Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

Season 1 Episode 12c

The Impossibles: The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 26, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Coil Man grabs the rings off of Dazzler's right hand and says he got all the rings, yet there is still one on Dazzler's left hand.

  • Quotes

    • Dazzler: Hey, you took all my magic rings!
      Coil Man: There, that leaves you powerless.
      Dazzler: Not quite, Coil Man. (lifts his foot) With my sandstone toe ring, I can kick up quite a sand storm.

    • Dazzler: My meteorite ring will rock him. (uses the ring to fire several small meteors at Multi Man)
      Coil Man: (stops several stones before they get to the real Multi Man) I'll field a few of those field stones, Multi.

    • Dazzler: Leaping lapidaries! Those Impossibles got loose already!

    • Coil Man: Holy hoptoads! It's a real genie!

    • Multi Man: Give up Dazzler, (creates duplicates of himself) you're outflanked and outnumbered.
      Dazzler: My star sapphire will send you out of this world, Multi Man. (the ring creates five hammers, one for each Multi Man and hits all of them) It'll make you see stars.

    • Dazzler: Ah, the metal sculpture room. Nobody here but me and some steel statuary.
      Coil Man: Plus one Coil Man, Dazzler. Give up?
      Dazzler: Not while my magnetic lodestone ring can give that iron statue a magnetic personality.
      Coil Man: Uh oh, that magnetism is too much for me. (the magnetic statue pulls Coil Man to it)
      Dazzler: You two should stick together.

    • Dazzler: Now if I can just find the combination on this trick diamond...
      Fluid Man: Don't worry about it, Dazzler. You'll have plenty of time to think about it in jail.
      Dazzler: Says you, Fluid Man! My moonstone ring can control the tides, (hits Fluid Man with a ray from the ring) and the tide's going out! (forces Fluid Man into a water cooler) Cool your heels in that water cooler while I take a moment alone to figure out how to call the genie.

    • Coil Man: Leapin' lipstick! Three frantic female fans!
      Fluid Man: Let's cut out, sneaky like.

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