Four Star Revue - Season 3

NBC (ended 1953)




Episode Guide

  • April 18, 1953
    April 18, 1953
    Episode 33
    George Jessel hosts the final weekly episode of the series. Appearing are series regulars performing some of their popular bits from the show's run, including Ben Blue, Jimmy Durante, Tallulah Bahnkhead, singer Connie Russell, comedianne Betty Bruce, Durante sidekicks Eddie Jackson, Jules Buffano, and Jack Roth, and Wanda Smith's "Cover Girls". Segments include Bankhead reprising the sketch about her first subway ride, Jessel as Professor Ganzermacher, Durante and his guys with their musical antics, and Blue in a pantomine bit.moreless
  • April 11, 1953
    April 11, 1953
    Episode 32
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests are Rose Marie, Helen Traubel, Gene Fowler, Ben Wrigley, Eddie Jackson, pianist Jules Buffano, drummer Jack Roth, Candy Candido, Jackie Barnett, Alan Henderson, Marilyn and Rosalyn Borden (The Borden Twins), Wanda Smith's "Cover Girls", and Roy Bargy's orchestra.
    Jimmy and Helen will reprise a bit from their first performance with Durante conducts the orchestra as Traubel attempts to sing a Wagnerian solo. The cast gives tribute to Jimmys's career with several doing their Durante impression.moreless
  • April 4, 1953
    April 4, 1953
    Episode 31
    George Jessel is the host and his 55th birthday party is the running theme. His guests include Eddie Cantor, comedian Fred Allen, Gloria De Haven, Portland Hoffa, and Kenny Delmar.
    Fred Allen delivers a monologue; Jessell shows Fred around Hollywood sites like a beauty parlor and restaurant; as Professor Ganzermacher, Jessel explains 3-D movies; Cantor is the passenger as "Georgie the Taxi" drives him around; leggy beauties perform in a combination beauty pageant/Easter parade.moreless
  • March 28, 1953
    March 28, 1953
    Episode 30
    Ben Blue pinch-hits as host for an ailing Martha Raye. His guests include film star Dorothy Lamour, Mickey Rooney and singer Connie Haines. Blue and Lamour perform a sketch about a couple fighting about his behavior at a party.
  • March 21, 1953
    March 21, 1953
    Episode 29
    Figure skater Sonja Henie hosts "The Ice Revue of 1953" live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Joining her is comedy guest Harpo Marx, plus 32 other skaters performing choreographed numbers on the ice.
  • March 14, 1953
    March 14, 1953
    Episode 28
    Tallulah Bankhead hosts this week with guests Fred MacMurray, Wally Cox, music legend Cab Calloway, Phil Foster, Patsy Kelly and Ron Fletcher's dancers. Production numbers are set to "Singin' in the Rain" and "Unseen Rider"; Kelly and Foster play a feuding Brooklyn couple; Talloo delivers a monologue about taking the Staten Island Ferry.moreless
  • March 7, 1953
    March 7, 1953
    Episode 27
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include Carmen Miranda and actor Cesar Romero with regulars Eddie Jackson, bassist Candy Candido, drummer Jack Roth and pianist Jules Buffano. Miranda performs several songs in Portuguese including "Cuanto le Gusta." She joins with Durante and Romero on "Miranda, Romero and Gomez."
  • February 28, 1953
    February 28, 1953
    Episode 26
    George Jessel is this week's host. His guests include comedians Bob Hope and Fred Allen, Toots Shor, Sara Berner and opera star Hilda Gueden with Al Goodman at the orchestra. A mock-up of Toots' famous New York bar served as the setting for this week's show.
  • February 21, 1953
    February 21, 1953
    Episode 25
    Martha Raye is this week's host. Her guests include vocalist Ezio Pinza and Rocky Graziano. Again playing her boyfriend, Graziano becomes jealous when Pinza starts to come on to Martha.
  • February 14, 1953
    February 14, 1953
    Episode 24
    Perry Como guest hosts this week's show. Joining him are comedian Ben Blue, actress Joan Blondell, dance team (Danny) Hoctor and (Betty) Byrd, Snag Werris, Siri, Anita West, actor Stanley Prager, singer Patti Page, the Ray Charles Singers and Mitchell Ayres conducting the orchestra. Don Pardo is the announcer. Page performs several songs including "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" and teams with Como for "Side By Side". Perry's songs include his hit "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes".moreless
  • February 7, 1953
    February 7, 1953
    Episode 23
    Tallulah Bankhead returns as host. Her guests include comic performer Bert Lahr, singers Dolores Martin and Bob Carroll, and Renzo Cesana, telelevision's The Continental. Also appearing are comedian Phil Foster, Patsy Kelly, the Ron Fletcher dancers, and Meredith Willson with the orchestra .
    Tallulah storms about the kitchen trying to slap together a meal, and Patsy and Phil perform Meredith Willson's song "I've Got News for You". Tallu gives a dramatic reading of writer O. O. McIntyre's column about the death of his pet dog. The suave Cesana is a chaming traffic cop.moreless
  • January 31, 1953
    January 31, 1953
    Episode 22
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include opera and musical star Ezio Pinza, chanteuse Fifi D'Orsay, and regulars Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth and Jules Buffano.
