pearl Bailey, comedian/magician the Amazing Mr.(Carl) Ballantine, dancers Sinclair and Spaulding, the mechanical dancing dolls of the DeMattiazzis, and juggler Lee Marx.
  • July 19, 1952
    July 19, 1952
    Episode 46
    All-Star Summer Revue
    This week's guests include film comedian Buster Keaton, Walter O'Keefe, singer/guitarist Jimmy Dodd, dog act Gautier's Steeplechase, dancers (Danny)Hoctor and (Betty) Byrd, and singer Rose Marie.
    Keaton performs a pantomine sketch as a man trying to post a new billboard before becoming entangled in the glued paper.
  • July 12, 1952
    July 12, 1952
    Episode 45
    All-Star Summer Revue
    This week's guests include comedian Jan Murray, singer Evelyn Knight, sister comedy act Betty and Jane Kean, comic magician the Amazing Mr.(Carl) Ballentine, physican comedian Ben Wrigley, and dancers Hoctor and Byrd.
  • July 5, 1952
    July 5, 1952
    Episode 44
    All-Star Summer Revue Comedian/magician the Amazing Ballantine (Carl Ballantine) hosts this week's show. His guests include ventriloquist Paul Winchell with Jerry Mahoney, British comedian Oliver Wakefield, singer Connee Boswell, dance team the Three Rockets, jugglers the Peiro Brothers, and sister comedy duo Betty and Jane Kean.
  • June 28, 1952
    June 28, 1952
    Episode 43
    All-Star Summer Revue debuts this week as a variation for the summer months. Comedian/magician the Amazing Ballantine (Carl Ballantine) hosts this week. His guests include TV personality Dave Garroway, vocalist Georgia Gibbs, baseball's Yogi Berra, the Acromaniacs, Oliver Wakefield and the Paul Steffan Dancers.
  • June 21, 1952
    June 21, 1952
    Episode 42
    This week's show features a number of entertainers doing their famous acts. Performers include Ed Wynn, singer Frankie Lane, comedian Ben Blue, plus Phil Foster and Betty Reilly.
  • June 14, 1952
    June 14, 1952
    Episode 41
    Ventriloquist Paul Winchell (with Jerry Mahoney) makes his debut as host. His guests include actress Hedy LaMarr.
  • June 7, 1952
    June 7, 1952
    Episode 40
    Danny Thomas hosts this week's show. His guests are musical star Betty Garrett and Bunny Lewbel who describes her recent 10th birthday.
  • May 31, 1952
    May 31, 1952
    Episode 39
    Spike Jones and His City Slickers cause musical chaos as hosts. Joining them are guests Liberace and his brother George, Jim Backus, acrobats the Hustrei Sisters, and Jones' usual co-horts including vocalist Helen Grayco, Lenny Kent, trumpeter George Rock, banjo player Freddie Morgan, Sir Fredrick Gas, Billy Reed, Peter James, guitarist Dick Morgan, and dancer Ruth Foster.
    Highlights include headless banjo players, two instrumentals from Liberace, and Spike Jones classics such as "Poet and Peasant Overture", "String of Pearls", and a medley of his "greatest" hits.moreless
  • May 24, 1952
    May 24, 1952
    Episode 38
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include comic actor Arthur Treacher. In this episode, Raye inherits a British estate and butler Treacher comes with the property. He attempts, with limited results, to teach her how to be a dignified lady.
  • May 17, 1952
    May 17, 1952
    Episode 37
    This week's hosts are the zany Ritz Brothers. Their guests include singer Evelyn Knight and, from Dragnet, Jack Webb.
  • May 10, 1952
    May 10, 1952
    Episode 36

    Host Danny Thomas welcomes his guests actresses June Havoc and Eleanor Powell.
    One sketch has Danny's wife thinking she sees movie stars everywhere she looks. Another sketch, now dated, looks at the shocking things that would happen if we had a woman president. Eleanor Powell tap dances in a production number staged at the "Chez Rivi Copa" nightclub. Havoc is a self-absorbed star of vaudeville, Cushions La Fay.

