Foyle's War

Season 6 Episode 1

Plan of Attack

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2008 on ITV
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Episode Summary

April 1944. When someone fires shots outside Hastings police station, killing DCS Meredith, Christopher Foyle has no choice but to put aside writing his memoirs and return to his old job.

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  • With Foyle retired the shooting of his replacement brings him back to work.

    I have been waiting for this episode forever. I knew it was shown in the UK but never caught it on TV here. I guess the wait and the slow way it started were some of the factors I have for not giving it a higher score.

    Compared to most TV this is a 10 on a bad episode, but this one took forever to get all the players working for the common good.

    This was different as normally you know who is behind the crime and spend the episode trying to catch them, this one there were clues and what seemed to be the right person and who was the killer or was it suicide.

    This was a different look at an episode. I watched it twice since I got the DVD set on Thursday and enjoyed it.

    The vicar did ask Foyle a question and he lied, Foyle said he did not have any children.moreless
  • The final season begins briliantly.

    I am a great fan of Foyle's War. I have seen some shows on PBS and have rented others from

    It is unfortunate that I have only been able to watch Season One and Two. There are four episodes for Season Three, two each for Seasons Four. Plan of Attack is the first episode of three episodes of the final Season Six.

    Foyle's War has very complex scripts. I cannot summarize them completely without using a cheat sheet from other websites. Therefore, using my memory from tonight's show, I only have a short descriptions of this episode. Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle had apparently retired and is writing a his memoirs. His second in command, Paul Milner, is still working on the force. Foyle's driver, Sam Stewart, is working at an office where maps are being made.

    A man from Sam's new office is found hanging the in woods. It looks like suicide but Milner thinks it is murder. There is another case where a man is being accused of stealing funds from the war department. Someone tries to run Milner over with a car after he meets with Foyle. Shortly thereafter, someone tries to shoot Milner and hits Foyle's replacement instead, killing him instantly.

    This would all sound so confusing to anyone who had never seen the show. It always amazes me how the writers seamlessly weave a story together and wrap it all neatly up in 90 minutes. Michael Kitchen is splendid as Christopher Foyle. The dry British wit, with a Colombo-esque way of asking questions, is delightful.

    I am sad that the series is nearly finished. The war does come to an end. It was great while it lasted.moreless
Nicholas Day

Nicholas Day

DCS John Meredith

Guest Star

Fiona Glascott

Fiona Glascott

Jane Hudson

Guest Star

Martin Hutson

Martin Hutson

Henry Scott

Guest Star

Jay Simpson

Jay Simpson

Sgt Brooke

Recurring Role

Anthony Howell

Anthony Howell

Paul Milner

Recurring Role

Honeysuckle Weeks

Honeysuckle Weeks

Samantha Stewart

Recurring Role

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    • Foyle [ dictating to Sam ]: …And the amal-ga-mation (Sam types slowly) was the cause of a lot of local (the typewriter keys jam) prickliness. Am I going too fast for you?
      Sam: No, sir. It's, um, it's not me; it's the typewriter.
      Foyle: Ah.
      Sam: It keeps jamming.
      Foyle: Oh. It doesn't when I use it. (the keys jam again) I mean, if you can do shorthand, why aren't we using your shorthand?
      Sam: I can write it, I-I can't read it.
      Foyle: Right.
      Sam: Is there a 'Y' in prickliness?
      Foyle: Um, two 'I's, I think. Mm.
      (Sam resumes typing, then stops.)
      Sam: Is this going to be a very long book?
      Foyle: Well, it looks like it.

    • (AC Parkins has informed Foyle of DCS Meredith's death.)
      Foyle: Well, I know why you're here, and the answer's 'no'.
      AC Henry Parkins: I can understand that. But, listen, this is completely unprecedented! The shooting of a senior police officer in the street.
      Foyle: Well, I understand that. The answer's 'no'.

    • Father Martin Keppler: It didn't go my way, none of this has.
      Foyle: God is not on your side. Are you surprised?
      Father Martin Keppler: You're telling me you think he is on yours? (beat) Whatever you may think, I am not an evil man. I have been doing my duty in exactly the same way as you have been doing yours. God does not come into it.
      Foyle: Semantics, Mr Keppler, not interested.

    • Sam: Is there anything else I can do?
      Foyle: You can keep your mouth shut and stay out of trouble.
      Sam [ amused ]: Wilco.

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