Fraggle Rock

Season 2 Episode 7

Mokey and the Minstrels

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 13, 1984 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • This is the only episode where minstrels, Brool(the green haired minstrel who plays bass guitar) and Balsam (the turtle-like minstrel who plays congas) speak. They each sing a solo line in the song,"Music Makes Us Real". Brool speaks again when they hear the water dripping, Cantus tells Mokey to listen and Mokey asks,"Listen to what?" and Brool replies,"To the water sounds."

      Murray(the furry gray minstrel who plays guitar) always speaks in every episode and Brio(the glasses wearing minstrel who plays symbols) speaks in every episode except, "The Minstrels".

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  • Notes

    • Featured Songs: "Follow Your Heart", "Music Makes Us Real (Ping!)", "Water Drip Song", and "Lose Your Heart (And It's Found)"

    • Listen Closely: When Doc plays the saxophone music record at the end of the episode, it plays a version of the same song Cantus sang to Mokey in the "test" cave.

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