Fraggle Rock

Season 2 Episode 19

The Doomsday Soup

Aired Monday 7:30 PM May 07, 1984 on HBO

Episode Recap

Doc comes in and announces he's going to do spring cleaning on the workshop. He and Sprocket start off well, but a problem with the plumbing gets in the way and Doc gets frustrated that he has to fix it on the day he decides to clean the workshop.

Boober is busy cooking his famous radish gumbo. Gobo and Wembley come in asking him to do their laundry for them. Boober says he'll do it as he cooks. He needs a radish to add to his gumbo, but doesn't have one.

Boober heads up to the garden to get a radish since Mokey is unavailable. He sees Pa is in the way and hesitates. Out in the garden, Ma is spring cleaning in the castle and enlists Junior's help in throwing out things that Pa always manages to keep whenever she cleans. Junior tries to get of an old broken clock, but Pa tells him to put it back in the dungeon. Boober chickens out of going out to get a radish since the Gorgs are in the way.

Gobo and Wembley are in Boober's kitchen and decide to taste what's boiling on the fire in front of them. They are disgusted. Boober comes in and says they just tasted the laundry water. He shows them the other boiling pot that's the gumbo. They are even more disgusted when they taste this and Boober says he had to improvise by putting things like greaseberries and skunk cabbage in it since he had no radishes. Boober sings a song about all his recent failed dishes. Gobo and Wembley even sing with him and enjoy the song. Boober has forgotten to add something to the laundry and Gobo and Wembley turn to leave, upset because the laundry isn't done. Boober pours out both the gumbo and the laundry water into the same bucket. The new concoction starts bubbling and churning wildly, startling Boober. He looks into the bucket and sees a wild purple-looking liquid shimmering and the bucket makes a rumbling sound.

Doc is working on the plumbing in a manner consistent with that of a doctor operating on a patient, Sprocket serving as his assistant by handing him tools much like a nurse would. They fix the plumbing.

Gobo informs the others that there wil be no famous radish gumbo for dinner. He reads them a postcard from Traveling Matt. Matt has discovered the concept of fast food. As usual, he mistakes the meaning and gets a hot dog, carton of fries and a drink to try to race each other. When this obviously fails he says fast food isn't very fast at all. After the reading, Boober runs up carrying his bucket with the strange new brew inside to show the others. They are puzzled at it. When Wembley dunks a stick inside the brew the stick turns invisible. Awed, the Fraggles watch as the stick turns visible again, like magic. They are all thrilled with this discovery.

The garden is a mess as Ma keeps throwing things out. Junior is conflicted because Pa keeps making him keep things that Junior tries to get rid of.

The Fraggle Five are standing just inside the entrance of the rock leading to the garden, admiring Boober's new invisibilty potion. Boober is worried about the brew being dangerous, but the others soon convince him that this new concoction will help them to never have to worry about the Gorgs again as one by one they dip their hands inside the bucket and rub the liquid all over themselves, turning themselves invisible. Boober joins in and is thrilled. Now invisible, the Fraggle Five go out into the garden for radishes. Junior sings a rap tune about spring cleaning and of his parents' demands on him. Afterward, he sees five radishes suddenly moving by themselves. Not knowing these are Fraggles due to the invisibilty, he is fooled by Red into believing these are magic radishes after he picks Boober up to examine this phenomenon. He dismisses them and they take off, happy they have fooled the Gorg. Upon entering the rock, Boober's invisibilty effect wears off.

The Fraggle Five enter the Great Hall, all visible again. They are all excited about this great new discovery and how they will never have to worry about the Gorgs again. Boober starts to panic about the brew again, however. Gobo starts a country-western song about how the new magic soup will change their lives for the better and the possibilites the brew will offer. The Fraggles all join in singing and have a good time.

Boober is back in his kitchen with the brew. He's pacing around, still worried, when the brew starts acting very strangely again. This time it starts shaking and rumbling so badly that it affects the whole rock, causing a "rockquake" all over. The soup fizzles and churns wildly, the rumbling growing louder and shaking things worse. Boober hides as a huge ball of sizzling purple light rises out of the brew's bucket.

Doc is baffled as the plumbing goes haywire. The pipes have burst and are spraying water all over the workshop. All of this is apparently due to Boober's brew going wild, although Doc doesn't know this. He goes back to fixing the plumbing again. Sprocket uses an umbrella to cover himself from all the water flying out of the pipes and flooding the workshop.

Boober is dragging his bucket with the brew inside up to the garden. Gobo, Mokey, Wembley and Red tug on the other side, trying to not let him take it away. He says it's simply way too dangerous to keep around and he means to get rid of it and they disagree, wanting to keep it. Boober finally wins the argument and carries the bucket out into the garden so he can take it as far away from Fraggle Rock as possible. The others poke their heads out of the entrance hole and mourn the loss of the new brew. Junior is still conflicted over keeping things and throwing them out, the garden a total disaster area of junk by now. He knows he will be in trouble with Ma if he keeps stuff and will be in trouble with Pa if he throws it away. He notices Boober walking along and stops him. Boober, however, is unfazed at the giant Gorg blocking his way. He and Junior exchange a little banter as Junior picks up the brew bucket and prepares to take a sip. Boober runs back to the rock as Pa walks up to Junior and takes the bucket away from him before Junior tastes the brew. Pa drinks it instead and has a hilariously wild reaction to it, such as steam rolling out of his ears as he floats up into the air a few feet while making grotesque belching sounds. Junior watches in slight horror as he takes the bucket away from Pa. But afterward, he announces he liked that gumbo. Ma comes out and is furious at the mess in the garden. She orders Junior to get back to work. Junior haphazardly tosses the bucket of brew over his back and it lands on the huge pile of Ma's junk - and explodes. The blast is so powerful that the entire pile of junk has been annihilated. Ma and Junior are happy the mess is gone.

Inside the rock, the Fraggles are grateful that Boober had decided to get rid of the brew after all because the explosion could've happened in Fraggle Rock. Boober remarks that "it just goes to show if something is too good to be true, it usually is".

Doc has fixed the plumbing again and is mopping up the last of the water on the floor left by the huge leak. He tells Sprocket that he at least got to clean the floor today.