    Upstairs neighbor Pinza, a singing waiter, is disturbing Durante and girlfriend, D'Orsay. Jimmy bangs on the pipes, then unscrews them; this causes Pinza's bathtub to come crashing through the ceiling and into Jimmy's apartment. In the "Club Durant", Jimmy, Ezio and Eddie sing "I Want To Be Eddie Jackson". Jackson sings "After You're Gone" with Pinza butting in.moreless
  • January 24, 1953
    January 24, 1953
    Episode 21
    George Jessel returns to host with guests including singer Nat "King" Cole, British comedian Ben Wrigley, Sophie Tucker, songwriter Shelton Brooks, and opera star Dorothy Kirsten.
    Jessel performs hosting duties at a banquet table and reprises his know-nothing character "Professor Ganzermacher". Tucker's songs include "Some of These Days" and "Nobody Loves a Fat Girl". Kirsten performs numbers from Madame Butterfly and La Traviata. Cole sings his hit "Mona Lisa" and Brooks performs his song "Darktown Strutters' Ball".moreless
  • January 17, 1953
    January 17, 1953
    Episode 20
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include horror movie icons Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. In a sentimental twist, Raye attempts to adopt a Chinese youngster. To give the kid a better environment, she takes a job in a tea room run by creepy Karloff and Lorre.
  • January 10, 1953
    January 10, 1953
    Episode 19
    Tallulah Bankhead is this week's host with guests "Mr. Television" Milton Berle, stage star Dennis King and regulars Patsy Kelly, Meredith Willson with the orchestra, comic Phil Foster and the Ron Fletcher Dancers.
    Berle and Bankhead try to upstage each other in a British drawing room sketch and she appears with King in a boy-meets-girl take-off. Bankhead again joins King in a dramatic piece entitled "Nurse Edith Cavell".moreless
  • January 3, 1953
    January 3, 1953
    Episode 18
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include actress Linda Darnell and singer Vic Damone. Durante's regulars include Eddie Jackson, pianist Jules Buffano, drummer Jack Roth, and Candy Candido.
  • December 27, 1952
    December 27, 1952
    Episode 17
    Walter O'Keefe substitutes as host for for an ill George Jessel this week. Guests include vocalists Dorothy Shay and Frankie Laine, comic film legends Buster Keaton and the Three Stooges, and the coaches of the teams competing in New Year's Day's Rose Bowl (Jess Hill of Troy and Ivy Williamson of the Wisconsin Badgers). O'Keefe heads up Jessel's scheduled banquet table welcoming of 1953.moreless
  • December 20, 1952
    December 20, 1952
    Episode 16
    Tallulah Bankhead returns as host with guests Louis Armstrong, Jack Carson, Meredith Willson, and the Bill and Cora Baird Marionettes. Also appeareing are comic Phil Foster, singer Patsy Kelly, the Ron Fletcher Dancers, and Ray Charles' chorus.
    Tallulah appeaars in a take-off on Antony and Cleopatra, a play she notoriously flopped in on Broadway.moreless
  • December 13, 1952
    December 13, 1952
    Episode 15
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include "last of the red hot mamas" Sophie Tucker, turban-wearing "lounge music" organist Korla Pandit and Groucho Marx's 6 1/2-year-old daughter Melinda (who joins with two other kids for an Andrews Sisters number). Also featured are Durante's regulars Eddie Jackson, bassist Candy Candido, drummer Jack Roth, and pianist Jules Buffano. Danny Thomas does a cameo to congratulate Durante on his B'nai B'rith Humanitarian Award.moreless
  • December 6, 1952
    December 6, 1952
    Episode 14
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show with guests including Dorothy Lamour. In this episode's storyline, Raye and Lamour take a Caribbean cruise, meet some lecherous men shipboard, and end up in an island jungle.
  • November 29, 1952
    November 29, 1952
    Episode 13
    George Jessel hosts this week's show. His guests include comedian Ben Blue, vocalist Denise Darcel, boxing champ Rocky Marciano, Esther Klegerman, Irish tenor Barry O'Hara, dance duo Jerry Ross and Nelle Fisher. From the new NBC Burbank studios, Jessel takes on Marciano in the ring and Klegerman, winner of this year's Harvest Moon Festival, sings "Shine On Harvest Moon".moreless
  • November 22, 1952
    November 22, 1952
    Episode 12
    The Ritz Brothers return to host this week. Their guests include movie actor John Ireland and vocalist Mimi Benzell.
    The Brothers are scheduled to do a series of take-offs on popular bedtime stories.
  • November 15, 1952
    November 15, 1952
    Episode 11
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include opera Metropolitan coloratura Lily Pons with Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth and Jules Buffano. The setting for this week's show is Jimmy's "Club Durant".
  • November 8, 1952
    November 8, 1952
    Episode 10

    Tallulah Bankhead returns to host this week's show. Her guests include movie star David Niven, vocalist Vaughn Monroe, comic dancer Paul Hartman, comedian Phil Foster, Patsy Kelly with Meredith Willson handling the music.

