Frank Herbert's Dune

Syfy (Mini-Series 2000)


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  • Dune gives mixed feelings and it begs for comparisons with the Lynch movie... but although it succeeds on beeing a true adaptation, it fails on beeing a real movie...

    Well, the first time I saw it, it was when it got released, I was really happy it got the history of the book right, but not the feeling.
    It's like theater for television with rather poor acting, poor setpieces and sometimes camera angles and bluescreens, which any amateur would get better results with. The special effects range from amazing to... well, the level of animation from the Westwood game "Dune 2" - from the early 90ties. The action sequences are quit bad edited and the conversations mostly boring, the casting of this show should rather be called mis-casting... beginning with Duke Leto, the Baron and ending with Stilgar... terrible choices.
    Don't get me even started on the costumes... most of the time simply ridiculous... Irulanas butterly dress for example... a monstrosity!
    This movie tells the story of Frank Herbert's Dune, but it doesn't have the excitement or spirit of the book.
    It was a nice try, and although mostly dissapointing, if your a fan, still worth watching... I am glad they did not handle Battlestar Galactica the way they handled Dune.
    Now I gotta see the "Children of Dune"... they say it's better... but will it be a better movie/series - or better TV-theater?
  • In this mini-series, a young man, Paul Atreides, moves with his family to a new planet known as Arrakis. Paul, his family and a number of political entities become embroiled in a confrontation that will change the course of humanity.

    I love this movie from the moment I watch it on Sci-Fi Channel. It is a mini - series based off the original movie. I love the first movie but it seem short even though it was good. They also made a second mini - series from this one that continue telling the story of the first mini-series. To anyone who loves the books and the original movie then this is your kind of mini-series. And after you watch this, you can go to Children of Dune, where it continue to amaze you beyond belief. I am glad I was able to see this mini - series when I could.