Fraggle Rock

Season 2 Episode 10

A Friend in Need

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Mar 05, 1984 on HBO

Episode Recap

Doc enters the workshop dragging a sack full of junk he has found down by the bay. He pulls out a large sign that was part of an old boat's that reads "La Gorgola". He next takes out an old ring in the familiar shape of a Doozer helmet. He puts it on his finger and the ring gets stuck. Sprocket laughs as Doc tries unsuccessfully to remove it. Doc wants to remove the old artifact without damaging it.

The Fraggles are celebrating what they call "Greaseberry Season". They are using slippery leaves from greaseberry bushes to ride around on like a type of skateboard/skiing game. Mokey is handing out leaves to everyone. Red rides up and informs everyone that Gobo is going to try the "Ultimate Slide", which is basically riding a greaseberry leaf all the way from the entrance to the garden into the Great Hall, encountering many obstacles along the way. Up at the garden's entrance, Gobo preps to perform this event. Wembley assists him. Gobo starts and swoops away on the leaf, slip-sliding quickly and smoothly through the tunnels. Wembley chases him on foot. The Fraggles all watch as Gobo masterfully performs the slide, jumping chasms and twisting and turning professionally around in tunnels as he barrels toward the Great Hall. He succeeds and is greeted by cheers from the Fraggles as he stops at his friends' feet.

Later that night, Gobo and Wembley are talking in their room. Wembley is lying in his bed ready for sleep, but Gobo is too wound up from his slide experience to sleep himself. He decides to go get his latest postcard from Outer Space. Wembley is worried because Gobo is going to get his postcard at night, but Gobo gets cocky and says he's not afraid. On his way to the workshop, Gobo sings a rock song about his bravery and gets very conceited about it. He bursts into the dark workshop seemingly unafraid. He grabs his postcard from the wastebasket and walks over to a sleeping Sprocket. He taunts Sprocket by waking him up. Sprocket is startled but doesn't chase Gobo. Gobo walks back into the hole in the wall, but notices one of Sprocket's toy balls. He pushes the ball to Sprocket and ducks into the hole in the wall. The ball rolls over to Sprocket. The dog gets excited and wants to play! Sprocket nudges the ball with his nose toward the hole in the wall and happily barks and wags his tail. The ball rolls into the hole and bumps into Gobo, who was standing just inside the hole reading his postcard. Gobo turns around and hits the ball back to Sprocket through the hole and leaves. Sprocket is even more excited as the ball once again rolls back to him. He happily nudges the ball back to the hole. The ball rolls through, but Gobo has gone now and the ball just rolls to a stop just inside the hole. Sprocket wags his tail happily and sits in his basket, eagerly waiting for the ball's return. When the ball never returns, Sprocket leaps out of his basket and runs toward the hole in the wall, barking. But he runs a little too fast and ends up going through the hole and gets stuck. His tail and hind legs stick out of the workshop's side of the hole as his head and front legs stick out just inside the rock's side. He sees the ball roll off to the side as he struggles to get free by trying to back himself out of the hole. It's no use. He begins howling as Gobo starts walking home. Gobo stops when he hears the howling and goes back to investigate. He sees Sprocket stuck in the hole and is incredulous at this.

Doc comes in and announces that he is going to the emergency room to try to get the ring off. He is completely oblivious to Sprocket's dilemma and leaves, claiming it may be a long night.

Sprocket is struggling furiously to get himself unstuck. Gobo watches as the dog struggles to get free and says that this is a mess. He tells Sprocket he'll help him. Gobo runs off to find some food for Sprocket.

Gobo is looking for food in his and Wembley's room. Gobo tells a half-asleep Wembley that he needs food for the monster from Outer Space. Gobo leaves, and Wembley wakes up thinking it was a dream as he thought he overheard Gobo talk about feeding the hairy monster. He goes back to sleep.

Gobo returns to Sprocket and asks the dog if he can come closer to him so he can feed him Doozer sticks. Sprocket relents and takes a bite of the Doozer sticks. He spits them back out disgustedly. Gobo tells Sprocket that if he can't get unstuck then Gobo will never be able to get his postcards again. Sprocket realizes that this is why Gobo is always sneaking into the workshop. Gobo tries reading a postcard to take Sprocket's mind off the problem, allowing Sprocket to also realize that this is the same "Gobo Fraggle" that Doc is always griping about getting postcards for. This postcard recounts when Traveling Matt has discovered a broom closet full of brooms and mops as "a place where tall skinny creatures come to meditate". He panics when he can't get out, but eventually does. After the reading, Gobo tries to push Sprocket out of the hole. Sprocket is reluctant but finally allows Gobo to get close enough to push him. They are unsuccessful, Gobo's hat even falling off his head in the process. Sprocket starts crying as Gobo gets another idea. He tells Sprocket that he'll rush off to get greaseberry leaves to rub on Sprocket and get him out of the hole. He runs off. Sprocket realizes Gobo left his hat behind and tries howling to him, but Gobo has already gone. Sprocket lays his head down on Gobo's hat, waiting for the Fraggle to return.