  • November 1, 1952
    November 1, 1952
    Episode 9
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include Ezio Pinza, Sara Seegar, the Kirby Stone Quintet.
    In sketches, Pinza is an amnesia victim that Raye brings home to her apartment. Martha attempts to give neighbor Mrs. Storecheese a home permanent but grabs a box of cake mix by mistake. Also, Martha takes Ezio to a club where the pair cause chaos in a dance contest. In a later sketch, Pinza hides her in his closet when a group of important men visit. Martha dresses in his clothes, comes out and tries to pass as a cigar-smoking man. Raye sings "St. Louis Blues" accompanied by Pinza and the Kirby Stone Quintet.moreless
  • October 25, 1952
    October 25, 1952
    Episode 8
    George Jessel hosts this week's show. His guests include singer/comic Phil Harris, New York Giants manager Leo Durocher with his wife Laraine Day, singer Kay Starr, Irish tenor Barry O'Hara, and channel swimmer Florence Chadwick. A special tank has been constructed for Chadwick's act and Jessel joins her for a swim.moreless
  • October 18, 1952
    October 18, 1952
    Episode 7
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show from NBC's new Burbank studios. His guests include Frank Sinatra, Fifi D'Orsay, comedian Jimmy Ames and columnist Sheilah Graham. with regulars Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth and Jules Buffano.
    Graham reports that Sinatra will play the young Jimmy in The Durante Story. The young Schnozz wants to be an entertainer, but his Dad (played by Durante) wants him to work in his barber shop . At the piano, young "Jimmy" launches into Durante's trademark songs as "Dad" insults each of them. Durante and Sinatra duet on "Sing Soft."moreless
  • October 11, 1952
    October 11, 1952
    Episode 6
    Tallulah Bankhead makes her hosting debut on this week's show. Her scheduled guests include actress Ethel Barrymore, comedian Groucho Marx and musical director Meredith Willson. One sketch features Tallulah as a theater star on the opening night of her new show. Ethel is an actress who is invited backstage to the star's dressing room after the performance. Willson plays the moderator of the panel show "Writer Meets the Critics" with Ethel taking the "pro" and Groucho the "con" in a discussion of Bankhead's book "Tallulah".moreless
  • October 4, 1952
    October 4, 1952
    Episode 5
    Phil Harris makes his hosting debut with this week's show. His scheduled guests include Milton Berle, Dinah Shore, George Jessel, Harpo Marx, dance team Nelle Fisher and Jerry Ross, and vocal group the Notables. This telecast commemorates the formal opening of NBC's new television studios in beautiful downtown Burbank, California. Featured during the show is a tour of the new TV facilities.moreless
  • September 27, 1952
    September 27, 1952
    Episode 4
    Martha Raye hosts this week's show. Her guests include actor Cesar Romero, opera singer Rise Stevens, Rocky Graziano as her boyfriend and the Manuel Riera Monkeys.
    Continuing with the "book" format of her shows on this series, Raye portrays a night club singer living in New York City.
  • September 20, 1952
    September 20, 1952
    Episode 3
    Jimmy Durante hosts this week's show. His guests include singers Margaret Truman, Wanda Smith's Cover Girls, and Phil Harris with regular performers Eddie Jackson, Jack Roth and Jules Buffano. Truman shows her new "I Like Durante" button and duets with Durante on "The Candidate" with Jimmy running for president with Margret as vice president. Harris sings "The Preacher and the Bear." Jimmy plugs the real book The Candidate: a Photographic Interview With the Honorable James Durante.moreless
  • September 13, 1952
    September 13, 1952
    Episode 2
    Comedian George Jessel hosts this week's show with guests Dorothy Kirsten of the Metropolitan Opera, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, pianist Carmen Cavallero, vocal group the Skylarks, and singer Tony Martin.
  • September 6, 1952
    September 6, 1952
    Episode 1
    For the season premiere, Dennis Day is the host. His guests include Paul Douglas, Corinne Calvert, the Ramanos, and the Billy Daniel dancers.
    Douglas and Calvert join Day for a comedy sketch about big game hunters. Day sings "September Song", "Falling in Love with Love", "Wish You Were Here" and "Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart". Harpo Marx made an appearance in a sketch, and George Jessel plugged his hosting stink next week.moreless
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