Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

Season 1 Episode 9c

The Impossibles: Satanic Surfer

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 05, 1966 on CBS



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    • (The Surfer release a giant crab)
      Coil Man: Time for the old squeeze play. (grabs the crab and accidentally pulls off the shell)
      Crab: (goes back to it's room) How embarrassing. (closes door)

    • Surfer: Impossible! Now how did you Impossibles get past my impassable skull door?
      Coil Man: If you'll look closely, you'll see your door has a new cavity.

    • Surfer: Say, you hard working boys must have worked up an appetite. (tosses pineapple) Here have a pineapple. (Coil Man catches the pineapple)
      Fluid Man: Wait a minute! That pineapple is alive, it's ticking!
      (Coil Man puts it inside just before it explodes)

    • Coil Man: It's up to me to spring a little surprise.

    • Fluid Man: Okay, Surfer. The free ride's over. (he jumps for The Surfer)
      Surfer: You can't wipe me out, Fluid Man. (he jumps on the front of his surfboard causing the jets to blow toward Fluid Man, evaporating him) How's that steam ya?

    • Surfer: Uh oh, The Impossibles! Bad news always comes in threes.

    • Coil Man: Leaping kahona's! There's that ocean going cad now!

    • Surfer: (singing) Oh, it's sure a hook me, crook me day with my ukulele, ey.

    • Surfer: Out of my way, you warbling wrecks! (he smashes through The Impossibles wooden boat)
      Multi Man: Hey!
      Coil Man: Watch it!
      Fluid Man: You water hog!

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