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  • clown suits

    You is picking out the suits for these clowns on Fox Sports Sunday. Stripped shirts flowered ties with polka dots and . Terry, Howie, Michael, Jimmy and Kurt all look like clowns every Sunday. Stop wearing those clown colors and start looking like pros you are. Every one knows you DON'T wear plaid and flowers together.
  • Rid the show of Riggles...

    Great show however when you put Rob Riggles on I turn your show off. Please get rid of him! He has no place on this show and he is NOT funny.
  • Really Michael?

    So Michael, I know you had a storied career, but I must ask, who do you think you are? To sit there and look straight into the camera and bash Payton in the way that you did shows the type of person you are. While he may be showing his age, again it shows your character to try to sensationalize your comintary. Shame on you.

    Ruth Ann
  • Sunday Night Football

    I love that I get to watch my Sunday football on this network, even in HD!

    But today my Seahawks were playing, and during the 3rd quarter you switched to the San Francisco game?

    C'ome on man, that's just cruel..

  • Why did you forget him Glazer?

    I haven't heard anything on Hester! What's up with him, when will he return? Falcon's have needed him all year! Glazer you haven't mentioned him at all!
  • Terry Bradshaw

    Where is Terry Bradshaw today 9-20-2015 ? ?
  • Rob Riggle

    The Riggle guy shouldn't even be on the show. The skits he does are terrible, no one ever laughs. The crew fakes it, There's no need for him to be on the show whatsoever
  • Change in Personnel

    Why in the world did you hire Erin Andrews on NFL Sunday and shelve Pam Oliver? Erin is unpolished and has a very irritating mousy voice. Pam Oliver is full of class and is very graceful. Please make the switch for next year.
  • Don't Encourage Cheap Shot Artists

    I was appalled by the comments on the post game show after the Packers game. Since the game was America's game the comments from this show's commentators saying that a player stepping not once but twice on the quarterback "didn't matter" as the Packers won anyway. Excuse me, it does matter. This player has a reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the NFL and his behavior and this shows comments should not encourage or condone this behavior. The quarterback, by the way, is on track to be the MVP this year so it certainly does matter.
  • Disrespect

    Why are the cast members disrespecting the Atlanta Falcons? Not once was their game mentioned. Nor the fact leading division, bad as it is. You have pushed the panthers to top when we have already beat them in Carolina? Commentators should subjective and not so objective. Packers and Giants won super Bowl with bad records those 2 seasons. "Come on Man" and Rise Up.
  • Pregame vs actual game showed

    Every week the pregame with Terry Howie and Michael always show and talk about the top teams of the week. However, when it comes to game time, they always show the teams with the worse record or games that do not mean anything. This year i haven't watched the pregame but finally my wife and I decided to give them one chance and it proved my theory correctly. They talked about every team that has a chance to reach the playoffs but when it comes to the game they show the Giants and Chargers. I am now watching the Jets and Minnesota. At least there will be more action there. No more fox pregame or games for me.
  • Howie's hounddog look

    I don't know what is going on with your sportscasters, I absolutely love Howie Long but his demeanor on air towards Michael Strahan in horrible. He absolutely shows no respect for any of his opinions and doesn't even have the decency to look him in the eye when he is speaking. It is shameful to see an adult behave in this childish manner.
  • Who says Riggles is funny!

    To quote Terry Bradshaw from many, many episodes - not funny!"

    Who thinks this Riggles guy is funny? Please bring back a *real* comedian!

    Was Frank too expensive?

    A disappointed fan from Florida.
  • Wrong formula for slope of a line

    I like the show, but I had to comment on the wrong formula used for determining the slope of a line given on the skit with Einstein. Your version showed the variables with exponents instead of subscripts.
  • howie's laughter

    I agree with abigfan. Can't imagine Howie laughing if someone was quoting the Koran....... It was disgusting behavior, but I guess it's politically correct now to bash Scripture and Christians whenever one wants. YUCK.
  • Sick of hearing about off-field behavior

    33 minutes of today's program was devoted to Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and another player who was convicted of spouse abuse. We get it, that's bad. Now let's talk football instead of showing how politically correct we can be.
  • terry bradshaws

    Year after year it seems as though Terry has become the host instead of the co-host. Terry may as well be sharing Curt's chair because the other co-host are on the far right side where they belong. His air time (Terry) is much longer than all the others and must i remind everyone he's a co-host not the host (that being Curt's job). Can the heads to be please put him in his place because to add insult to injury he's not really that good at his co-hosting position.
  • 1-Score "F" - Why did you pull my Bears Game???

    I LOVE watching my Pregame show - bigtime fan of Michael Strahan...but WHY did you ever pull my Bears at the Half - I hardly get to see my time-you broke my heart! Come on Michael - what's up with that?? I';; still watch your show, but was so upset I switched to CBS and watched Payton Manning....

    Please tell me "Why"

  • A big fan

    Howie laughing while Terry was quoting scripture about Jimmy Johnson being in a Bible study is the most disrespecting conduct I would expect to see on this or any TV show. Especially at this time, a person's religion should not be treated so. It is time all Christians make no excuses and stand up for our beliefs and not allow anyone to ridicule us for doing so without being held accountable.

  • Frank C.

    Frank is the best. This new guy just isn't cutting it. We miss Frank. Bring him back.
  • Bring Back Frank C.

