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Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 27, 2002 Between Seasons



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Touted as the new Inspector Morse, this ITV detective show stars Michael Kitchen as a police inspector frustrated at being stuck at home investigating provincial crimes during the second world war.

Honeysuckle Weeks is an inspired choice as Foyle's sidekick, a clergyman's daughter posted from the Women's Royal Army Corps to serve as his driver, and she plays the part with an admirable period charm.

Foyle's War opened in southern England in the year 1940 - which may seem a strangely remote period in which to place a new detective, but the setting turned out to be a means of adding moral and dramatic depth to the storylines. The series covered the war years, and eventually saw Foyle recruited by MI5 in the aftermath of the war.

Foyle's War was a Greenlit production for ITV. The eighth series was an Eleventh Hour production for ITV.


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    • HIGH CASTLE 2015

      Glad to see Kitchen, Weeks, and Haddington back on screen, The writing on this episode was terrible. The opening was confusing - couldn't figure out what these boys were up to. Didn't find out until close to the end. All the other seasons were so perfect - what happened? I can only hope the next two will be better.
    • More Episodes of Foyle's War Please

      We were pleased to see the latest series (2013), they were excellent. We now can only hope that there will be future episodes.
    • Whither #8...

      When does season number 8 begin? My local PBS gives no information about that detail.
    • Foyle's War is Wonderful

      I did not hear about Foyle's War when it was originally running. I discovered it on Netflix. I have watched the whole series (through set 7) and think it is a wonderful show. It is much more cerebral than crime dramas in the US that are all blood and gore shootem ups. The characters were very good as were the actors who played them. I also like seeing how the British lived during the war. The countryside was beautiful and the old cars were really something. I looking forward to seeing the three new episodes. I caught a couple of errors: Fort Benning is in Georgia, not Virginia. What happened to Andrew? It looked like he and Sam were going to get together and then he disappeared and the next show she meets Adam. I liked Andrew's character better.moreless
    • Best Series on TV

      So glad they brought back another season! Without question, the best thing on Canadian TV (The series s aired on TVO here). My only criticism is Sam's choice of husband - somehow, he just doesn't seem like the type Sam would marry - definitely thought Andrew would have been perfect. Agree with the last comment "desperately dull".

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