Fraggle Rock

Season 2 Episode 20

A Cave of One's Own

Aired Monday 7:30 PM May 14, 1984 on HBO

Episode Recap

Doc is furious about the building of a new bed and breakfast inn across the street. He has started a petition to keep them from putting it in. Sprocket, as usual, could care less.

Mokey is meditating in Gobo and Wembley's room. Red burts in full of energy and being very noisy as she tries a new sports trick of hers. Gobo and Wembley soon enter and ask why Mokey and Red are always hanging out in their room. Wembley inadvertently gives the girls the idea to find of a cave of their own to share. Although Gobo points out the grils' differences and that they wouldn't be able to share a cave, the girls love the idea and leave to go find one.

Mokey and Red are on their way to find a cave of their own. They sing about their ideal place together, although their differences do indeed show in the song. But they continue on. They eventually find a nice little cozy cave that's located just above the Great Hall. They grow excited at their discovery and move in. Mokey's side of the room is nice and neat while Red's piles up in a frenzy of stuff as she moves in, cluttering up her side. Their differences starts showing in subtle ways as they each start agreeing with each other and every single detail. However, they are each clearly getting a little annoyed by the other with this. Their first night together, Mokey brings in a live plant named Lanford who looks like a bizarre Venus fly trap. Lanford attacks Red and annoys her.

Doc is watching as a construction crew moves in across the street to begin work on the new bed and breakfast inn. He is still furious as this new development will apparently bring in lots of tourists and Doc sees this as an invasion of the peace and solitary he and Sprocket have come to enjoy and even share with only Shimmelfinny.

Mokey and Red wake up in their new home and start off the day agreeing with each other too much and get annoyed with each other's certain daily rituals. Tensions slowly start building, but they go ahead planning for their cave-warming party. While out gathering things for their party, they end up in a scary place where Red mentions a Murkmonster lives. Mokey is unfazed as she picks some flowers she wants for a decoration she'll make, as Red has a brief encounter with the Murkmonster that leaves her unconscious, unnoticed by Mokey. However, both girls leave the Murkmonster's lair unharmed, Mokey carrying a passed out Red by the tail, thinking she's asleep.

The girls have decorated their new cave for the party. Red mentions that their cave is starting to get crowded. The tension between them is really starting to mount now, but quickly fades as Gobo, Wembley and Boober show up. The girls sing to the boys, welcoming them into their new cave. During the song, it is clear Mokey and Red's new cave is indeed small as everyone inside struggles to move around. Afetr the song, Gobo reads them a card from Traveling Matt as a cave-warming present. In the card, Matt has discovered a children's bedroom full of toys and things. He hides in a toy box as two girls put their toys in the toy box. Matt says it's nice to share space with someone else as he tries talking to the stuffed animals. After the reading, Red starts a game with Gobo that ends up tearing the place apart because of the small space of the cave. Mokey warns Red not to play games in such a small cave. In the chaos, one of Red's sweaters falls on top of Lanford, covering him up. Red and Mokey finally have it out. They blast each other over the crowdedness of the cave and Red insults Lanford to Mokey. They argue over how awful the idea was to share a cave with each other. Red sits in her hammock, fuming. While Red sits in the hammock, Mokey grabs the hammock, pulls it back with Red still in it, and releases it, sling-shooting Red out the window. Red goes sailing out over the Great Hall and tumbles into the pool. Red shouts up in fury that she never wants to see Mokey again. Mokey shouts back that she agrees, and then runs off crying while the boys stand around watching all of this helplessly.

Gobo tells Red that he knew that she and Mokey would never be able to agree on anything. Red says that they agreed on everything, even to the point it was too much. Gobo points out that this is the problem. Red blows him off and wants to get her stuff and vows that her friendship with Mokey is over.

Red shows up to get her stuff and finds a tearful Mokey packing as well. They argue slightly more while gathering their things. Red pulls her sweater off of Lanford and prepares to fend off another attack from him, but she notices he's not well. This alarms Mokey as she has forgotten to water him. They work together to help Lanford, who revives. The girls start a discussion wondering why they could never share a cave together. They talk about how much they kept agreeing with each other all the time and say they should have just been honest with each other in the first place. Things between them settle down a bit. That is, until Red invites Mokey to sit in her hammock so they can talk some more about it - but ends up pulling the same stunt Mokey had done to Red earlier with the sling-shot maneuver. Mokey goes flying out the window and into the pool. Enraged, she gets out of the pool and tells Gobo, who is trying to broker peace about this, to stay out of it. She marches off to confront Red as Gobo and Wembley follow, worried the situation may get worse. Mokey and Red yet again start blasting each other over their differences, only this time they are using honesty as a weapon. Gobo and Wembley arrive and watch this. The fight escalates as Mokey grabs Red and starts shaking her. They scream to each other that they like the other just as they are, not trying to be like each other. This causes them to get a reality check and they stop fighting. They agree to start being honest with each other and just be themselves. They like the idea and hug, friends again. Gobo assures Wembley that the girls will be fine now. Red and Mokey agree that the hammock stunts made them mad, but were also a lot of fun. They agree and invite everyone up to their new home for a cave-warming party that includes sling-shooting each other out of the hammock. Everyone starts having fun as Gobo is the first to try the hammock ride, and Red says she'll "personally thwack Lanford out" of it!

Doc returns home in a different mood about the new bed and breakfast. The new owner is Ms. Ardath, a woman who Doc seems quite smitten with and is on his way to join her for tea. He invites Sprocket along as well to meet Ms. Ardath's dog, Marigold. Sprocket is interested and goes with Doc, who says it may be nice sharing their part of the street with others after all.

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