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  • JIm "Freakin" Rome Un be liev able!

    keep it coming caught your show thats was hi la ri ous! jim is my man and i listen 2 him everyday he is fun and has great takes and u have an impression that is well ill say it AWESOM! dont know if jim has seen it yet but i sure he would love it. you have a lot of talent now that u do an impression of romey my girl doesnt give such a hard time about watchin rome is burining she thinks hes a trip now thanks! the barkley is pretty damn good 2. what is up!
  • Wow!

    Frank TV the best TBS original series. Some people say it's just a parody of Saturday night live but I disagree. This show has comedy featuring everyone's favorite actors,comedians,and politics. Some skits on occasions are kinda corny but most are great. Frank is doing his own Saturday Night Live every Tuesday at 11:00 P.M. I personally think someone should borrow this show like fox,cbs,nbc,or,abc. So I have to give this show a 7.6/10 but I have to round that to 7.5/10. So in conclusion go watch Frank TV Today! Of Yeah on TBS very funny.Which is why Frank TV is on it!
  • The only good thing from this show was the commercials.

    The only entertaining this show did was the commercials for frank TV. When I finally got around to watching the show after I DRVed it, I found the show very disapointing. Seemed to be to many corny skits and jokes. Any of the characters he did impressions of he should have avoided in his show. Once a adience seeing a trick or stunt they don't want to see it again again and again. Even if the they where different skits, It is the same chicken different feathers. Frank TV Was like watching a one man SNL or one man MAD TV, with the same man doing the writing and directing and acting,just not as funny or entertaing at SNL or Mad TV.

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  • Frank TV is sketch show that stars the impersonator, Frank Caliendo. He impersonates certain personal in the media such as President Bush, Dr. Phil, John Madden, Al Pacino, Charles Barkley and many others.

    Frank TV is a descent show, but it is just seems to be missing something. It is hard to identify it because Frank is funny; maybe, it is the sketches that are not really funny. The sketches are actually more in the line with stupid or lame. The hardest thing about the show is that although Frank is ingenious in impersonating other people, but it is not just enough material to make it funny for a TV series. Otherwise, the guest in the audience in assisting Frank in co-hosting the show is creative, but the show is really not that funny compared to other comedies. Overall, Frank should stick to FOX NFL Sunday to impersonate because that is funny for the 3 minutes compared to 20-22 minutes.
  • I wouldn't say that this show is horrible, but at the same time it's not great either. Frank Caliendo does really great imressions but

    I wouldn't say that this show is horrible, but at the same time it's not great either. Frank Caliendo does really great imressions but at the same time you can't make an entire show out of it. And at the same time the show needs a few more characters other than just Frank doing everyone of them.

    I do like the idea of pulling some one from the crowd and having them co-host with Frank. I think that could lead to some pretty funny conversations, but at the same time the show isn't a talk show and isn't long enough for anything too indepth.

    I think this show has potential but at the same time I doubt that it will make it past the first season due to it's lack of originality (the skit show has been done before and much better before...sorry Frank).
  • Go to bed instead of watching this

    I watched the first episode because I thought the commercials during the World Series were absolutley hilarious. Boy, was that a mistake. The show was any thing but hilarious. It was so bad I'm actually wishing for its cancellation which is rare for me. I laughed like twice. The Seinfeld and the Dick Cheney parts were especially painful to watch. Frank TV is a complete waste of ones time. There is no reason to stay up for this Go to bed and get an extra half hour of sleep instead. TBS should just run commercials for a show that doesn't exist.
  • The funniest show on TBS without a doubt

    My brother couldn't watch this, so I watched it myself. When I saw it, I saw a giant world of Frank TV, a great one!

    It's a sketch comedy, like Saturday Night Live and MadTv. My and my brother highly anticipated the release of the show, November 20. OMG! It is the funniest sketch comedy ever!

    I loved Franks impersination of John Madden, Bill Clinton, Jack N, Dubs, and others, they are soooooooooooo hilarious! You will ultimitly cry in laughing when you see this. My ribs could not take any more of this! I had to do something. Kill my ribs! It's funnier than Family Guy, The office, and Sex in the city, and House of Payne. However, it could've done better with a great impersonation of John Madden throughout the show.

    Overall, this show is funny, I could not stop laughing! Go watch the show, and you'll see what I mean!
  • there has to be something more than in, the skits that the impressions are done has to be FUNNY

    I love frank caliendo, thought that his skits on mad tv were well done, as his ability to do impersonations was finely tuned and his skills were well used. saw his standup and realized that hes not really that funny, as is he basically uses his impersionations as a crutch and has really nothing else. I was hoping that this should would have hired some good writers or at least another writer to help being the show into a legitimite sketch comedy show. i mean, come on, the guy had a promo for his show during every commercial break during the first round of the baseball playoffs so its not like there wasnt enough hype.