Up in the garden, Junior announces the time from up in the belfry. Gobo makes his way over to the greaseberry bush, still displaying his conceited bravery. He reaches up to snatch a leaf from the bush, but ends up tripping a wire and dropping a cage down on himself. He is now trapped himself.

Wembley startles himself awake as he appears to have thought he dreamed about Gobo feeding the hairy monster from Outer Space. He then thinks it was Gobo being eaten by the monster instead. When he notices Gobo is not in his bed, Wembley panics and believes the "dream" to be real. He rushes off to find the others. A few minutes later, Wembley is hilariously trying to tell Mokey, Red and Boober about Gobo but is too panicky and can only manage to spit out gibberish. The girls turn him upside down and this helps. Wembley tells them that he thinks Gobo fed himself to the hairy monster from Outer Space. The others panic now as well as they believe it to be some sort of sign. They rush off toward the workshop, Wembley back in panicky gibberish mode.

Junior announces the time again from the belfry. Gobo starts crying as he sings a slow blues tune about how his bravery has been knocked down a notch or two because he's trapped and helpless now himself. Ma hears Gobo's crying and comes outside to see what's up. She says she can't bear the sound of tears as she is a mother and there is no worse sound to a mother's ears than crying. But when she sees it's a Fraggle, she panics and screams and runs back into the castle. Gobo hears her say she can't stand crying, so he gets an idea and starts pretending to sob in misery.

Wembley, Red, Mokey and Boober have rushed up to the hole in the wall and see Sprocket. They notice that he has Gobo's hat in his mouth and panic. Boober and the girls rush around a rock to hide, but Wembley runs up to Sprocket in fury and starts punching the dog because Wembley thinks Sprocket ate Gobo. Mokey and Red run up and pull Wembley away from Sprocket back to their hiding place. They all start mourning for Gobo, thinking he's dead. Wembley faints.

Gobo is still keeping up with his fake crying. Ma comes back outside, claiming she can't stand listening to the crying any more. She decides to help Gobo despite the fact he is a Fraggle. She says she's a mother first before anything. She asks why Gobo is crying and he says it's because he's trapped. Ma explains that it serves him right as the Fraggles have been stealing her greaseberry plants that she needs to make Gorg butter with. He keeps up with the crying routine while she helps him by bringing some of her Gorg butter out to him. This should help him get Sprocket unstuck. Ma lets Gobo out of the cage, and then panics and runs back inside once she remembers he's a Fraggle.

The others are watching in fear and sadness at Sprocket, who returns his own sad, curious glance toward them. They wonder if they should bury Gobo's hat. Gobo comes up carrying some of the Gorg butter Ma gave him. The others are relieved and excited that Gobo is all right, then grow wary when they realize he's going to help Sprocket. Gobo tells them he admits he got afraid there for a while himself. He walks over to Sprocket, who barks at the others. Red, Mokey, Wembley and Boober cower in fear as they stay back and watch fearfully as Gobo approaches Sprocket. Gobo assures the dog that his friends were just worried about him as Gobo explains he was worried about Sprocket. Gobo starts singing a song to Sprocket about how he can be counted on. Throughout the song, Gobo gathers Gorg butter on his hands and rubs it on Sprocket's neck. Red, Mokey, Wembley and Boober all join in on the song as they get a little more comfortable about this situation, and even Sprocket enjoys it and adds his own musical howls and barks to the rhythm of the music. After the song, Gobo encourages his friends to help him push Sprocket out of the hole. Sprocket barks his encouragement at them as well. The Fraggle Five line up behind each other, ready to push. Gobo puts his hands on Sprocket's face and counts to three. On three, everyone pushes and falls down when Sprocket goes flying backwards out of the hole over to his doggie basket. Sprocket looks around and barks and wags his tail gratefully toward the hole in the wall. The Fraggles pick themselves up off the ground and Wembley faints again when he realizes he had touched a monster by punching him. Red and Boober carry him off. Mokey comments to Gobo that it's wonderful making new friends. Gobo says you can't be friends with a monster. He hears Sprocket bark happily and wonders if you can indeed make friends with a monster after all. He sees the toy ball from earlier nearby and rolls it through the hole back to Sprocket, who waits for it eagerly. The dog tries nudging the ball back into the hole once again, but doesn't succeed just as Doc enters the workshop. Doc still has the ring stuck on his finger because he won't let anybody cut it off due to it being a priceless artifact. He pets Sprocket and gets the Gorg butter on his hands. The ring slides off with ease. He never notices Sprocket trying to tell him of his experience with Gobo.