Fraggle Rock

HBO (ended 1987)


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  • "Dance your cares away. Worries for another day. Let the music play. Down at Fraggle Rock!"

    Somewhere in the world, there was a workshop owned by a kindly, yet absent-minded inventor named Doc.

    As Doc tinkered with his experiments, his dog, Sprocket, stumbled upon a hole in the wall.

    Past that hole lied an underground slew of caves, tunnels, and collumns, and who else lived in those places but the Fraggles and the Doozers.

    The Doozers were small, green-skinned creatures who loved to work on building their little intricate structures (made from grounded radishes), whilst the Fraggles--who loved to eat Doozer constructions--enjoyed life by dancing and singing. The world of Fraggle Rock was intertwined with not only the surface world--which the Fraggles called "Outer Space"--but also with an outside kingdom manned by giant furry beings called Gorgs, of which there were three...the father and king, the mother and queen, and Fraggle-hunting Junior Gorg, the heir to the Fraggle throne.

    Along with Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs lived a wise compost of trash called Majorie, the all-knowing and all-seeing Trash Heap. She would give the Fraggles--and even Junior Gorg--advice on how to solve the problems the creatures often came across, but in the end, the best advice of all that she gave was also what Cantus the minstrel said earlier in that "We're a part of everything and everything is a part of us", once again acknowledging the intertwined relationships of all the species in the show.

    Along with Jim Henson's ingenius, it was that intertwined relationship--and the even smaller intricate relationships between the main five Fraggles (leaderly Gobo, adventurous Red, artistic Mokey, indecisive Wembley, and worrysome Boober)--that gave the show a magic that no one could truly leave, because it was a kind of worldly magic that connected not only the creatures in the show, but the performers themselves and the many fans who learned life lessons from what the show had to bring.

    Therefore, as Majorie--the Trash Heap--once said, "We cannot leave the magic":