Fraggle Rock

Season 1 Episode 22

Mokey's Funeral

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jun 06, 1983 on HBO

Episode Recap

Doc has the hiccups and is in a rather bad mood because of it. His hateful attitude eventually sends Sprocket storming out the front door.

Mokey is on her way to the Gorgs' garden for radishes when she runs into Red and Gobo. Mokey offers to help them build a boat they are working on, but Red and Gobo insist she is only good for doing artistic things and not at practical things. Mokey is slightly dismayed at their opinion of her. She continues on to the garden when she sees a gigantic trap sitting in front of the doorway out of the rock into the garden. Junior has set a trap (baited with something called a garlic gumdrop) for catching Fraggles in front of Fraggle Rock. Ma comes out to get Junior for help with something and they go inside the castle. Mokey is frustrated that she can't get into the garden. She decides to go get the others when she stops and realizes that she can probably do something about the situation herself. She opens her diary and tries to work out a solution. She imagines a scenario where she sacrifices herself for the Fraggles by throwing herself into the trap, but decides in the end that that would be painful. She suddenly gets a better idea and runs off to tell the others.

Red, Gobo, Wembley and Boober are working on the boat as Mokey explains the trap problem to them. She readies herself to tell them her plan to get rid of the trap, but the others dismiss her ideas. Mokey gets irritated that they won't even listen to her plan and that they judge it badly before even hearing what it is. Dejected, she decides not to tell them and goes away. Gobo is the only one who seems to be even slightly concerned about her and follows her out of the cavern. He tells her that whatever she has planned he thinks it will be good. She is excited to hear this and tells Gobo that she thinks he'll be proud of her. She runs off to work on her plan.

Mokey has made a life-like dummy doll of herself. She plans to throw this into the trap, making Junior think he's caught a Fraggle. She is very proud of this idea and even sings to the dummy, happily pointing out similarities between it and her, just for fun.

Doc still has his hiccups and searches the workshop for Sprocket, claiming that the dog has never been gone this long before. He opens the door and finds Sprocket hiding in his doggie basket on the porch. It is storming outside. Doc is shocked to see Sprocket outside because the dog is afraid of storms. The phone rings. It is Mr. Shimmelfinny. Doc hangs up on him and apologizes to Sprocket, pleading for the dog to "come home". Sprocket is unyielding, however, because it was Doc's grumpiness from the hiccups that forced him outside. The dog remains unmoving on the porch.

Gobo, Red, Boober and Wembley are bored while waiting for Mokey at their boat. Gobo reads them his latest postcard from Traveling Matt. This latest adventure finds Matt discovering an ice cube, which he mistakes for a magic stone. He puts it in his pocket while trying to find its owner, but the ice cube melts in his pocket, causing Matt to believe someone had stolen it. After the reading, they are still bored and start talking about how they think Mokey's plans never work and how her poetry is boring. Gobo at first defends her, but then agrees about the poetry being boring. Mokey has overheard this while walking in to show them her dummy and tell them her plan. Before she does so, her feelings get hurt badly at hearing her friends say all these horrible things about her and she runs off tearfully. The others see her and try to run after her, but they clumsily fall over each other in the pursuit and never catch up to her as she runs out. Mokey is furious at her friends and goes to the doorway to the garden. She bids farewell to her dummy and throws it into the trap. Outside, Junior hears the bell in the trap ringing and gets excited that he has caught a Fraggle. He runs over to the trap. Red and Gobo are running up to Mokey, but she hides from them, not wanting to talk to them. Red and Gobo reach the garden doorway in time to see Junior pick up the trap and take out the dummy. Red and Gobo think he has captured Mokey. Mokey witnesses this and decides to let them think it is her. Red and Gobo climb out of the rock and sneak into the garden for a closer look as Junior examines the dummy. When the dummy doesn't move at all, Junior concludes that the "Fraggle" is dead. He is shocked and Gobo and Red fear the same thing. Inside, Mokey jumps out of her hiding place to surprise Red and Gobo, but hasn't noticed that the two had gone outside. Junior sets the trap back in front of Fraggle Rock, unknowingly trapping Red and Gobo outside. Mokey once again can't get out of the rock, this time to tell Red and Gobo she is really alive.

Ma comes outside and finds a grief-stricken Junior holding the dummy. She asks what is wrong and he tells her that he killed a Fraggle. Ma tries to comfort him, but Junior is so torn up at having killed his new "pet" that she decides to give him a box to put the dummy Fraggle in. Gobo and Red are also grief-stricken at this, still thinking it was the real Mokey. Meanwhile, the real Mokey tries calling out to them from the rock, but they are too far away to hear her. She realizes her plan to trick them has gone too far. Junior comes back outside and sings a slow funeral dirge in preparation to bury "Mokey". Red and Gobo decide they can't let a Gorg bury her in the garden, that she belongs back home with them. Mokey decides to use the trap's bell to get her friends' attention, and runs off to get a long stick in order to reach it without getting trapped. Junior is almost ready to bury the box with the dummy in it and goes to get his bugle as Red and Gobo walk slowly up to the box to see "Mokey" one last time. Mokey has returned with one of the boat's paddles and rings the bell. Junior hears it and goes to check the trap. He lifts the trap and puts it away as Mokey scrambles out of the rock to get to Red and Gobo. Gobo and Red approach the box but can't bring themselves to look inside. Mokey runs up behind them. Red and Gobo are looking sadly at the dummy when Mokey informs them she is okay. They are excited that Mokey is alive and even taunt Junior by revealing to him that he captured a dummy. The three Fraggles run away as Junior realizes the same. Excited and relieved himself, Junior runs inside the castle with the dummy to show Ma.

In the boat cavern, Mokey's friends congratulate her on a well done plan. Mokey explains that "as a plan it was okay, but as a trick it was terrible". They let Mokey name their new boat, which she calls the "White Bird". Later, Mokey is reciting a poem in the boat while Boober rows in the middle of a pond, the others watching and listening on a nearby bank. Sprocket opens the front door of the workshop and enters. He forgives Doc for his bad mood over his hiccups, which are gone now. However, Sprocket starts sneezing as it seems he has begun to catch a cold after being on a wet porch for so long.