Foyle's War

Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 27, 2002 Between Seasons





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  • another ruination of a good series

    I've thoroughly enjoyed all the previous series of Foyle's War, and was really looking forward to this new one. It was only the thought of it that got me and my husband through this latest terminally miserable bout of wintery weather . . . . And what do we find? They've ruined another goods series. Dark, miserable lighting, matching the miserable weather we're all trying to forget, all colour has been drained out (to match our depression?) and eerie music added in! The programme makers who are of the opinion that shooting programmes a la Wallander and Sheltland is the way forward have completely misunderstood the British public. Foyle's War has been a runaway success in previous years because it was uplifting. We do NOT need any help to feel miserable while this 2 and a half year Winter still continues.

    Thanks for depriving us of our last hope of being cheered up!