Fraggle Rock

Season 2 Episode 18

The Day the Music Died

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 30, 1984 on HBO

Episode Recap

Doc is admiring an early morning sunrise and its environment. He gets the idea to communicate with another species, and decides to communicate with Sprocket.

Gobo and Wembley are walking down a tunnel talking about how excited they are about the Storyteller going to announce who will write the Glory Song. Wembley comments that the tunnels have been deserted for days. Gobo says it's because everyone is too excited about who will be chosen to write the Glory Song. They start yawning and feeling very tired as they pass down dark tunnels. They hear strange voices nearby, but pass it off as nothing. As they leave to go to the Great Hall, a group of small, twinkling lights floats down the tunnel, eminating the strange voice sounds. The tunnels grow darker as they float around.

The Storyteller is ready to announce who will write the Glory Song. She pulls a name out of the Guord of Guidance, and calls out Gobo's name. Everyone cheers. Gobo says he's not as good a writer as good as he is an explorer, but the Storyteller insists. She also explains that Gobo undertakes the task by himself. Red calls for the Solemn Oath of the Fraggles that they will help Gobo any other way they can.

Gobo is busy trying to compose the Glory Song but is having a rough time concentrating as Fraggles and Doozers around him keep singing. He gets frustrated when Red, Mokey and Wembley come in singing. They misconstrue Gobo's meaning about needing quiet so he can think to compose the Glory Song, so they run and tell everyone to stop singing at all. Gobo continues to concentrate as he knows this is an important task. Elsewhere, the shimmering ball of lights is floating down some tunnels, the tunnels darkening as they go.

Wembley goes to check on Gobo, who is still having trouble composing the Glory Song. Gobo asks Wembley's advice, and Wembley tries to help out in goofy ways. They go for a walk so Gobo can think.

Everything is quiet in the Great Hall. Red and even Boober agree that the atmosphere is depressing because nobody is singing. Gobo and Wembley arrive and Wembley shows Gobo how he tackles a problem by performing a rather hilarious karate move on a Doozer construction. Just then, the lights in the Great Hall go out, bathing everything in darkness. A siren blares as the Fraggle horn sounds and everyone panics, even the Doozers.

Doc is barking at Sprocket, trying to communicate with him. It's a funny sight and Sprocket laughs at the whole experiment, which makes Doc realize he's not doing very well.

Gobo shushes the panicking Fraggles as he hears the strange voices he heard earlier. The voices are high-pitched and are pleading for help. The ball of lights appears before the Fraggles and explain that they are called Ditsies and that their glowing bodies are what light the tunnels and caves of Fraggle Rock. They go on to explain that they are dying and have no idea why. They plead for help once again as they fade away for now. The Fraggles all stand in silence, stunned that the very light spoke to them. Gobo decides to solve the problem, but has no idea where to begin as the Fraggles have never known the Ditsies existed until now. The Storyteller suggests the World's Oldest Fraggle since he's been around the longest.

Gobo and Wembley walk down the pitch black tunnels to see the World's Oldest Fraggle. But the old Fraggle has fallen asleep and they can't wake him up. They leave, and Wembley starts getting tired. They run into Red, who has also fallen asleep. Gobo wonders what's going on with everyone falling asleep so suddenly. Wembley is fighting to stay awake as he helps Gobo carry Red back to the Great Hall. When they arrive, they notice that everyone in the rock has fallen asleep due to the extreme darkness. They drop Red to the floor as Wembley tries to go to sleep. They find the Storyteller sleepwalking. Gobo notices that the lantern he's holding is the only thing giving light and keeping him awake. But then it suddenly goes out. Gobo quickly grabs Wembley and they head off to the light of the garden to see the Trash Heap. On the way, Wembley completely falls asleep and Gobo carries him out, getting very sleepy himself. He knows the light in the garden will wake them up.

Doc tries using a dog gestures to communicate with Sprocket. Sprocket looks at Doc as if he's gone crazy, to which Doc is about ready to agree with as he realizes his experiment isn't going well at all.

At the Trash Heap's, Gobo and Wembley ask her how they can help the Ditsies. All she tells them, though, is to "do what Fraggles always do". This confuses Gobo, so the Trash Heap, Philo and Gunge sing a rollicking samba number to spell it out for them. But afterward, Gobo is still confused but Philo and Gunge dismiss them away. On their way back to the rock, Wembley suggests they read a card from Uncle Matt as it has helped before since they've run out of ideas on how to save the Ditsies. In the card, Matt has written about the time he met a street musician playing a guitar. He mistakes the guitar as being a strange appendage that plays music while other Silly Creatures throw things at him, whereas it's just people tossing coins into the musician's guitar case. Matt comments in the card that "there's nothing more important to a Fraggle than music". After the reading, Gobo and Wembley are still confused. Gobo decides to pull all the Fraggles out of the rock one at a time up to the light of the Gorgs' garden so they can all work together to help the Ditsies - and to save the Fraggles from eternal sleep. Wembley's worried about the Gorgs, but Gobo says it's a risk they'll have to take to save themselves and the Ditsies. They jump back into the rock.

Everyone is still asleep in the pitch black darkened rock. Gobo and Wembley each grab a Fraggle and prepare to head back to the garden. But they get tired and sleepy very fast. Wembley finally gives in completely and falls asleep on a nearby pile of sleeping Fraggles. Gobo starts stumbling around in the darkness, getting way too tired to do anything. He trips over his guitar, which sounds out a tiny musical note, along with a Ditsy. Gobo starts strumming and singing. The more he plays and sings, Ditsies come out of the music each time. Gobo notices and realizes that this is what the Trash Heap meant by doing what they always do and Uncle Matt meant by music being the most important thing to Fraggles. It'smusic that the Ditsies live on, so Gobo starts singing the song and playing his guitar more vibrantly. As he does, the Ditsies start to grow and get brighter, swirling all around the sleeping Fraggles, who are now all waking up from the brightening caves. Everyone joins in Gobo's song as Fraggles all over keep waking up and the Ditsies get brighter and brighter. Even the Doozers come back and start working again. The song turns out to be a grand musical number, which the Storyteller rushes in and happily announces that it is officially Gobo's Glory Song. The Ditsies float away down the tunnels, brightening the caves once again and thanking the Fraggles for their help.

Doc realizes his communicating with Sprocket was a bust. But Sprocket reminds Doc that they always communicate, and Doc realizes that he is right. The best way to communicate is by just being who they are already.

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