Foyle's War

Season 3 Episode 3

They Fought in the Fields

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on ITV

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  • Farmers and POWs take center stage

    This episode takes place in April 1941. The focus was on the workers sent to help farmers and POWs.

    Hugh Jackson was a farmer with two land girls, Rose and Joan, helping with his potato fields. He was on some sort of board and got a tractor before his neighbor Mr. Curling. Jackson also got to exclude his favorite place, Poppy Field, from being farmed. Hugh and Joan were seen arguing in a field.

    That night, Rose was visited by Jackson's son Tom. Curling was out in the fields, hunting rabbits. Hugh was out drinking heavily in Poppy Field. A German plane crashes nearby. One crew member had his chute sabotaged and fell to his death. The other two were captured. Hugh was found dead in his house by an apparent suicide.

    Christopher Foyle investigates the death. Was it a suicide? Who would have wanted Hugh Jackson dead? As usual, nothing is what it appears to be. Somehow, the answer lies within the POW camp. Foyle and Milner uncover the truth in the end.