Foyle's War

Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 27, 2002 Between Seasons





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  • Glad to see a return of this series,but very, very disappointed with whoever sourced the prams.Milners pram was not made until the 1960s.The wicker one is passable but not wholely probable and the one in a background shot was also later.

    I have always loved this series but felt this one was a bit under parr.More care as to detail was certainly needed.Especially where the dates of pram manufacture were concerned.The same goes for the cartridge that was loaded into the shotgun.It is no good thinking no-one will notice,because,by jove,they do,especially when something is way out of era.If in doubt ask the experts before filming.The background scenery of `bombed London` left a lot to be desired.It just looked like what it was,a pile of `fly tipped` builders rubble.Characters were great though,I certainly felt I could hate the Russian in the `safe house`.He had the right face for the role.