  • May 3, 1952
    May 3, 1952
    Episode 35
    Ed Wynn hosts this week's show. His guests are I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball, vaudevillians the Duncan Sisters (Vivian and Rosetta), and comedian Ben Wrigley.
  • April 26, 1952
    April 26, 1952
    Episode 34

    Bob Hope hosts this live telecastfrom The Presidio Army base in San Francisco, Hope's guests include actor Fred MacMurray, the Bell Sisters, Hawaiian singer Al Apaka, vocalist Gale Robbins, dancer Matty King (who's cut for time), and Les Brown and his band.
    The Bell Sisters perform "Wheel of Fortune" and a comedy number, "June Night", with Hope; Hope and MacMurray perform "Small Fry"; Alpaka sings "Beyond the Reef"; Hope and MacMurray peform sketches set at San Francisco's Chinatown, the waterfront, and Alcatraz;Bob stops by a Barbary Coast bar after striking gold.

  • April 19, 1952
    April 19, 1952
    Episode 33
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include film star Bette Davis, with Jules Buffano, Jack Roth and Eddie Jackson.
    Davis joins Durante in a sketch that imagines life had they married. They're seen as 4th graders and college sweethearts, then as bickering adults. He shoots her Oscars with a gun and she throws champagne at his portrait. They divorce and split their belongings (including the piano by tearing it into pieces). The two also perform a duet.moreless
  • April 12, 1952
    April 12, 1952
    Episode 32
    Danny Thomas hosts this week's show. His guests are musical comedy performer Betty Garrett, actors and couple James Mason and Pamela Mason, comedian Benny Baker, and Bunny Lewbel. In one sketch, Baker interviews The Masons for the "Lower Pamona Shopping News".
  • April 5, 1952
    April 5, 1952
    Episode 31
    Ed Wynn hosts this week's show. His guests include Dinah Shore and actor Nicky Stewart. Ed rides Dinah around on his combination bicycle/piano, plus does a salute to the Roaring 20s.
  • March 29, 1952
    March 29, 1952
    Episode 30
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include Sarah Churchill. In this "book" show, Raye plays a flashy nightclub singer and Churchill a shy girl looking for her first break in a musical. The two become roommates and Raye teachers her about life in the Big Apple.
  • March 22, 1952
    March 22, 1952
    Episode 29
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include singer Margaret Truman, Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth, Candy Candido, the Lancers, Jules Buffano, and Jac George.
    Durante tries to get Truman to record a goofy new song he's composed: "Chidabee". The two team with Jackson for the song and dance number "Truman, Jackson and Durante". Another segment featured a comic jam session set at Jimmy's house, and panel show satire called Thirst for Knowledge hosted by Durante.moreless
  • March 15, 1952
    March 15, 1952
    Episode 28
    Danny Thomas hosts this week's show. His guests include musical comedy star Betty Garrett, dancer/actor Jack Haley, comic actress Florence Bates, Dave Barry, comic actor Bob Hopkins and Bunny Lewbel.
  • March 8, 1952
    March 8, 1952
    Episode 27
    Ed Wynn celebrates his 50th year in show biz this week. His guests include Jimmy Durante, the Dassies, dancers the Boliano Ivanki Group, Tim Graham, Jimmy Dobson, actor Edward Arnold and Jeanne Maberry.
    In sketches, Durante plays a bank robber with Wynn as a hapless customer. In a plug for sponsor Pet Milk, Wynn plays a saloon keeper and all of his rowdy customers are kids. Arnold presents Wynn with an award from Actors Equity commemorating his 50th year in theater. Durante and Wynn duet on "Shine On Harvest Moon".moreless
  • March 1, 1952
    March 1, 1952
    Episode 26

    Olsen and Johnson of Hellzapoppin' fame bring their chaos to this week's show. Cast includes regulars J. C. Olsen, Marty May, June Johnson, and guests the Ben Yost Trio and comic dancers Patrice Helene and Jan Howard. The jokes and non sequiturs fly when O and J rent a fleabag room and as Martin and Kane, private detectives. Chic is mistaken for a ritzy customer when he wanders into a fashion designers salon to use the phone. In the Party in the Round segment, child dancer Errol Smith performs and a serviceman from the audience plays along in a silly quiz.