    New comedian - P U Stinks
  • Frank Caliendo

    Fox Sports: You folks have a great show and I watch it every week during the NFL. Please remove the Frank Caliendo(sp) segment. I am not sure why you think you need a comdeian to help predict the games. The gentleman is NOT funny and actually is degrading which brings down your show. I ALWAYS mute that part or switch channels until he is done. You already have a comedian on the show in Bradshaw.....blah. Other than that keep up the good work.
  • The Grandpa Girl on Fox


    One word for the show - UNPROFESSIONAL!

    After so many years doing highlights you would think Terry Bradshaw would have improved a little. I'm sure people think he's "homespun & colorful", but I just see inept and unprepared. I suppose everyone likes the light and funny format, but most of the time it's just childish and hurtful. Why don't you hire some comedy writers? Most of the ad-libs are just inane. Howie Long is the only really classy individual on the set, but sometimes he gets caught up in trying to talk over the others as well. His frustration with the clowns he's surrounded with is palpable. Fox execs, your production value is really lacking. I'm no director, but I'm sure I could improve this HORRIBLE show! You've got my info, so ask me how, if you care at all!

  • Howie Long making snide remarks about Philadelphia did not sit well with many people from the area.

    As a Philadelphian I wasn't happy about Howie's comment to Terry concerning Philadelphia. Evidently Terry and his family feel the same as many people in the Tri State area. If Howie has a problem with the city and his Villanova days he should have just shut up. "If you can't say anything good, then don't say anything". The booing of Santa Claus happen over 30 years ago, but sports writers and commentators talked like it happened yesterday. You would think that Howie Long could make a better contribution to the show. He has always been my fovorite but no longer. Fame has gotten to Howie or his living in lala land. Your next appearence In Philadelphia deserves a round of booing like Santa's got some 30 years ago.
  • My picks up against Terry and all.

    Missed week one (although I have my picks to say what now is to late). So here are my week2 picks as of last Wed. NO SF Az NY Giants as my upset special Could't decide between NYG or Clev. So i went with the harder game. As for the FOX crew I have always loved their show. Will not watch anyother. Always get a kick out of Frank. He out did himself this week doing Leno. I may not agree with all their takes but that is what makes this Country so great.
    I respect what they say. Always been a Bradshaw and Long fan. Jimmy onthe other hand...well lets just say I'm glad he's no longer a Cowgirl Coach. Then there was Michael...he's so bad. Just like he was with the Giants. Ok...lets not forget our gracious host. Without whom the show wouldn't work.
  • This show is awesome. Curt, Terry, Howie, Michael, and Jimmy are a one of a kind crew that I can't stop watching.

    When I watch FOX NFL Sunday, I am reminded of why Terry Bradshaw was no longer wanted on CBS. Although look at the NFL Today now and it's not as informative or joke-free as it once used to be. Now, it's trying too hard to be like FOX which still has the best market for football. Plus they don't incorporate 1,000 commercials like CBS does with all their games. I miss the segment actually when each announcer would be asked about their game and how it could affect the rest of the league. That was one of my favorite parts, and I do miss Jimmy Kimmel on the show, even though Frank is pretty funny also. This is still my favorite football show to watch on Sunday. Yes, better than NFL Countdown, better than the NFL Today, and by far better than NFL Gameday Morning. FOX should have a lifetime license of carrying NFL games because it is that good.
  • i watch your show every week but i am disapointed that you do not always show the games listed

    i am very disapointed in the way fox airs its games i have to settle for seatle vs rams when they advertized NYG vs vikings normaly your show is top notch and some times funny but when fox does what they are doing it reflex against your show i gave up aa chance to go on a date to day because they have been advertising the giants game all week so now i am forced in changing chanles and watching the KC chifes not nearly as good a game as the giants and vikings i like both of those teams thank you
  • Will miss JB Brown though

    I really love the foursome of Howie, JB, Terry, and
    Yes, even though he can be a jerk at times
    Jimmy Johnson but you love to hate him or hate to
    Love him. I will miss JB Brown when he moves to
    CBS as he will be a tough act to follow as I wonder
    Who will take his place at the FOX NFL Today!
  • These four are great!

    This is one of the only shows of this type that I watch. These guys are great together and they even add some humor towards each other. They always know all the break downs of every NFL team. I will always watch this before every NFL game on FOX. This is to you Terry, Howie, JB, and Jimmy.
  • Terry, JB, Howe and Jimmy Johnson work great together, like an oiled up machine. They make you laugh, give you the latest news and interviews in the NFL, and they also break down game day previews. This is the best hour game day preview on TV.

    I started watching NFL on Fox Pregame show since it debuted in 1994.

    James Brown (JB)- JB is the guy that calms the storm when debates erupt. He's also there to get things rolling when the guys are stuck on one topic for too long.

    Terry Bradshaw (TB)- He's the comedian of the group and makes you laugh left and right. 10 yards with TB is a great segment, as we get to know more about certain football players during the segment. Terry's got the hots for Jillian Barberie (Weather girl) and the two exchange pickup lines between the two.

    Howe Long- Howe is the 'hunk' out of the group and the guys make wise cracks at Howe sometimes, especially the movie he was in, which was Firestorm. His buzz cut hair is the topic of discussion at times, which is pretty funny.

    Coach Jimmy Johnson (Dallas Cowboys)-
    Jimmy is there to give his thoughts on current football players and teams. Jimmy does a lot of joking as well and it's nice to see another side of Johnson.

    Frank Caliendo (comedian) Frank is there to make fun of most of the guys behind the booth, especially TB and Howe. TB is balled and Caliendo TB is the butt of his jokes.

    Like I said, this is a well oiled machine that works perfect together and have been going strong for 12 years.
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