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HBO (ended 1987)


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  • Who misses Jim Henson? I do.

    While I was thinking about this review, I first thought I should argue for the bringing it back argument. Then I thought about it longer and realized that sadly Jim Henson is dead. His son is doing quite well carrying his legacy, but Jim is the genius that made these puppets come to life. Without Jim it would be a faint shadow of it's former self.
    I love this show, it was all the happy, caring, loving, kids based programming that you still have today, but with more fun and some actual imagination thrown in. With Fraggle Rock you were always looking forward to what the story was today, and who was going to be the key player. (I remember my sister and I actually leaving if our favorites weren't in the episode (can you imagine kids today leaving the TV?) So much better than TV today, I'm not nostalgic, I just think that Fraggle Rock was funnier and more intelligent than what gets produced today. Bring Back Fraggle Rock, but just as reruns so todays children can enjoy good tv.