  • February 23, 1952
    February 23, 1952
    Episode 25
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include actress Gloria Swanson and Dr. Samuel Hoffman. Swanson gives a running commentary of clips from her silent films.
  • February 16, 1952
    February 16, 1952
    Episode 24
    Jack Carson is this week's host. His guests include actress Ann Sothern, Lola Albright, the Honey Brothers and comedian Jack Norton. In a take-off on westerns, the cast searches for the village of Carson's Corners, a ghost town.
  • February 9, 1952
    February 9, 1952
    Episode 23
    Danny Thomas hosts this week's episode. His guests include comic actor William Bendix, vocalist Fran Warren, musical entertainer Joan Holloway and Bunny Lewbel. Since the FCC is wanting more educational programming on TV, Thomas and Bendix play scientists in a show called "March of Science, Industry, Interplanatery Research and Public School Education".moreless
  • February 2, 1952
    February 2, 1952
    Episode 22
    Chaotic vaudevillians Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson host this week's show. Their guests include teenaged soprano Chet Allen, Marty May, yodeling singer Rosalie Allen, dance team Elsa and Waldo, Billy Kaye, J. C. Olsen and June Johnson.
  • January 26, 1952
    January 26, 1952
    Episode 21
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's episode. His guests include Mickey Rooney, Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth, Jules Buffano and Candy Candido.
    Rooney performs a number on the drums.
  • January 12, 1952
    January 12, 1952
    Episode 20
    Spike Jones hosts this week's show. His guests include vocalist Billy Eckstine, vaudevillian Hugh Herbert, trampoline acrobats Paul and Paulette, and featuring "City Slicker" regulars Helen Grayco, George Rock, Roberta Pincus and two-year-old Spike Jones, Jr.
    Songs inclulde Grayco's Cuban-style version of "Cold, Cold Heart"; "It's Tough to be a Girl Musician" with Hugh Herbert; a Persian Market medley, "12th Street Rag"; "Sugar Blues" with Georgette Rock; "He's Funny That Way" with Roberta Pincus; and "Cocktails for Two".moreless
  • January 5, 1952
    January 5, 1952
    Episode 19
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her scheduled guests include comic actor Bob Cummings. Cummings joins Raye in a send-up of the Cinderella story.
  • December 29, 1951
    December 29, 1951
    Episode 18
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include opera star Helen Traubel, William Conrad, acrobats The Dassies, Eddie Jackson, Candy Candido and Jack Roth.
  • December 22, 1951
    December 22, 1951
    Episode 17
    Danny Thomas hosts this weeks episode. His guests include Ed Wynn, Walter Slezak radio performer Arthur Q. Bryan, Mary Wickes, Kay Starr, and Bunny Lewbel.
    In the holiday spirit, Thomas presents a version of "A Christmas Carol" featuring Slezak as Scrooge and Wickes as Mrs. Cratchitt.
  • December 15, 1951
    December 15, 1951
    Episode 16
    Vaudeville lunatics Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson host this week's show. Their guests include British music hall star Tessie O'Shea, Marty May, June Johnson, J. C. Olsen and comic acrobatic dancers the Kenyots.
  • December 8, 1951
    December 8, 1951
    Episode 15
    Ed Wynn is this week's host. Joining him are guests Danny Thomas, film actress Billie Burke, Lew Parker and Virginia Grey. Grey joins Parker to play the fighting couple from his radio and television programs, The Bickersons.
  • January 3, 1951
    January 3, 1951
    Episode 14
    Danny Thomas hosts this week's show. His scheduled guests include singer/actress Lisa Kirk, comic actor Arnold Stang, actor Julie Oshins, Lawrence Fletcher and dance team Corinne and Tito Valdez.
  • December 1, 1951
    December 1, 1951
    Episode 13
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include famous theatre actress Ethel Barrymore, Eddie Jackson, Jules Buffano, Jack Roth, Frank ("Yeeeeeeeessss?") Nelson, Candy Candido, actor/dancer Glen Turnbull, John Topa and Tony Hughes.
