Foyle's War - Season 2

Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 27, 2002 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Funk Hole
    Episode 4
    Foyle investigates theft, and a possible murder, at a countryside "funk hole" - a guest house where those who can pay can sit out the war in relative comfort. But his job is made much harder when he is accused of spreading mailicious rumours and suspended from duty. While Foyle attempts to clear his name, his replacement sends Sam back to the transport corps.moreless
  • War Games
    Episode 3
    October, 1940. At the London headquarters of a multinational company, a young secretary plummets to her death. In Hastings, a member of the Home Guard is killed. Foyle and Milner discover how these deaths are linked and how money talks in a universal language, even in war time.

  • Among the Few
    Episode 2

    When a truck loaded with barrels of petrol crashes, Foyle suspects the existence of an illegal fuel racket. Sam persuades Foyle to let her go undercover at the local fuel depot to investigate. When one of the suspects is found murdered, suspicion falls on Andrew Foyle, who was the last person to see her alive.

  • Fifty Ships
    Episode 1
    An American multi-millionaire, an old flame of Foyle's, and a mysterious man claiming to be a Dutch refugee, are all implicated when a dead body is discovered on a Hastings beach. Meanwhile, Sam looks for somewhere to live after her home is destroyed in a bombing raid. Foyle investigates a case of looting after coins go missing from the bombed out house Sam was living in.moreless