Fraggle Rock

HBO (ended 1987)


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  • Let the Fraggles play!

    Fraggle Rock is an amazing show. Highlighting the creativity of Jim Henson and producer Jerry Juhl, the show takes place in the dark, underground, magical world of Fraggle Rock. Here, the Fraggles sing and play and have all sorts of adventures as they teach good lessons and morals in fun and interesting ways. They have their friends, like the wise Trash Heap and the hard-working Doozers, and they have some enemies, such as the mighty Gorgs, but overall, they all learn to live together. This is one of the biggest and most endearing themes of the entire show: learning to live together in harmony with people who are different. To give it a broad, international appeal, the creators have added several aspects that brings the entire world together. While the main Fraggle stories are dubbed in different languages, the "outer space" segments (which are set in our world) are specific to the country that is showing it. You also have Uncle Travelling Matt, who is exploring outer space, having adventures all over the world, from England to Canada, Australia to Switzerland, Japan the the Pacific Islands. It is a classic family show that is still relavent today.