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Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Janice Dean and many others anchor the early morning "zoo-cast" where at times producers talk over the intercom, anchors cross the set for more coffee, and interns do the weather or sports. On the serious side, they update the news, discuss issues with liberal and conservative pundits, and take calls from or read viewer email. Stars from sports, music, movies and TV drop by regularly as well.

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AIRED ON 6/1/2014

Season 2014 : Episode 152

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  • Necessary Entitlements

    Why are you always saying Government should cut entitlements? There are plenty of people like myself with legitimate disabilities who wouldn't be able to live without this assistance. I paid into the system after 30+ years of employment thinking that it would be there for me if I ever were to need it. When you say entitlements should be cut explain that people who receive them falsely should be cut. I can assure you I am not living the life of Riley(sorry Bill) off of my disability.moreless
  • books

    I'm looking for a book that was on your show about Kennedy Lincoln and area51 it had pockets with papers of the people in the book
  • TIME TO 86 Kilmeade...

    I watch every morning and the addition of Hasselbeck is refreshing thou still finding her way around. Kilmeade is an embarrassment to the show and guests. His Stupid enuenfows that your guests rarely pick up like the schoolboy who tells jokes trying to get all to like him and nobody fails trying to read the teleprompter and daily gets more facts wrong than right. He is the worst on air person I have ever show has gone down hill, seams like same thing every hour except for about 8-10 minutes of the hour. Do something about him and the show content so I won't have to go back to Robin@HLN.moreless
  • FINALLY, a news report on Common Core Standards!!

    I have investigated the background of Common Core Standards for months and was awesome to see it finally on Fox News this week! The short math video is only the tip of the iceberg! I am a former teacher and I am concerned about what is happening. If we dare raise questions, we are called wackos! Questions need to be raised!! It was wonderful to see Wendy Neal, Freedom Works, who is a very reliable source. A lot of research has been done by Dr. Karen Effrem from Florida Stop Common Core. Just released is a 45 page Policy Analysis with complete documentation link: 6B587254-272D-44FB-B016-6A9555059DE7

    I have met with legislators in Florida trying to get them to look at the information--and they have been surprised, because they have bought into the talking points. Right now we are pushing for a pause of implementation so the quality and HUGE costs can be investigated & evaluated. Please look into this--I know you might hit roadblocks since Fox News in owned by NewsCorps which owns InBloom who has financial interests in the implementation of the whole package involved. I gave only a#7 because, I would like this to be MORE investigation. Emma Jane Millermoreless
  • Good morning, your IQ is about to go down

    when you need a news program to kick start the most biased network on TV , how could you go wrong with 3 biased mouth breathers that would sound silly even on the 700 club? For those too fragile for reality, I give Fox (and your racist uncle's) friends a 1.5.

    PS - The .5 is for this actually being a pretty funny show, shame it's on a news networkmoreless

    News Briefs: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Is Leaving The View for Fox News

    Plus: Ronald D. Moore's Outlander finds its lead, Fox welcomes The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Wayne Brady!


    SNL: God Bless Louis C.K.

    What initially seemed like an odd fit comedically ended up being one of SNL's best episodes of the season so far.

    • 4 note background.
      I just have to tell you the 4 note background music you play when you are doing the news shorts (not sure what they are called) wi...
    • Glass Houses
      For a long time, I watched Robin & Company.  My husband and I are conservative to moderate in nature.  My husband felt like Fox...
    • What do you think of the changes?
      I'm not very fond of green but I guess it's okay.  Not sure about Gretchen though.  So far the weak link seem to be the females ...

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