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  • Frank TV is sketch show that stars the impersonator, Frank Caliendo. He impersonates certain personal in the media such as President Bush, Dr. Phil, John Madden, Al Pacino, Charles Barkley and many others.

    Frank TV is a descent show, but it is just seems to be missing something. It is hard to identify it because Frank is funny; maybe, it is the sketches that are not really funny. The sketches are actually more in the line with stupid or lame. The hardest thing about the show is that although Frank is ingenious in impersonating other people, but it is not just enough material to make it funny for a TV series. Otherwise, the guest in the audience in assisting Frank in co-hosting the show is creative, but the show is really not that funny compared to other comedies. Overall, Frank should stick to FOX NFL Sunday to impersonate because that is funny for the 3 minutes compared to 20-22 minutes.