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  • Fox News: A Vile Lot of Lowlifes

    You excuses for humans are nothing but a group of liars bent on destroying The President. He is a brilliant man, not some stupid incompetent that none of the lowlifes on Fox, especially the Black ones are qualified to criticize or even to clean his toilet. If there is Karma in this or the next life; I hope that each of you suffer the most horrendous, painful payback.
  • delete some people

    I sure wish they would delete Brian Kimead from the show. He is one of the most stupid people on tv. He knows about sports, but that's all. He knows nothing about what's going on in the world. He is completely illiterate and should be removed from the show. Dusty Lennon .
  • I thank President Obama for his honesty!!

    Instead of hammering Obama for his position on free enterprise conservatives should be thanking him for his honesty. And for those that support Obama's polices they should be thanking him as well. Afterall we have always known that he thinks big government should run our lives. Obama spoke from his heart (no teleprompter).
  • The news is presented well in their \'fair and balanced\' format, but it is sometimes too noisy.

    I like to get my news from Fox, especially from this show which is early out here in the west. The hosts are genial and quite intelligent, but more and more I have a few gripes. First, they constantly interrupt and speak out over each other, and it gets confusing. Maybe there should be only two hosts at the same time. Second, some of the segue lines between stories have become silly, and sometimes they seem unsure whether to go on to the next item or nor. Third, they often cut off interviews just when it seems the person is about to say something really informative. This has increased of late, possibly because they are cramming more and more news into the time frame. All in all, it is a better source of real news than most other networks' morning offerings.
  • books

    I'm looking for a book that was on your show about Kennedy Lincoln and area51 it had pockets with papers of the people in the book
  • Courage is difficult but a blessing!

    Thank you for your ongoing courage and willingness to discuss Christian topics, and even more important, to speak of the Lord, praying, and churches.

    In this day and age when any courage is uncommon, your courage is even more exceptional. Your ethics to the public, and your personal and professional ethics are visible every day on every show.

    I truly thank God for you, and you are in my prayers. i do not say these things lightly or frivolously.

    Thank you.

    Please check out the article that I sent your newsroom regarding the Black woman who viciously attached the White woman with a crock pot. There is such a thing as hate crimes against White people and also such a things as reverse racism. No one speaks of these things or shows occasions in which it happens-and it does happen! Frequently.

    Isn't fairness in anything balancing, paying attention to, hearing about and reporting, both sides? It is time that the other side is heard; in fact, it is past time. This also takes great courage.

    He told us that life would Him would not be easy, that we would be prosecuted in His name, and that it would get worse the closer time came for Him to return. I just refuse to be persecuted for being White.

    Thank you all. And God's Blessings on you and your families. He will bless you for standing for Him and for sharing Him.

    Regards and in Him,

    Rebecca Bray

  • Peter Doucey's bit on the Asian Carp made me laugh out loud for the first laugh of the day...It is nice to see how the field news people start their careers in journalism...

    This show is always on the agenda for me first thing in the morning. I enjoy the perspective you 3 bring to the screen. I am tired of the far left wing bias on the main stream and other cable network channels.
    I like nothing more than to share my first coffee of the day with Fox and guys always bring a smile to my face. Dave the genetics in your family lean to your side...Peter is a spitting image of you and he seems to have inherited your wit as well. Great Job Peter and look forward to seeing your career in journalism grow.
  • Geraldo and his false facts

    On Fox and Friends Saturday Jan 28th Geraldo Rivera referred to the USA as a "secular" nation. We are not! We are a tolerant CHRISTIAN nation. The left can spin it otherwise all they want but that does not make it true.
  • Necessary Entitlements

    Why are you always saying Government should cut entitlements? There are plenty of people like myself with legitimate disabilities who wouldn't be able to live without this assistance. I paid into the system after 30+ years of employment thinking that it would be there for me if I ever were to need it. When you say entitlements should be cut explain that people who receive them falsely should be cut. I can assure you I am not living the life of Riley(sorry Bill) off of my disability.
  • Staffing suggestion

    If you could get rid of that misogynistic, ego-centric, myopic Tucker Carlson and his apologist Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I might consider watching Fox News.
  • Jeanine Pirro

    Great rant about Trump haters (Pence) Hamilton play .Well said !!!!
  • delete some people is wrong

    I love fox and friends in the morning. I have watched fox news since from the start, I feel they are fair and balance. The other news media to me are one sided. Steve Doocy, Elesabeth Hasselbeckand Brian Kimead make a great team. Brian Kimead is not as stupid as you think. To me fox news would be stupid to let Brian Kimead go.
  • Fair and Balanced!

