Frank TV - Season 1

TBS (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • 12/18/07
    It's Christmas time at Frank TV; Dr. Phil helps the Frank TV staffers at their Christmas Party; Andy Rooney gets an iPhone; Al Gore previews his new film Supernova; Charles Barkley is the host a new game show; and what it would be like if Johnny Carson was the host of NBC Nightly News.moreless
  • Ballpark Frank
    Episode 4
    Robin Williams tries to take over Frank TV; Charles Barkley fascination with Kim Jong Il hits a new level; and Al Pacino appears on Inside the Actors Studio.
  • Donald Trump opens his own one-man show on Broadway entitled Donald Trump: My Way!; Al Pacino, Sean Connery and Jack Nicholson go overseas to star in commercials; What if President Bush was President during some of America's darkest days?; William Shatner stars in Judge Shatner; and Al Pacino moves into Robert De Niro's square, while Frank's co-host plays Caliendo Squares.moreless
  • Money in the Frank
    Episode 2
    Jack Nicholson berates Frank, after he losses his pants; Donald Trump holds a seminar on how to get rich; President Bush gives a press conference where he holds a candle light dinner for the American public; Al Pacino and Robert De Niro become movie reviewers; and Sean Connery opens a voice club for men.moreless
  • Franksgiving
    Episode 1
    What Seinfeld would look like in the year 2027; John Madden prepares a turducken for the audience in honor of Thanksgiving; Frank pulls a co-host from the audience; three movie trailer guys going on tour; Bill Clinton gives a tour of his Presidential library; President Bush gives his daughter a special father/daughter talk on the day of her wedding; and Frank's co-host plays Caliendo Squares with Charles Barkley.moreless