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Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Janice Dean and many others anchor the early morning "zoo-cast" where at times producers talk over the intercom, anchors cross the set for more coffee, and interns do the weather or sports. On the serious side, they update the news, discuss issues with liberal and conservative pundits, and take calls from or read viewer email. Stars from sports, music, movies and TV drop by regularly as well.

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AIRED ON 6/1/2014

Season 2014 : Episode 152


    News Briefs: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Is Leaving The View for Fox News

    Plus: Ronald D. Moore's Outlander finds its lead, Fox welcomes The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Wayne Brady!


    SNL: God Bless Louis C.K.

    What initially seemed like an odd fit comedically ended up being one of SNL's best episodes of the season so far.

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    • Courage is difficult but a blessing!

      Thank you for your ongoing courage and willingness to discuss Christian topics, and even more important, to speak of the Lord, praying, and churches.

      In this day and age when any courage is uncommon, your courage is even more exceptional. Your ethics to the public, and your personal and professional ethics are visible every day on every show.

      I truly thank God for you, and you are in my prayers. i do not say these things lightly or frivolously.

      Thank you.

      Please check out the article that I sent your newsroom regarding the Black woman who viciously attached the White woman with a crock pot. There is such a thing as hate crimes against White people and also such a things as reverse racism. No one speaks of these things or shows occasions in which it happens-and it does happen! Frequently.

      Isn't fairness in anything balancing, paying attention to, hearing about and reporting, both sides? It is time that the other side is heard; in fact, it is past time. This also takes great courage.

      He told us that life would Him would not be easy, that we would be prosecuted in His name, and that it would get worse the closer time came for Him to return. I just refuse to be persecuted for being White.

      Thank you all. And God's Blessings on you and your families. He will bless you for standing for Him and for sharing Him.

      Regards and in Him,

      Rebecca Bray

    • Staffing suggestion

      If you could get rid of that misogynistic, ego-centric, myopic Tucker Carlson and his apologist Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I might consider watching Fox News.
    • delete some people is wrong

      I love fox and friends in the morning. I have watched fox news since from the start, I feel they are fair and balance. The other news media to me are one sided. Steve Doocy, Elesabeth Hasselbeckand Brian Kimead make a great team. Brian Kimead is not as stupid as you think. To me fox news would be stupid to let Brian Kimead go.
    • delete some people

      I sure wish they would delete Brian Kimead from the show. He is one of the most stupid people on tv. He knows about sports, but that's all. He knows nothing about what's going on in the world. He is completely illiterate and should be removed from the show. Dusty Lennon .
    • Fair and Balanced!

      There shouldn't be any allowed negative posts about Fox and Friends or any other Fox show unless the author of the post watched the specific show for at least one month! We need the truth and you will find it here!

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