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  • love fox news

    all the shows on fox are great
  • Chris Wallace does it again

    I find it absolutely amazing how Chris Wallace always does interviews that are anything but informative. He obviously can't bring himself to ask the tough questions but more important follow through with the answers. His interview with Hillary was pathetic. Hillary snookered you Chris!
  • Most Critics of Fox News Sunday Have Never Watched It -- Hence Scores of 10 OR 1

    First let me say that I am a news junkie and watch all three major Sunday programs. This is not a review of Fox News generally that has many opinion commentators that clearly express conservative views. Fox News Sunday, on the other hand, is a NEWS SHOW that has, in my opinoin, the best combination of liberals and conservatives on its panels -- evenly divided with two each. For those who are put off by Fox's conservative bias, FNS is a show where distinguished journalists from NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and retired prominent Liberal politicians and presidential advisors square off against an equally distinguished group of conservative journalists, correspondents and advisors. Chris Wallace, the son of well-liked 60 minutes liberal Mike Wallace, asks tough well-researched questions of his Democratic and Republican guests. With a Democrat in the White House and a lazy and emotionally conflicted national press, FNS is the most important Sunday news show because it covers stories that other media have ignored, abandoned or given short shrift. While one of the other Sunday programs may become more important with a Republican in the White House, for now Fox News Sunday is your best source for the coverage of stories that hold the executive and legislative branches accountable for misdeeds and mismanagement.
  • Balance is missing Here and Everywhere

    I pride myself on researching news from many sources. They all leave out important details related to news stories. It meets their agenda. So when it comes to the word "Fair and Balanced " there is no one.

    Our country is in trouble. NONE OF THE NEWS SOURCES ARE HELPING.
  • Fox News Sunday Show.

    Fox News Sunday Show is a fresh look at weekend headlines. The show also features various interviews of top name political newsmakers.
  • Something needed.

    Whether you like the network or not, Fox News is needed to be a counter to other networks that lean left. The cornerstone of Fox in this regard is Fox News Sunday.
    FNS competes with the major news networks by getting the big names within the political world and asking them the direct and different questions they might not encounter at other places. FNS does not hide from the hard and difficult questions. Nor does FNS respect the political guests to such a point where they give them an easy out on their questions.
    FNS tackles the news from a very personal perspective. Wanting the viewers to feel they have a connection to the stories.
  • A waste.

    I am NOT a liberal or a conservative. I consider myself a moderate. I have to say that I find bias a pet peeve of mine. Fox News Sunday should not be on television on the day of our Lord. I think it is so one sided that I have to ask how anyone who is in their right mind can take this seriously. Of course if you are a right winger, this show is gravy for you. If you are a left winger, this show is a sin to watch. Overall, this is a false informated show with nor credibilty to the real life world. Thank you.
  • My students watch this to learn about bias and censorship in national news

    After watching the documentary, Out Foxed, we have to take a more critical look at how the Fox Network progams its own view of the world, especially politics. I was surprised to find that most of the people who watch Fox News have a distorted view of what is going on in the world. They think that Saddam had something to do with the 9/11 tragedy in New York and at the Pentagon. One has to wonder about the balance or imbalance of liberal versus conservative views here. The liberals are hardly liberal at all and the conservatives get much more screen time than the liberals. People should take a look at some alternative news programs and draw their own conclusions about whether Fox is unbiased or not.
  • Good if you are a conservertive

    I liked Fox News and only conservertives if you are would love this show while liberals would absolutely trash the show. The show was originally hosted by the first Bush speechwriter Tony Snow, later who would be the second Bush's press secretary. He had among his panelists, Brit Hume who should have hosted the show in the first place as he is a much better host. But the show improved with Mike Wallace's son, ex-chief NBC White House correspondent Chris however! Who became more famous and infamous with that 2006 interview with Bill Clinton. Again if you are a conservertive, you would love this show. If you are a liberal however, you would hate it!
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