Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • A nostalgic tear jerker for me! I never thought I would see this cartoon again, and then what happens? The Cartoon Network threw it out there for Babyboomers like me to reminice!

    My nephew doesn't understand the attraction to this cartoon I have, but when I was his age it was the BOMB!! I recently aquired a great collection of this cartton and watched it alot, until I got it out of my system.I formed the "Bring back Frankenstien Jr. committee" for witch I had many members, all of wich I had to pay! But it was worth it! We made our voices heard to cable companys who did not have the Boomerang channel, witch carried the cartoon, to no avail! But we let them know the power of Frankenstien Jr.!!! Just short of terroristic threats, and threats of self harm if they didn't add the channel, The athorities, made me re-examine my approach! I'm sorry, I get carried away. Please forgive me. Anyway, This is a great cartoon, I highly recomend it for it's 1960's appeal, and the cool entertainment it provides!
    A boy genius who with his dads permission builds a superhero robot, and goes out with him to save all mankind from every evil threat there can be! Dangerous criminal masterminds, evil geniuses, alien marouders! KID POWER!!!!