    There shouldn't be any allowed negative posts about Fox and Friends or any other Fox show unless the author of the post watched the specific show for at least one month! We need the truth and you will find it here!
  • I love love this show!

    I started watching this show a few weeks ago and I really love it! They show the true news (not like NBC) and the people on this show are true! I had to miss this show because of the hurricane (for 1 week) and man did I get withdraws. This show is my absolute favorite show to watch and since I have been watching it I never miss it (except the hurricane of course but I did get a generator so I could power it up). If you really want the truth with what is happening today you need to watch this show. I have started watching the other shows on fox too and really like this network!
  • cookie cutter females in the AM?

    Blonde, tall, attractive, are all required to wear sleeveless, patternless, solid color dresses?
  • FOX News - All the Lies and Misinformation you can handle!

    FOX News is a money mill. It cares nothing about truth or fairness. All it wants is your money. If you're not smart enough to realize that very little content they provide is actual fact, then you need serious help. Don't drink their kool aid. It's poison.
  • fox and friends first

    you need to fire the idiot chef you just had on. he should not be demonstrating how to kill your kids with e. coli poisoning. he touched raw beef then moved on to a ready-to-eat ham. The E. coli hits the immuno compromised killing our babies and grandfathers first. you need to mention this to your customers.
  • Gretchen makes the show

    I watch, but don't listen only interested in those shots from the low camera that is usually peering up Gretchen's skirt. You have to give old Rupert credit, after a lifetime in yellow journalism, he knows how to draw an audience. I think that viewership would plummet if they raised that one camera up a little higher. But, if ya got it, flaunt it, right? Great leg show Gretchen!
  • What is wrong with cover up?

    I am so tired of every station implying, to show more skin is the way to have more male viewers. I am a female, and I can't tolerate the thought. I don't want to see all their cleavage and down to their rib cage. The don't look professional, they look like hookers. They can be beautiful wearing appropriate clothing. My husband is offended by your thinking he doesn't have enough substance to watch your news without a mini skin flick involved. Fox has found another way to exploit women. Why not put the men employees on screen with short sleeves, form fitting, and allow all their junk to be shown? I know, ridiculous, huh? Just so to do this to women. What is it with the women having to wear summer seasonal wear 12 months out of the year. My mother refers to them as the FOX W----s. We really love to watch your news. Also, in generations past, enunciation, was imperative. Now we hear Clinton pronounced as CLINT-IN. Stop it. Just stop all the entertaining and get back to the news. Quit with all the filler fluff and get back to accurate news reporting.
  • Please remove the irritating 'urgent' repeating background sound clip

    Great show, but could you stop playing that irritating sound clip whenever you give headline news updates?

    I'd prefer to hear the news without the noise that's supposed(?) to give the news a sense of urgency, or whatever.
  • FINALLY, a news report on Common Core Standards!!

    I have investigated the background of Common Core Standards for months and was awesome to see it finally on Fox News this week! The short math video is only the tip of the iceberg! I am a former teacher and I am concerned about what is happening. If we dare raise questions, we are called wackos! Questions need to be raised!! It was wonderful to see Wendy Neal, Freedom Works, who is a very reliable source. A lot of research has been done by Dr. Karen Effrem from Florida Stop Common Core. Just released is a 45 page Policy Analysis with complete documentation link: 6B587254-272D-44FB-B016-6A9555059DE7

    I have met with legislators in Florida trying to get them to look at the information--and they have been surprised, because they have bought into the talking points. Right now we are pushing for a pause of implementation so the quality and HUGE costs can be investigated & evaluated. Please look into this--I know you might hit roadblocks since Fox News in owned by NewsCorps which owns InBloom who has financial interests in the implementation of the whole package involved. I gave only a#7 because, I would like this to be MORE investigation. Emma Jane Miller
  • Standing up for Christmas.


    I recently heard you all talking about Christmas. You all agreed that Christmas was orginally a Pagen celebration, and some of you stated you celebrated all reasons for the holiday including winter stoltice. You need to research before spouting facts. Christmas = Christ Mass. It has always been about celebrating the birth of Christ though it has been celebrated on different dates throughout history. The Pagen celebrations were thought of later in history to explain away Christmas...this celebration has been a target of suppression/oppression throughout history. I do thankyou for your coverage of ppl fed up with intollerance of the religous obsevance of Christmas. This country was founded on Christian values, written on our capital buildings as proof. I am tired of incorrect political correctness. Thank You.