    Durante performs "Start Off Each Day With a Song". In a sketch, he returns from a trip to find Frank Nelson conducting a tour of his home; the tourists are wrecking his furniture. In another, Barrymore plays Queen Elizabeth with Jimmy as a devoted Scottish nobleman. Eddie Jackson has a number and Glen Turnbull dances. Barrymore reads the John Masefield poem "Westwind" and sings "There's a Place in the Theater for You" with Durante.moreless
  • November 24, 1951
    November 24, 1951
    Episode 12
    Jack Carson hosts this week's show. His guests include film actor James Dunn, comedy team Bob Sweeney and Hal March, Jack Durant, the Honey Brothers, Lola Albright, and Jack Norton.
  • November 17, 1951
    November 17, 1951
    Episode 11
    Danny Thomas hosts this week. His guests include dancer Buddy Ebsen, vocalist Kay Starr, Bunny Lewbel and Pat Patrick (who played "Ercil Twing" on the Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy radio program).
  • November 10, 1951
    November 10, 1951
    Episode 10
    Ed Wynn hosts this week's show. His guests include Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, film great Buster Keaton, tap dancers the Nicholas Brothers and French novelty act DeMattiazzis.
  • November 3, 1951
    November 3, 1951
    Episode 9
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include Margaret Truman, Jack Roth, Jules Buffano, and Eddie Jackson.
    In a sketch, Margaret presents Jimmy with an honorary doctorate. His acceptance speech if full of big words he massacres. The two duet on "What Didn't You Tell Me Before". Truman solos on "I Know Where I'm Going."moreless
  • October 27, 1951
    October 27, 1951
    Episode 8
    Comedian and pianist Victor Borge will host this week's show. His guests include ballerian Vera Zorina, and opera singer Lauritz Melchior.
  • October 20, 1951
    October 20, 1951
    Episode 7
    Big-mouthed comedianne Marth Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include Ezio Pinza, violinist Maria Neglia and the Chandra Kaly dancers.
  • October 13, 1951
    October 13, 1951
    Episode 6
    Danny Thomas is this week's host. Guests include singer Kay Starr, actress Bunny Lewbell, Lola and Lita and "Mr. Television" Milton Berle.
  • October 6, 1951
    October 6, 1951
    Episode 5
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include Helen Traubel of the Metropolitan Opera, comic acrobats The Dassies, Phil Leeds, Jack Roth, Jules Buffano, Eddie Jackson and Roy Bargy with the orchestra.
    In a supermarket sketch, Jimmy pushes around a shopping cart loaded with a beautiful woman. He joins Traubel for a medley of songs called "Our Voices Were Meant for Each Other" including "Waiting For the Robert E. Lee.".moreless
  • September 29, 1951
    September 29, 1951
    Episode 4
    Jack Carson hosts this week's show. His scheduled guests include Betty and Jane Kean, singer Marion Colby, comedian Jack Norton, Jerry Bergen, Tommy Wells, and the Honey Brothers.
  • September 22, 1951
    September 22, 1951
    Episode 3
    Ed Wynn hosts this week's show. His scheduled guests include actresses Joan Blondell and Anne Jeffreys, Valerie Bettis, monkey act Tippy and Cobina, and trampoline performers the Bruce Brothers.
  • September 15, 1951
    September 15, 1951
    Episode 2
    Chaotic stage comics Olsen and Johnson host this week's show. Their scheduled guests include British comic "Two-Ton" Tessie O'Shea (in her American TV debut), child prodigy John Melina, The Dunhills, J.C. Olsen (Ole's son) and June Johnson (Chic's daughter).
  • September 8, 1951
    September 8, 1951
    Episode 1
    New Series Title: All Star Revue
    In the season premiere, Ezio Pinza hosts, with humorist Herb Shriner, singer Jane Froman, comedian Ben Blue and dancer Valerie Bettis.
    Pinza performs a penthouse production number with Bettis, and sings "I'll See You in My Dreams"; Shriner does a routine on opera; Blue performs a pantomime opera bit in an theatre box; Upcoming hosts (Durante, Carson, etc., on film) "phone" Pinza to wish him well on the season premiere; Olsen and Johnson appear in the close to plug next week's show.moreless