Foyle's War

Season 3 Episode 2

Enemy Fire

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on ITV

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  • A Plot Twist at Every Turn

    Incorporated into this episode's plot is the requisitioning of large homes for use as hospitals by the military. The Queen Mother's childhood home in Scotland, Glamis Castle, was used in the same way.

    Feb 1941: Digby Manor is being turned over by Sir Michael Weatherford. Accompanying him to a cottage on the property was his faithful maid, Mrs. Roecastle. She would remain at the manor as a cleaning woman. Dr. Jamison was going to use the palatial home to treat burn victims. Assisting is Dr. Wrenn, the physician who treated Sgt. Milner's leg. Dr. Wrenn asks Foyle to investigate some sabotage at the hospital. Things grow more serious when a large statue is pushing from the roof onto Group Captain Smythe's car.

    Andrew is landing his plane at the nearby air field. He cannot open the canopy of this fighter and argues with the mechanic, Gordon Drake. Later, Andrew meets Sam at a pub, with his friend Granville Woods and his fiancee Anne.

    Drake is spotted by an Air Raid Patrol member Peter Preston slipping into Dr. Wrenn's home. His wife Mary had him fix a fuse. It was clear they were having an affair. Preston knocks on the door as Drake goes out the back and proceeds to ask Mary Wrenn many questions.

    The mechanic asks Sir Michael for money the next day, then beats his wife later on that night.

    Granville was sent on a mission in Andrew's plane. He crash lands near the base and cannot get out of the cockpit. He is rescued, but terribly burned.

    Riding home on his bicycle at night, Drake hears a noise in front of his house. He is hit by a rock and found dead the next morning. Cause of death: drowning.

    Who killed Gordon Drake - the doctor whose wife was having an affair with him? Another jealous husband? Sir Michael? Drake's wife?

    If I had to turn around every time there was twist in the plot, I would have either spun into the ground like a corkscrew or passed out from being so dizzy. There were so many different suspects. The culprit for the sabotage and the killer were people I would never have expected. Foyle solved both cases with his usual aplomb. All in all, another excellent show.
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