  • The news on Fox has deteriorated.

    Turning on morning news to learn the condition of the country and of the dangers we're in at this time from other there's so much going on and we are surrounded by danger ----has become a test of endurance. All we are spoon fed is repeated political correct politeness and the same old, same old wheel going round and round, never ending trash that leaves one feeling 'ugh'. The morning anchors gushing over nude women like this morning's naked woman Gretchen bowing to the gutter element of the viewers with a note of 'you're welcome' for your airing this sexual degradation is bowing to the lowest elements of our society, good grief. CCNews China beats the socks off you for presenting 'real' guys have become so disgusting also for airing the same old commercials for 'gold and silver' and the wealthy element of society and the same reguritated old men like; 'are there only 15 politicians you can show for pete's sake' I, after long years can no longer stomach the thing I can learn anything worth knowing about is the 1 pm afternoon news hour and Bret at 6 pm. Please get rid of the garbage that rots the senses of the hearer early in the day!!! We need serious change with real news rather than gutter trash!
  • More people are loosing there jobs then your staff seems to know,why don\'t you do a story on big company layoffs,and outsourcing then babyboomers retiering

    Maybe more people need to know how and why more americans are loosing there jobs,due to layoffs and outsourcing then babyboomers retiering.I work
    for AIG in Neptine NJ they are laying off 250 people,the building holds about 500 people,not to mention all the outsourcing that they do. We are lucky to get a 3% raise,coast of living increases 10 % and my health insurance went up 12%.I work for a health insurance company and can not afford the health benefits,its ok i am loosing my job anyway.My husband lost his job manager in product
    development 7 years ago,the whole company had to close down.We do not make anything in the United States anymore.not to mention the layoff that GM will be doing.Some of my coworkers have had there jobs for 18 years, what are they supposed to do
    but its ok babyboomers are retiering....
    Brick New Jersey
  • Document to be released

    Isn't this the same information that Obama tried so hard to capture Snowden for alerting the American people : abuse of power.
  • Still bring up issue's that other stations won't

    I like the Fox news, I do believe everyone has a right to their view, even the ones that believe in church, that don't believe the whole world has to believe that gay rights is a great thing. That do know that Al Wharton is the biggest racist black person ever and that knows every cop in the US is not a bad cop. CNN and MSNBC only do what they believe in and feed the American public a one sided view, (Their's ), and I want to make my own decision.
  • Obama's Ineligibility Hearing in Georgia

    Why has there not been any objective reporting on this subject? Thought Fox News would do better than the other news media. Is this not news worthy? Obama and his Counsel were a no show being both arrogant and in contempt. Obama needs to be vetted just as the other candidates are. It has become obvious that Congress did not do their job the first time. I hope they make it right now. No one is above the law and no one is beyond reproach. Other states are filing similar suits..even Illinois.where is the reporting? I would like to know why Obama has a Connecticut social security card? I just heard obama has three names? It is time for Congress to be held accountable for a job not done. it is time for all the media do their job and report.

  • A show that throws out the usual ideas of formal morning news shows, and is more like a conversation with your best friend. That being said, it's also informative and covers a lot of important topics.

    I love this show!!!!!!! It's an awesome show to wake up to, what with the producers talking over the intercom,the great jokes (remember Brian's Man Bag??), and just about everything else you can imagine. It's also on for several hours, so it's not hard to catch it before you have to leave. E.D., Brian, and Steve are the regulars for Fox and Friends, but on Fox and Friends First, you can catch some other great people, like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Lauren Green. The weekend edition is also just as fun. This show is def. one of my favs!! (Another plus is that it's one everyday!!)
  • Watching Fox and Friends is a wonderful way to start the morning!

    Fox and Friends has made me WANT to get up early in the morning!!!!
    Through the years I have watched various morning shows and Fox and Friends has become my favorite. It is entertaining as well as informative. Brian and Steve are so funny! The hosts on this show seem much more genuine and entertaining than the ones on other morning news shows. I like the fact that they explore both/all sides of news stories and that is refreshing. They have good guests from both policical parties. They ask hard questions to all of their political guests. I like that. Long live Fox and Friends!!!
  • Lies and propaganda.

    Lies and propaganda. Fodder for the sheeple.
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