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Fractale is a Japanese anime series from creators Hiroki Azuma, Mari Okada, and Yutaka Yamamoto that tells the story of Clain, a young man who sets out on a quest to find a mysterious young woman, with only an eccentric and energetic girl-shaped avatar to travel with and guide him. This science fiction story is set on an island, where something called the Fractale System is beginning to collapse. Young Clain often feels alienated from this futuristic world. Most people have doppels-robotic beings that can be controlled from a distance, eliminating the need for appearing anywhere in person. Clain's parents use their doppels constantly, and Clain wishes he could see more humans around the island. One day, Clain finds a girl named Phryne suffering from injuries under a cliff. Clain is immediately attracted to the pretty and strange girl, who shares his peculiar affection for ancient ruins and materials. When Phryne suddenly disappears, she leaves behind a brooch that contains a girl name Nessa-an avatar that seems to know Phryne well. Together, Clain and Nessa set out to find their mysterious mutual friend and learn the truth about the Fractale System.moreless

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AIRED ON 3/31/2011

Season 1 : Episode 11

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Animation, Drama


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