Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

Season 1 Episode 10c

The Impossibles: The Scheming Spraysol

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 12, 1966 on CBS



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    • Coil Man: It's a whale of a day for water sports! Eh, Spraysol?
      (Spraysol is riding on top of the water being blown out of a whale's blow hole)
      Spraysol: Help!

    • Fluid Man: And now it's time to turn the tide in our favor. (changes to water form and creates a large wave)
      Spraysol: Yikes! A tidal wave! I'll be wiped out!
      Fluid Man: Surfs up, Spraysol! (hits him with the wave)

    • Spraysol: You muzzled my nozzle, but I've still got my jet pack and the top secret secret. Aloha you impossible pests!

    • Coil Man: I'm plugging up your nozzle with your own glue.
      Spraysol: A Maplelock! You've really gummed up the works.

    • Spraysol: You Impossibles really know how to hurt a guy, but my flame spray will cook your goose.

    • (Coil Man is stuck in a strawberry preserve goo)
      Coil Man: Okay, Flui. How about helping me out of a sticky situation?
      Fluid Man: Always glad to help a friend out of a jam, Coily.

    • Multi Man: There goes that misty monster, Spraysol!

    • Narrator: And, rising to the occasion, our three mop-top teen toppers become our three top teen crime stoppers.

    • Big D: Sorry to strike a sour note boys, but our old friend, The Scheming Spraysol, just made off with a secret secret government secret.

    • Multi Man: Answer the guitar, Flui.
      Fluid Man: Oh oh, it's Big D.
      Coil Man: There goes our vacation.

    • (The Impossibles pull over to get a better look at the Washington Monument)
      Coil Man: Gee, that's funny.
      Fluid Man: What's so funny about the Washington Monument, Coily?
      Coil Man: It doesn't look a bit like him.
      Fluid Man: Oh brother.

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