Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

Season 1 Episode 4a

The Impossibles: Smogula

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 01, 1966 on CBS



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    • Smogula: Hey! Where did he go? All I see is that itty bitty cloud.
      Fluid Man: (laughs) With a fistful of silver lining! (socks Smogula)

    • Coil Man: I warned you, Smaogula! Spring is here! (springs forward toward Smogula)
      Smogula: And a hurricane to greet it. (fires hurricane like winds from his weather gun stopping Coil Man)

    • The Mayor: Rally ho! We're saved!
      Smogula: Oh no, you're not! I'll get rid of them with my giant sized hail stone shish-ka-barrage. (fires hailstones at Coil Man)
      Coil Man: Keep 'er on course, Multi. I'll get it. (catches the hailstones in his coils and throws them back at Smogula) Many happy returns!

    • Coil Man: All right, Smogula. Better surrender, you're up against The Impossibles!
      Smogula: You're right, you are impossible. I thought I put you on ice.

    • Smogula: Care for some ice? (fires an ice ray at The Impossibles freezing them in a block of ice)
      Multi Man: Sizzling stereos! We've been put on ice!

    • Smogula: I, Smogula the invincible, know that behind that singing group facade, The Impossibles are secret fighters for justice.

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